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  1. How Smart Are You

    Asalamu Alaykum, None? :sl:
  2. Black magick (jaadu)

    Walaykum salam sister Umm e Sarwat, that was an awesome post, mashaAllah! May Allah reward, guide, help and protect you always ameen! May Allah UTTERLY DESTROY the people who did magic on you, ameen! What you say is so true - with total faith, trust and patience with Allah, you can accomplish anything!
  3. Once Again, I'm Back!

    Walaykum salam, Welcome back! May Allah guide, help and protect you and your parents/family, ameen! Please remember your bro in duas too. :sl:
  4. No Longer Muslim

    Asalamu Alaykum... May Allah make guide and help you, ameen! Can you please tell us what those doubts were? :sl:
  5. Free Rice

    Something I found on another forum. Something for us all to try, inshaAllah.. [iframe]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetfreerice(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php[i'm not allowed to use this tag yet]
  6. Inner Peace And Happiness

    Walaykum salam sister, I don't really know what to advise to you...but, I feel it is a duty to say a few words of help. Alhamdulilah that you've been blessed with a child and husband. InshaAllah they always be the comfort of your soul. You mention it's the routine thing that gets to you, I kind of feel the same way too lately. It's like, is this all there is to life? Boring old routine stuff, day-in, day-out? I personally feel that maybe Allah's trying to show you that this world is worth-less, that even if you have everything you'd ever want, you'd not have everlasting peace, you'd always want for more, there'd always be a hole somewhere. I believe the hole in our lives is the absence of total submission to Allah's will. Like relying on, fearing Allah and doing what he's command of us, to the BEST of our abilities, 24/7. MashaAllah, you mention how you feel at peace when you're praying, that's definitely a good thing! Allah wants you to turn to him and when you do, things become better for you. I guess my advice would be to attempt to pray as much as possible, live your life for Allah's sake, forget about this world. Go against your own desires, make dhikr. Strive to do good deeds as much as possible. Also, make PLENTY of dua! Make dua for guidance, primarily. Guidance in the sense that you get guided to what will help you. Make sincere dua, make it as though Allah is DEFINITELY listening and will DEFINITELY answer! That will increase your tawakul. I hope what I've written may help in some manner, even if it's very small. May Allah make things easy for, may Allah protect, may Allah guide and may Allah help, you, your husband, your child and your entire family, ameen!
  7. Guidance

    Asalamu Alaykum, I know I don't post here regularly and I know the people here don't know me that well, but I have a small request. I want your duas, sincerely. This is an Islamic forum, where many good muslims gather, I believe that there might be at least one Awliyah of Allah, who, upon reading this and making dua for me, it will be readily accepted. As a muslim and person, I feel so low...I wish my iman was stronger and I wish I was a better muslim. I know it's quite selfish of me to create such a thread, because I guess most of us feel the same way, but I'd still really appreciate it if people here were to make dua for my guidance, in all matters! I really need it. One of the things I value more than most things, is the dua of people. Please, it would mean a lot and in my eyes, it's the best gift I could receive. I desperately need to be guided, I want to be guided always. Please make dua for my guidance. I hope, inshaAllah, that those people here who enjoy close proximity to Allah will make sincere dua for me and I believe that the such duas will be answered. Deep down, I want to be a good muslim. Please make this dua for me! JazakAllah khayr and forgive me for any wrong I may have commited against anybody here.
  8. Heart Ache

    Asalamu Alaykum, Hey sis, I understand that this is a very draining time for you, for which, may Allah guide and help you, ameen! But, from what you say, I don't think your daughter's marriage can be considered valid, Islamically? Did she have the permission of a Wali, to let her marry? Wali is a male guardian, the first would be Father...otherwise, brother/uncle/grandfather...etc, don't know the specific order. May the bond between you two be strengthened, ameen!
  9. Do You Have Trouble Getting Up In The Morning?

    And I thought I was the only one who did that. :sl:
  10. Question About Routers...

    Walaykum salam, It shouldn't matter if your sister's computer remains on or off...as long as the router+cable modem is plugged in, it should work for you. To the best of my knowledge...unless you're connecting via a cable connected to your sister's comp, from your comp? In which case, I'd advise to plug it direct to the router, or use wireless...
  11. Our Prophets Belongings

    Asalamu Alaykum, Are these real? I mean...how did they manage to get things like Musa Alaihe salam's staff, he lived thousands of years ago. :sl:
  12. Debt

    Walaykum salam sister, You can read the second dua on this page for debts. Sister, look at the meaning of the dua and ask Allah from your heart, believe that you are before Allah and ask sincerely. InshaAllah, your prayers will be answered! Don't lose hope, always remain optimistic in Allah's help arriving. Always have patience. It's sad to read that you're in such a position, may Allah make things easy for you, ameen! There's actually quite a few duas on that site...maybe you can go through them and pick out what you think is suited to what you want and read them everyday, inshaAllah. Here's the link again, in case it doesn't allow a limited member like myself to post: h t t p : / / makedua . c o m / display_dua . php ? sectionid = 34 [just remove all spaces]
  13. Depressed And Confused.. Full Of Regrets.

    One word answer, bro: Shaytan. You shouldn't think as though you've made the wrong choice, shaytan is always wanting an opportunity to cause a rift between married couples. My sincere advice would be to seek refuge in Allah from the shaytan and ask him to bless your current marriage.
  14. Manipulation Of Energy

    w . w . w . dangerofchi . o r g minus the spaces...
  15. Manipulation Of Energy

    :sl: Check this site out bro: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"http://######dangerofchi######/"]######dangerofchi######/[/url] Be sure to read the brother's personal story. :sl: