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  1. A Question To Atheists

    My GPS phone? At least I'm down a well, no shortage of water to keep me safe until help arrives :D ! Or not, in which case I will die. What's your point by the way?! That in desperate situation humans resort to desperate measures and will grasp at anything no matter how illogical it is to them?
  2. What Exactly Is Zionism?

    Would you like me to make reference to a Muslim who claims it is their duty to kill jews where ever they meet them? I am sure such "muslims" exist, I have seen this being preached. Just because these so call muslims claim that is the duty of a true muslim, that doesn't make it true. Just because a jew says zionism is evil, doesn't mean that it is. Zionism IS the support for the existence of a homeland for the jews. Full stop!
  3. Al Jazeera doesn't feel like a News Channel from a Muslim point of view. I don't think many muslims will like it's message any more than they like what they hear on CNN or the BBC. It isn't going to be calling israel a terror state and it isn't going to be branding America as Imperialist. That's just first impressions though.
  4. What Exactly Is Zionism?

    Well yeah.
  5. Terrorists At It Again!

    I don't think terrorist is the right word, maybe criminal, dirty criminal. Terrorist would imply that they have some kind of agenda that will be furthered by scraing these people by crushing their car. What reason could they possibly have? I think they are just criminals. They have terrorised some peopl but that doesn't make them terrorists.
  6. Terrorists At It Again!

  7. Pakistan Madrassa Raid 'kills 80'

    Ok cool, I thought you were going to get mad at me again! I am sure we will find some other insult to throw around though :D !
  8. Do I feel sad for these women? I must say that I feel sad for the orphaned children, but the women were trying to assist in the escape of some terrorists pinned down by the army. If you are trying to help a criminal escape and you do so of your own free will, does that not also make you a criminal? The israeli army could have opened fire with machine guns and killed many more, but the aim of the shots was to disperse the mob, as far as I could tell. I would like to know if they fired warning shots first, because I heard gun shots but couldn't tell if these were intentionally over the heads of the mob or just missed shots. The fact that some people see videos like this as powerful indictment of israeli action suprises me. The militants hiding wanted to kill israelis, so the israelis wanted to kill them. The women were rallied by Hamas to protect and help the militants escape and so the IDF tried to get them to back off. Incidentally the women succeded in helping the men escape. The israelis didn't just kill them all for trying to do so. Really try and get some balance in your views.
  9. Terrorists At It Again!

    Damn! I hope those soldiers get in big trouble. Do they have the jurisdiction to just hand out punishments like that?
  10. Pakistan Madrassa Raid 'kills 80'

    I do need to grow up. I can't understand how you can equate logic with a belief system. This doesn't mean that Islam isn't completely true, it may well be, but that conclusion can't be reached by logic alone. There has to be a spiritual element which is outside of pure logic. You did say that I was a non-muslim on some kind of mission to bring down Islam. I can assure you I am not, if you read things I have said or knew me, you would know that it's my belief that everyone can believe what they want. I also happen to think that Islam is a perfecly dandy way to lead your life, which is why I don't bother with attacks on Islam, they are probably arguments from ignorance or misinterpretation. Just because I want to converse with muslims you seem to think I want to convert them. I just wanted to provide a voice from the "other side", if all you hear is an anti-israeli message then you start to believe it.
  11. The Universe - The Trip Across The Universe

    I don't see how this is an answer to the claim that there is a very real possibility that the soul doesn't really exist and it is all just in our heads.
  12. Pakistan Madrassa Raid 'kills 80'

    Are you agreeing with: Yes wars should be fair, they should be carried out like a sport! But then you yourself said this: I am very confused about you telling me I want to save the world from Islam. Another example of muslims thinking that all non-muslims are on some kind of mission to bring down your religion, when it just isn't true. Personally I think we would be marginally better off if religion were replaced by scepticism and logic, but I can't make up everyone's personal opinions for them! I am definitely on the baby-killing side, in fact once I've killed the babies I like to mix their blood into my matzah mix, then I coat it with peanut butter and sugar. Yum. Grow up! It speak volumes that you seem to think there is a baby killing side and what I can only presume to be the non-baby killing (or righteous) side. Can I be Ernie?
  13. Every news channel thinks it is acting as a balance to what they perceive as imbalance. Fox acts as a balance to all that pesky liberalism and all those left wing nutjobs, in their own opinion. The least biased and most balanced usually means that it is most in line with your point of view. Anyway, I watched a bit yesterday and I think I'm going to like it. Because it's Al Jazeera it seems as if it just going to concentrate on the Middle East a lot, so they can go into more depth. I heard some funny things like "why shouldn't Iran do as much as it can to make itself strong?", indeed any regime or country wants to make itself strong. That doesn't mean that other countries should try to stop them from doing so if they are unfriendly to their ideology and policies. Actually I found it to be friendlier to the israelis in the newsflash bar at the bottom which said that rockets were fired at israel and it also said israel had therefore struck and killed a fighter. Or something like that, the point was it made a big deal out of the attacks on israel which are either taken for granted or ignored these days on news that I know.
  14. Is Sodomy Prohibited In Divine Law

    The answer will come down to this: Because it is, because my belief system says it is.
  15. Next Us President

    I think that's the common wisdom isn't it. Hilary is the front runner at the moment isn't she?