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  1. I remember coming to this board back in 2004 when I was first learning about Islam and after going for 3 months at my local masjid and immersing myself in Islam my eyes were opened to something that I had never experienced or felt before. I truly felt like much of the unrest in my mind had finally come to a close, because I had never felt so much peace as that day that I announced there was only ONE God. I had grown up in a home of dedicated christians but Islam was so different, I especially loved the way the Qur'an was unchanged after more than 1400 years, to me this was amazing and a miracle in itself. And most of all, the BROTHERS in Islam. Never had I experienced such a closeness, togetherness! It was inspiring to go to the masjid and pray alongside men who were from all corners of the world, and they were willing to do anything for a brother. I was a muslim for the next two years. But now my lifestyle is completely different, and while a few traits of a muslim remain with me and most likely will for the rest of my life, I am much much different from what I used to be, no longer being able to call myself a muslim. I'm posting this so maybe some discussion can be started and why converts leave Islam after embracing it. I know for me personally it was 2 small questions I had that I never got the courage to ask the imam about, eventually the doubt grew so large that it began to eat away at my faith. Also when I first embraced Islam, I had a HUGE support group of people who would be there when I needed them, which was often as a beginner. Then once I moved I left behind that support group and I must have been weak in faith if I depended on others to pray with etc.