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  1. Salamz!

    Hey peeps I guess im not exactly new here coz i registered,like ages ago..... was too lazy to introduce myself i guess!erm,my username is a little wierd,but you can call me Kulthum (my name,pronounced as spelt), or one of my nicknames:Keekee,Keeks,princes ,lol whatever. anyway hope to learn n have fun here!
  2. lol and i meand DAD NOT DAA;GOD!
  3. lolz,slip of the fingers i meant THE MAJORITY OF US MUSLIMS ARE FOR PEACE
  4. okay thanx for the insult moishe3rd but actually i understand perfectly well what you are talking about,im actually considered a very intelligent person(not showin off just tryin to make you understand!)but i admit i do tend to fly off the handle too quick and slip off the subject.alright i get what you are saying and i just want to say,yusufar is right,Islam completely forbids suicide,killing innocents,actually when the the mercy to the worlds,muhammad peace be upon him,used to go to war hed order that nothing should be burnt,women and children and old men were not to be harmed in any way,unarmed people could not be attacked.theres the evidence that Islam despises killing,murder,and hostility.il get to the point,now,youl get some sicko's or twisted people with warped ideas,who use religion for there own needs,and twist the teachings of the prophet n Islam to support there actions.and some muslims may support them,but WHY they support them,they may have another reason.i repeat,these killeers whatever they'r in the minority,youl probs find a small band of them in every country(muslim groups,christian groups,jewish groups),and my point is;THE MINORITY OF US MUSLIMS ARE PEACE-LOVING).im sure y'all have heard the word FUNDAMENTALIST???well,check it up in the dictionary and itl tell you it simply means someone who strictly follows his religion.well,a true fundamentalist will always put down murder etc cuz Islam condemns such acts.my daa im proud to say is a vry strict well known fundamentalist muslim,and HE HATES KILLING OF ANY KIND.i hope i made more sense here.peace be on u all.
  5. im afraid i dont know what your talking about,no offense intended.whilst i was writing that post,DOG never entered my mind and never will.i dont call human biengs DOGS or think of them as DOGS.we are PEOPLE not DOGS.thats clear i guess.what YOU are getting worked up about is a minority.it makes me angry how people can you just look at one side of a situation,and dont even TRY to understand.having said that,im not telling you to understand.funny how people ddont care about innocent muslims getting murdered every day,and when its a non-muslim,theres a big hoo-haa.WE have a right to get mad now n then.so go on olease,what ARE your views on israel/palestine situation then?say EVERYTHING you think about it,i really would like to know.WASSALAM
  6. Whats Your Favourite Pie ?

    whoops again...cherry pie is nice too.wassalam
  7. Why Does It Always Rain When...

    dont want to sound straight laced but....music and intermingling freely of the sexes(does that happen?)is forbidden in Islam so maybe?could be a sign of disapprovement.
  8. Good Short Books-by Mufti Saiful Islam

    i have most of mufti saiful Islam,there totally fantastic.jazakalla for the info.
  9. 'the Four Imams'

    i havent read it by that author,but i do have "the four great imams"by ashraf's amanat,really good and informative masha Allah
  10. Whats Your Favourite Pie ?

    apple pie's nice,well the mini asda apple pies anyway...chicken pie is yummy...whats it with PIES anyway?my nick name for bush is PIE FACE,just thought id let y'all know,hehehehe :D
  11. Trendy Outfits For Muslim Women

    whoops sorry,but i have to laugh...! :D soz,seriously did'nt realise!!
  12. 'i Didn't Die Like He Wanted Me To'

    gosh,what a awful ordeal.10 years?thats pips.there's no proper justice....
  13. Trendy Outfits For Muslim Women

    lol,v.interesting,thanx sis.its true,covering up does'nt necessarily mean frumpy...iv seen women who cover there faces an'all and still manage to look elegant...we are females after all! :D
  14. Assalamu Alaykum People

    :D HI everyone.im new at the IF,im from UK and i hope to get to know everyone soon,and start posting.im not too sure what to do here though..........talk to you later comps.
  15. Assalamu Alaykum People

    thanx y'all...hope to start posting more insha allahu ta'ala :D
  16. Islam Allows Slavery

    so like....can you tell me that the majority of christians knnow EVERYTHING about there religion?i very much doubt it.i asked a christian friend of mine whos a regular church goer and very religious to explain trinity to me and her reply was a shamed"im afraid im not very well versed on that....!"in Islam,we muslims learn different aspects of Islam everyday.i think its rather naive of you to say "you believe in ur religion 1000%yet you cant explain to me.....are many muslims like that...."or whatever it is you said.i find it amusing when you people come out with things like that...bro alim's right,you have to ask a reliable muslim scholar.i mean...come on,we try answering something,were not 100%sure,you guys are gonna jump on our backs with denials or insults or god only knows what.
  17. Not Suprising

    yeah...if people want to get a proper understanding of Islam ,listen to Hamza Yusuf or sheik Ahmad Ali...islamtorrents is a good forum to learn some stuff an'all
  18. Pls Answer Question As Promised.

    hey agreed...where DID the guy get this drivel from?its so pathetic and absurd it made me laugh.the quran saying such sick things....?puh-leeze....
  19. agreed sis belle...people simply are brainwashed by the biased media,read too much anti-islamic literature...have'nt researched Islam and if they have then they have'nt read the right stuff...then they think they can judge Islam.then they think they can make dopey comments.iv read through this thread,and the anti Islam posts,contain a lot of writing;but its all cotton wool,if you get my drift.and moshe,your very adamant about all this "muslim killing"jargon,and yet your extremely light on the palestine/israel topic.you posted something about some israeli bigshot puttin down zionists.big deal.if thats so then how come its still carrying on,id like to know?so a few guys blow themselves up....have you ever thought why?its not coz Islam say so,its becouse they have no hope,and they should have faith in the almighty but not everone is the same.killing parents in front of there children,killing babies,raping wives,mothers and GIRLS...leaving hundreds homeless...get to know about these things,before you start on at Islam.dont just diss a religion in every way possible coz you dont like it or understand it.you wont get anywhere like that.Islam means PEACE,it is PEACE whatever you say,and keep on saying what y'all want to coz its not going to make a difference to us muslims is it?????? PEACE
  20. Assalamu Alaykum People

    jazakalla 4the welcome all;lol,enjoyed the drink! :D
  21. ~ 9/11's Inside Job ~

    Peace............you believe what YOU wanna believe....and let others keep theres.coz i believe it was an inside job as well,and its not only muslims who believe that either.i dont believe osama bin laden was responsible....and you do so why dont we keep it at that?muslims get dissed everyday,"muslim terrorists"gets thrown around the media like confetti.....your all biased and brainwashed.wake up please. :D stop readins anti Islam stuff bye non muslims and pick up some stuff by reliable Islamic authors etc.thatl open your EYES....