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  1. God in Bible and Quraan

    Yes, perhaps it is entirely hard to grasp the concept of a self-sacrificing God. After all we haven’t seen any of such a self-sacrificing love from the Leaders of this earth. Our Leaders sends men to win the battle. Our leaders do not send themselves in it; instead they gather up bodyguards to protect them. Certainly how can a powerful, mighty, all-knowing God lower himself as man! Perhaps it is somewhat easier from a human perspective to accept a Mighty All-knowing Creator as a figurehead that you have to work your way up to in so that you may earn his favor. After all, our Human leaders present us a great example of this scenario, even our parents and our friends! We earn their favor by doing things that pleases them. Such is the limitation of Man’s love. God however can love unconditionally, even as we are hurting him with our sins. Now you ask why Jesus’ death is a necessity so that sin may be forgiven. I believe we all agree that God is Absolute and that he is Just. That should also mean that his Holiness must be absolute. It is because of his Absolute Holiness that he cannot overlook Sin and it because he is Just that he rewards the rightful punishment for sin which is eternal death. Something had to be done to put an end to sin, so that it may be forgiven. Someone had to pay the price of our sins so that we do not have to pay it in the full measure of eternal death. That is where role of God in the flesh comes. He came down to earth as the ultimate sacrifice. Sacrificing himself by dying in our place, paying the price of sin which is eternal death thereby putting an end to both. So, did god commit suicide? Is a Jesus a suicide bomber? Well we need to know the difference between suicide and sacrifice. What is the purpose of a suicide bomber? What does it accomplish? To kill the many/ the death of the many. What is the purpose of Jesus’ death on the cross? What did it accomplished? The life of the many. Now I ask this of you. What is a creator if his creation does not know him? How exactly do we define God’s love if it hasn’t been revealed to us by him? More-over how can we honestly declare that we love God above all if he himself has not shown us the full measure of his grace? We humans who love conditionally! I come to you with this answer. The necessity of Jesus’ death on the cross when entirely understood both in heart and in mind becomes the revelation of God’s love for us. That even as we are hurting him in our sinfulness, he loved us.