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  1. This animated film came out in the cinemas a little while ago and is about our beloved Prophet (pbuh). The film does not show our Messenger at all but manages to tell the story of how Islam spread beautfully mashallah- it's ideal for children. You can watch it free here (remove the spaces as I cannot post links): h ttp :// video.google.c o m/videoplay ?docid =-6563789424597260990
  2. Is It Forbidden To Have A Bank Account In A Bank

    Hey, This is not completely true. It is true that interest is haram. However, having a bank account in an non-Islamic bank is allowed, as long as the person donates all the interest they receive to charity or asks the bank to withdraw from adding interest to their savings. Salaams.
  3. History Of The Jews

    Interesting indeed. And it's part of Judaism that one can only be born a Jew due to the mother's heritage so converted Jews are actually going against the rules of the religion they want to be part of.
  4. Sami Yusuf

    did this help anyone?... *voice echoes around room*
  5. Proof Of God?

    h ttp://w ww.anvari.o rg/fun/Religion/Islam_Miracles.h tml
  6. Proof Of God?

    h ttp://w ww.anvari/fun/Religion/Islam_Miracles.h tml this should be proof enough for anyone (remove spaces)
  7. Is Bible The Word Of God

    The 'book of God' sure seems to have many mistakes. If only Christians would face up to the 48 000 proven mistakes there are in there. Here is merely a portion of those: God or the Devil? "And again the anger of the LORD was kindled against israel, and he moved David against them to say, Go, number israel and Judah." [2 Samuel 24:1] "And SATAN stood up against israel, and provoked David to number israel." [1 Chronicles 21:1] What did the Lord decree, 3 years famine or 7 years famine? "So Gad came to David, and told him, and said unto him, Shall SEVEN YEARS OF FAMINE come unto thee in thy land? or wilt thou flee three months before thine enemies, while they pursue thee?" [2 Samuel 24:13] "So Gad came to David, and said unto him, Thus saith the LORD, Choose thee Either THREE YEARS' FAMINE; or three months to be destroyed before thy foes, while that the sword of thine enemies overtaketh thee" [1 Chronicles 21:11,12] How old was Jehoiachin? 8 or 18? "Jehoiachin was EIGHT YEARS old when he began to reign, and he reigned three months and ten days in Jerusalem: and he did that which was evil in the sight of the LORD." [2 Chronicles 36:9] "Jehoiachin was EIGHTEEN YEARS old when he began to reign, and he reigned in Jerusalem three months. And his mother's name was Nehushta, the daughter of Elnathan of Jerusalem." [2 Kings 24:8] 700 or 7 000? Horsemen or footmen? "And the Syrians fled before israel; and David slew the men of SEVEN HUNDRED CHARIOTS of the Syrians, and FORTY THOUSAND HORSEMEN, and smote Shobach the captain of their host, who died there." [2 Samuel 10:18] "But the Syrians fled before israel; and David slew of the Syrians SEVEN THOUSAND MEN which fought in chariots, and FORTY THOUSAND FOOTMEN, and killed Shophach the captain of the host." [1 Chronicles 19:18] The difference 2 000 and 3 000 is only 50% exaggeration! "And it was an hand breadth thick, and the brim thereof was wrought like the brim of a cup, with flowers of lilies: it contained TWO THOUSAND baths." [1 Kings 7:26] "And the thickness of it was an handbreadth, and the brim of it like the work of the brim of a cup, with flowers of lilies; and it received and held THREE THOUSAND baths." [2 Chronicles 4:5] The difference between 4 thousand and 40 thousand is only 36 000! "And Solomon had FOUR THOUSAND stalls for horses and chariots, and twelve thousand horsemen; whom he bestowed in the chariot cities, and with the king at Jerusalem." [2 Chronicles 9:25] "And Solomon had FORTY THOUSAND stalls of horses for his chariots, and twelve thousand horsemen." [1 Kings 4:26]
  8. When I Die...

    And they say, “There is not but our worldly life; we die and live (i.e. some people die and others live, replacing them) and nothing destroys us except time.†And they have of that no knowledge; they are only assuming. And when Our verses are recited to them as clear evidences, their argument is only that they say, “Bring [back] our forefathers, if you should be truthful.†Say, “God causes you to live, then causes you to die; then He will assemble you for the Day of Resurrection, about which there is no doubt,†but most of the people do not know. (Quran, 45:24-26)
  9. Sami Yusuf

    :D I just realised the links don't work because I'm a newbie. Inshallah the mods will enable them?
  10. Biology Coursework!

    Try this site for examples of the experiment: (www.)"http://coursework.info/GCSE/Biology/Enzymes_and_Proteins/Catalase_Essays_and_CourseworkC_429/"]coursework.info/GCSE/Biology/En...ursework_C_429/[/url]