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  1. Dua For My Grandfather

    May Allah forgive him and grant him janatul firdaus and his family sabr and iman ameen to al duas
  2. Du'aa For My Friend's Mother

    Ameen to all duas
  3. Mom Operation

    Ameen to all your duas
  4. Ur Sister In Islam

    Ameen to your dua sister
  5. Make A Dua For My Grandmother

    Jazakillah khayr
  6. Please Pray

    Ameen to your dua
  7. Boy Shot

    Ameen to all the duas
  8. Dua Request

    Ameen to your dua
  9. Young And 16

    May Allah bless him with janatul firdaus and grant your family sabr and iman
  10. Du'aa' For These Four

    Ameen to the duas.
  11. Please Make Dua For Our Sister Sakinah-muslimah

    May Allah giver her strength and health ameen.
  12. Du'aa' For Classmate's Mother

    May Allah forgive her and Grant her jannatul firdaus and Her family sabr and iman.
  13. Please Mak Dua For My Dad

    May Allah Give him complet Shifaa ameen.
  14. Remember Me In Your Humble Duas Inshallah..

    May Allah grant you a speedy recovery ameen.
  15. Salam Alkueim

    May Allah give the baby girl and her mother strength and health ameen and May Allah guide you and other muslims to the right path ameen.