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  1. Joking In Islam

    as far as bush and saddam are concerned i understand very well why ppl do that....cus i do it myself :D and thanks brother Fi Sabillillah! that was a very nice article Masha'Allaah. and so true......a persons joking shud not be excessive but moderate....and we shud not lie.....but a bit of teasing? :D ....hmmm
  2. Revenge!

    haha .... but it wud hav bin sweeter revenge if th hammer cracked th page :D
  3. Salamz Evryone

    thanks for ur welcomes every1 aint that nice :D
  4. Salamz Evryone

    salamz am new here....this forum looks great!! jus bin through a heart attack cus th forum i was previously on has bin closed :D an im hopin to recover inshallah hey! ther r sum members her i already know... :D an sum i still hav to meet.... an am here to giv u all a hard time :D salamz