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  1. ~ Afghan Massacre: The Convoy Of Death ~

    You can do better than that. When you don't have anything else, you do this right? You're off topic you're blah blah blah. Do you have a life? Oh oops, was that a threat? It seems as though you live here, and this is your home. I read Afghanistan and I'll talk about it. Don't pull rules out of your ---- because you don't have anything better. You can delete, warn, and what not out of Insecurity but as long as we know I schooled you and you've learnt your lesson for next time. :D
  2. ~ Afghan Massacre: The Convoy Of Death ~

    How is it nationalistic that I don't want "thezman" to post the stuff that he did? Everyone has a freedom to post, but I kindly asked him to stop since it's considered insulting for us. :D YOU should be ashamed of yourself for asking me that. It was because of America and even its creation PAKISTAN that my country's destroyed and its refugees are scattered across the world. Soon that will change. You people should learn how to be good muslims with your own people first, charity starts at home. You for one have your India/Bangaladesh/kashmir conflicts to worry about, improve that, get ur noses OUT of our business. For decades we've been in the middle of a desi game- two brothers mad at eachother, India and Pakistan. Leave us OUT of it. lol.
  3. How Can I Upload A Video Clip

    Well, when I checked its 'properties' it says "size: - ". Hmm, It doesnt show. It's 36 minutes long. I'm using a wireless broadband connection.
  4. How Can I Upload A Video Clip

    Hasib, I kept trying but I got error messages. whats wrong?
  5. How Can I Upload A Video Clip

    Hasib, I kept trying but I got error messages
  6. ~ Afghan Massacre: The Convoy Of Death ~

    Well, It IS my business, as I am a Muslim and a human being who cares about what happens to others. Well in that case you've chosen the wrong way , if you did care you'd get up and do something about it. What acst are you referring to? the acts of your nation :D if ur referring to a muslim ummat then get outta here with that nonsense, as i said, clean ur own mess at home first. become a good muslim with your own people first then worry about others Please enilighten me as to what I did to cause all of this? "your" people and those who share similar minds as you have, yes .
  7. Dry Hair

    Salaam. Umm go to the burtbees website and type your zip to find retailers near you. i know they have very mild non-irritating shampoos Miessence is an australia based company that sells its products online, it sells the first certified organic shampoos and other products :D
  8. Dry Hair

    If ur hair's drying out its probably due to the sodium laureth sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate. cocomidopropyl betaine, and other harsh detergents and chemicals put into shampoos. My advice is to try an organic shampoo like miessence, burts bees, etc.
  9. Bin Laden -blabber-mouth

    lollllllllllllllllllll i believe what pashton means is if AMERICANS gained the land through MURDERING and now rightfully live what makes it wrong for others to we can live where ever in the world as long as we're not murdering and disturbing people. after all it's all Gods land isn't it .
  10. ~ Afghan Massacre: The Convoy Of Death ~

    :D for you it might not be, but i as an afghan don't want people who should have no business with my country posting this sort of material. clean ur own acts first and keep ur noses out of it. it was ppl like u who were the cause of all of this to happen anyway, so what use is it ? :D
  11. How Can I Upload A Video Clip

    hi. yes i've tried doing that but youtube only accepts videos up to 10 min. long. Mine's 36 minutes. Anything besides that and google because I have difficulty getting registered there
  12. How Can I Upload A Video Clip

    I meant to say Asalamualaikum. sorry
  13. ~ Afghan Massacre: The Convoy Of Death ~

    you dont have to post such graphic material, stop humiliating our martyrs. i believe every one knows already about what's happening. thank you
  14. How Can I Upload A Video Clip

    :D How can I upload an mpeg video clip that I have saved to my desktop onto another forum? It's 36 minutes long. Thanks.
  15. Why Does It Always Rain When...

    :wl: every thing follows Allahs law broadly speaking. where is your proof for your claim? don't earthquakes and hurricanes occur as punishments for the children of adam? contadicts what you said first...