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  1. When I Die...

    When I die all the energy that recides within my flesh will be eviscerated from my being and reunite with the rest of the world once again from where it came. My mind will deteriorate wither and diminish. There will not be darkness nor light where I'm going. There will be no heaven nor hell, no Gods or devils. No judgement will ever be passed upon me. I will not be reborn or re-awakened. All self proclaimed religions will never realize that they missed the point from the very beginning. That faith in all it's forms is only a good idea for as long as it remains an idea. Not an institution. The only true form of love is a feeling. Not a word nor a concept. Respect is always in the eyes of the beholder. The idea of destiny, fait and karma is pointless since it only predicts the past. It only serves as a deprevation of responsibility for your own actions. Don't bother pondering about why we are here. The point is that we are. I'm sorry to say that I'm leaving you now. I came here to find something that I now know does not exist. All I found was blind men arguing about the content of an empty jar when the lable sais "love". Peace fellow humans.
  2. Cartoons Of Muhammad

    It's just you and your faith. Faith in what?, you say. Whatever you want to belive. There is a clear difference between "disorganized" and "unorganized" I think the latter is the more relevant one. There is also a big differance between "organized religion" and "organization within religion" For me the drawbacks of organized religion is that it more than often collide with free thinking. I happen to belive that finding things out for yourself is the best way to go about things. Another drawback with organized religion is the indoctrination that often follows in the wake of it's followers. Religion shuld be a choice. Shuldn't it? I'm talking about religion in general, no specific religion is taken into account.
  3. Memritv

    Isn't it fair to belive that the Arab world has the same pretences against the west as the west clearly has against the Arab world? I live in a country that balances on the sidelines. We only see what the media show us, from both sides, and I don't take any of it for the acurate description of the truth. Weather I belive either side are the more righteous one is another debate. But fanatics and extremists exists on both sides and those people are most often the ones in the medias spotlight. Remember that pretences often comes with large groups of people against another large group of people. I've been reading up on some history and even during the crusaides there was peace and friendship between christians and muslims. Your question however might be to hard to answer since there are probably as many oppinions about it as there are muslims in the Arab world.
  4. Greetings Everyone

    Greetings, my name is Patrik and I'm a 24 year old guy from Sweden. I'm here because I'm a firm beliver of knowledge. I'm not religious, I have never been and I can't see myself ever becoming. But as my father always said "you shuld always try to learn something new every day" I'm currently learning about Islam. Not the religion itself but the human relations within it. I've never been intrested in religion on a spiritual plane but I've always been fascinated by the dynamics springing up around it. The relations between different religions, acts carried out in the name of religion. aso. Maybe this part is just stupid but for those of you who doesn't know that much about Sweden here's some quick facts. 1. Religion isn't big in Sweden 2. We have separated church and state 3. We have alot of imigrants and refugees so there is alot of muslims here 4. It has become a bit taboo to talk about christian / Islamic relations 5. We have tons of churches, some mosks, and a buddhist temple. 6. We have free religion by law So basically, I'm here to broaden my views, learn and understand my world a little bit better. So bare with me.