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  1. Impending Destruction of the US Economy

    salam, when a nation becomes ignorant, this is what happens. you watch a nation crash in slow mo. it is glaringly obvious that economically US is sinking (politically it is even worse) yet everyone in America is focused on "taking out" the "bad guys". it will be a harsh wake up call i guess...
  2. If you have been following the race for the White House, you can acutely feel how strongly and directly prejudice against Muslims is affecting America. Some people have been trying to portray Obama as Muslim. And Obama has been saying that he's not. Without getting into why people aren't asking "What if he's Muslim?" if Obama loses the election because of the "accusation" that he's muslim, America will be deprived of a leader who would have been a better leader for the next 4 or 8 years. And this is a very straight forward and obvious example of how injustice against one group of people truly affects ALL the people in the country.
  3. Blackout In Besieged Gaza City

    Make dua for them. It's a test from Allah for the Palestinians and the Muslims. And Allah doesn't test us with more than we can put up with.
  4. Do You Support The Islamic State In Iraq?

    also please don't ban me! :sl: thanks :sl:
  5. Do You Support The Islamic State In Iraq?

    salam, i heard that the iranians (shias) are going to emerge as the victors in iraq whether americans leave or not. so i don't see how there's going to be a sunni Islamic state there. what are you guys thinking? peace
  6. Which Madhab Do You Follow?

    Salam, The Indian subcontinent scholars forbid following a different madnabs than one's own. I understand their reasoning behind this rule. They are very strict when it comes to the deen. The Arab scholars are a little less strict and say that you can follow ruling from another madhab as long as you don't seek out the easiest ruling. Seeking out dispensation is HARAM. If you seek out a dispensation eventually you could justify anything you like. And the most pious and God-fearing people follow the strictest ruling out of the four madhabs. May Allah bless them and grant them a high rank! May Allah's peace and blessing be upon my Master Muhammad.
  7. dear james, i appreciate your lengthy responses. i hope these are coming from your desire to profess and learn the truth. i am never angry at an individual when i am typing a response. anger is a reponse that my Islamic teacher always asks me to control. i lived in 2 different non-muslim countries for around 16 years and visited over 16 european countries and can speak english fluently. i don't whether you can say the same about yourself when it comes to acquaintance with muslim language and culture. all i was trying to show you was the fallacy in your idea of defining a person as an extremist. i was using america as an example because it is my conntry and i know it the best. trying to change the framework of the assumptions of a debate doesn't mean a person is simplistic. using your definition the evangelicals, the catholics, the hindus, on and on even the nationalists (who believe in the superiority of their ideas but are non-violent) would be considered extreme. i would like to disagree in this point. the degree of the crimes against humanity (cross-atlantic slave trade, colonialism, the 2 great world wars, using nuclear weapons against another country) are many degrees higher than anything that the eastern countries have done. this is the point that i have been repeating over and over in my posts but you simply ignore it (not intentionally i hope). how come secularism has witnessed so much suffering without being held to a 7th century book? the fact that cartoon raises more outrage than murder is quite puzzling to me. but so is how a few honor killings (which are cold-blooded murder and has nothing to do with Islam, fyi) get super coverage and is readily equated to Islam while 800,000 women and girls who are trafficked as sexual slaves annually (overwhelming taken from and sent to nominally Christian countries) is barely noticed? you also often equate negative actions by mulims to Islam but you never equate negative actions of others to christianity or secularism or whatever. but constantly repeat the 7th-century-book argument. i refrained from defending Islam because i just wanted to show you the opposite side of your argument: if there is bad on both sides then why equate one with human fallacy while equate another to Islam? as for accusing me of "unintelligent", "simplistic" and "hatred," i won't respond for restrain is a virtue and i hope you will extend me the same courtesy of no-name calling that i show you.
  8. You are arguing at a very theoretical level. I am asking you to show examples. How come America (being secualr democratic and all) has been committing war crimes after war crimes since the beginning of its history and not set straight by the democratic process? We can all argue at a theoretical level and you would never know whether it actually works in real life. I guess you already admitted that using your definition America and Britian are extreme. Do you consider the nations that colonized the Asian, African and American lands for multiple centuries Christian or do you consider them secular? One of them got to be pretty damn extreme. And what West are you talking about? I would appreciate it if you defined a specific country because we all know the superb amount of support America gives to the countries that are brutally oppressive. Atleast America has to be a big exception. These accusations against Islam is not grounded in everyday reality. Give me examples.
  9. Few Confession From Brother Alameen

    salam bro, future contracts are not allowed in Islam. the deal has to be closed in the present. there's also a lot of discussion going on in the world to reconcile finance with the shariah law.
  10. The "West" includes America in most peoples vocabulary. Using your definition, a huge chunk of the Western world is a thousand times more extreme than most Muslims because the American government actually practices violence. Also use your definition to other popluation of the world either in word or deed. You will soon reach in the upper 90 percentages. So using your definition, the entire human race is fanatic.
  11. Few Confession From Brother Alameen

    Thanks br. Righteous. I couldn't imagine my life without music either but love for God is a unique thing. If Ibrahim (pbuh) could sacrifice his beloved son, I am sure we can sacrifice music. About interest: If interest were allowed in a country, then the rich people would put their investment in interest-bearing loans and make a virtually risk-free return year after year. They could easily hoard their money instead of investing it thereby starving the less well-off. In an interest-free country, they would either have to make the investment (in business ventures) or LOSE money through inflation. Bottom-line: You cannot hoard your wealth. You have to circulate it in the economy. This way everyone in the society benefits.
  12. I agree with you. America was created to accommodate people of varying cultures and religions. It is unfortunate though how the neocons have turned the whole situation upside down and hating muslims have become the number one priority above ALL ELSE. Give up your freedom, your rights, turn a blind eye of corporation raping the tax money, buying governments, and the 50 percent devaluation of the dollar and let's all hate muslims together. :sl: I think a lot of people realize that and the true conservatives are voting for the likes of Ron Paul because they want a less interefering government.
  13. Muslims consider RAND corporation as a joke because it essentially qualifies every single muslim in the world as exremist. Either it is purely dumb, or there are severe cultural misunderstanding, or it has some agenda (like demonizing muslims to the point that making war against another innocent musilm country is sanitized for the public). I also like the fact that RAND, which is sponsored by the US Airforce (greatest user of strategic terror in the world), is telling others how to be moderate.
  14. Equating normal muslims to the extreme Christians is pure deception. Muslims believe that their religion is the best life style. If they didn't believe that than they wouldn't be Muslims. They would be something else. The truth is that an OVERWHELMINGLY large number of Muslims do not condone offensive violence and labeling them moderate is perfectly fine. Let's use your definition for America. 62 million Americans who voted for Bush in 2004 are many many many times more extreme (to the point of pure fanaticism) than the a normal muslim because they knownigly voted for a person who was imposing his worldview on a country through extreme force. Also, in 2004, there were 373 extremists in the US Congress because they voted for the war. Wow! The whole country is being run by extremisits.
  15. Salam, I grew up in a get-rich quick American hip-hop culture. So I tried to fit my deen around my life instead of my life around my deen. But alhamdullialah Allah increased my iman. So I want make some corrections in my previous views: 1) Interest is equivalent to riba. And we should all try to avoid it. It's a thing that destroys our good deeds! May Allah save the little good deed that we have. 2) Music is prohibited according to the majority of the scholars of the 4 shool of law and avoiding it is the safest and most conservative. We should especially avoid the stuff of popular culture sung by people of heedlessness. 3) There's very little good in television and the entertainment industry. Even in a very lenient sense, you will be violating the shariah 10 times every minute if you watch television. So avoid it as much as possible and Allah will reward with something greater. May Allah forgive us all.