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  1. Iraqi Terrorists Stoop To A New Low

    ...suicide car bombers are often their most effective one - designed to maximize casualties and sow fear among the population... Irans' handiwork. They're responsible for more Iraqi deaths than anyone else.
  2. Show Me Where We're 'stealing.'

    This whole notion of "if we don’t fight them over there, we will fight them over here" is absolutely absurd 'They' came here and bombed the W.T.C. in '93, long before Afghanistan and the toppling of Sadaam. Yes I am sure there are some "terrorist" who are fighting the US in Iraq, but they are far out numbered by regular Iraqis defending their country. And these guys get thier I.E.D.s, money and 'marching orders' from Teheran. Also, they are killing many more Iraqis', the people they are supposed to be 'defending', than the U.S. ever did. And if the US REALLY wanted to fight terrorism, all they would have to do is stop supporting their dictator allies in the Middle East We don't support Iran. Thier agents in Iraq are causing the most bloodshed, stoking the sectarian killings. The fact of the matter is that right now they have a vested interest in the US staying in Iraq, and as long as they have their fearless leader Mr. Bush in power they are going to keep making a lot of money off the misery of the Iraqi people and your Tax money You don't understand, the oil companies didn't need a U.S. invasion to get Iraqi oil. Sadaam was more than happy to sell it to them himself. If anything, the invasion slowed down their ability to pump and ship crude.
  3. Chavez Vows To Defend Iran Against Any Attack

    I think it is Ahamadinejads'' israel should be wiped off the map' thing that has israel a little 'freaked'. And I don't blame them. And I should have been clearer about the 'highly enriched urainium' found in Iran as opposed to 'enriched urainium'. The only use for that is for a weapon.
  4. Show Me Where We're 'stealing.'

    I believe a big reason for the U.S. invading Iraq was to make it a 'forum' to fight radical Muslims in so we didn't have to fight them in the streets of America, not to 'steal oil'. The thinking being that the jihadis' will go to Iraq to fight 'the Great Satan' instead of coming to the U.S. to 'work their magic'. It is pretty clear they are trying to come. Sort of like a 'roach motel'. Attract them to one spot and kill them. If that was G.W.B.s' intention, I think it worked. There hasn't been anymore attacks in the U.S. since 9/11. So maybe the tax dollars didn't go for naught. And the reason we are still in Iraq is because if the U.S. left right now, the sectarian killings would get even worse. Then the world would scream on us for leaving. You don't think the suicide bombings and kidknappings would stop if the U.S. left, do you ? Nah ! Now that Sadaam is gone, everyone is jockeying for position and paybacks are being doled out. And as far as Iraqi oil is concerned, the big oil companies didn't need an invasion to get Iraqs oil. They would have gotten it anyway. They were buying it from Sadaam under the 'oil for food' program ( another corrupt program thanks to France and Russia ) before the invasion.
  5. Abdulmajid

    The odds are slim, but I think I've run into you before, AbdulMajid. Your writing 'style' is 'familiar'. Ever been on L.I. Islamic forum ? Do I still need to wear a suit when I talk to you ? Partysoverkids :D
  6. Fareeda's Fate: Rape, Prison And 25 Lashes

    Sticks and stones...
  7. Chavez Calls Bush "the Devil"

    Chavez is a baffoon and a hypocrite. He busts on the U.S. for its high oil usage, but he's the biggest supplier. If it wasn't for the U.S. buying his oil, he wouldn't have two nickels to rub together.
  8. Show Me Where We're 'stealing.'

    Anywhere there is that much money involved, there are hands in it that shouldn't be. I'm sure a lot of Iraqis' have lined thier pockets with U.S. money meant for the Iraqi people. That goes for the U.S. expenditure in Iraq, as well as for the aid money the U.S. gives other countries throughout the world, among other things. Look how Arafats' widow is living 'la vida loca' in France (of course) off of all the aid money he syphoned off the Palestinian peolpe. Or all the African dictators with Swiss bank accounts stuffed with U.S. aid money they stole from their people. Greed isn't an American 'phenomenon'.
  9. Show Me Where We're 'stealing.'

    So the U.S. has spent a trillion and is 'stealing' millions ? Not a very good return on its' money.
  10. Chavez Vows To Defend Iran Against Any Attack

    The U.S. has no obligation to 'tip off' Hugo, a self-avowed enemy of the U.S., to any plots against him. Would he do the same for G.W.B. ? I doubt it. And one of the funnier things about this whole love affair between Hugo and Mahmoud is that in the end, Hugo is just another kafir to him. Hugo is a buffon who is being played by Ahmadinejad. Now to Irans weapons program. As a signitory of the Non Proliferation treaty (let's get this out of the way now. No israel isn't a signatory.) they were obliged to declare all thier nuke programs. They didn't. They hid theirs for 18 years. Also, they have banned inspectors from Natanz, their largest bomb-making lab. Twice, the I.A.E.A. has found enriched uranium on Iranian equipment.
  11. First Female Muslim Space Explorer

    'The family left Tehran for the U.S. after the Islamic revolution.' Didn't take a rocket scientist to know it was time to 'beat feet' out of Iran. If they stayed, what are the odds she would have a job, let alone be so sucseessful ? About 1,000,000,000 to 1, I'd say. Iranians can't even gain access to this web site because of government censoring of the internet.
  12. How Long Before Someone Takes A Shot At Benedict Xvi ?

    This guy David Icke over-simplifies certain things and is out and out wrong about others. First, it is silly to think transactions should be done in cash, and not electroniclly, as he seems to suggest. The shear weight of the money would be astronomical. I wonder if Mr. Icke has all his money stashed under his mattress ? Banks aren't in the business of printing money. Something that looks to astonish Mr. Icke.That would be the Bureau of Printing and Engraving. Money transferred into an account is more than 'figures typed onto a screen.' These 'figures' allow homes, autos and other commodities to be bought by the loanee. Does Mr. Icke expect to get his home or car for free ? That would be nice, but... Lastly, private banks DO NOT control how much money is in circulation. In the U.S. , the Federal Reserve does. Mr. Ickes' article is nothing but babble from an idiot who doesn't know what he's talking about. And what does all this have to do with Islamofacsists taking a shot at the Pope ?
  13. Fareeda's Fate: Rape, Prison And 25 Lashes

    I wouldn't care whos' law it was. If I were a female I'd do what was needed to split that place !
  14. How Long Before Someone Takes A Shot At Benedict Xvi ?

    It's hard to defend against a car bomb, the Islamofacsists weapon of choice. I still think someone is going to take a shot at him sometime.
  15. A lot still want the U.S. there. The Kurds, for one. They seem to be doing pretty good. So Hasib, you would send your six year old out into the streets with a Molotov ####tail ? Big man ! How funny would it be if we let Sadaam out to rule again and left ? I think you'd be singing a different tune.
  16. Show Me Where We're 'stealing.'

    Being a savy business person doesn't make you a thief. What nation doesn't act in their own interest ? And the 'puppets' that pump oil to the U.S. are getting $67 a barrel. These 'puppets' are making more money off the U.S. than ever before. Doesn't sound like thievery to me.
  17. Nun Slain By Somali Gunmen

    (www.)"hosted.ap/dynamic/stories/S/SOMALIA_NUN_KILLED?SITE=NYKIN&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT"]Link[/url] Sep 17, 4:31 PM EDT Italian Nun Slain by Somali Gunmen By MOHAMED SHEIKH NOR Associated Press Writer MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) -- An elderly Italian nun who devoted her life to helping the sick in Africa was shot dead by two gunmen at a hospital Sunday in an attack possibly linked to worldwide Muslim anger toward Pope Benedict XVI. Sister Leonella, 65, was shot in the back four times by pistol-wielding attackers as she left the Austrian-run S.O.S. hospital at lunch time after finishing nursing school for trainee medics. Her bodyguard was also slain. There was no claim of responsibility for the attack, which came just hours after a leading Somali cleric condemned the pope's remarks last week on Islam and violence. The head of security for the Islamic militia that controls much of southern Somalia, Yusuf Mohamed Siad, said one man had been arrested and the second was being hunted. He said the killing might have stemmed from the uproar over the pope but stressed he didn't know for sure. "They could be people annoyed by the pope's speech, which angered all Muslims in the world, or they could have been having something to do with S.O.S.," he said. "We will have to clarify this through our investigation." The Vatican called the killing a "horrible episode," and Italian President Giorgio Napolitano denounced it as a "horrendous crime." "A woman who had dedicated her life to the service of the weakest, the most defenseless and the neediest, beyond any ethnic or religious distinction, has been hit," Napolitano said. Sister Leonella, whose birth name was Rosa Sgorbati, had lived and worked in Kenya and Somalia for 38 years, her family said. A doctor at the hospital, who would give his name only as Dr. Teckle, said she helped to teach and to look after children. "She was a dedicated and organized teacher," he said. Her body was flown to Nairobi, Kenya, before being returned to Italy, he said. Like many foreigners, Sister Leonella traveled with a bodyguard in this Horn of Africa nation, which slid into chaos after warlords overthrew Somalia's longtime dictator in 1991. A Swedish journalist, Martin Adler, was shot dead in June during a demonstration in Mogadishu. An Islamic militia seized control of Mogadishu in recent months and has extended its control over much of southern Somalia, challenging a weak, U.N.-backed interim government that hasn't been able to exert any power outside its base in Baidoa, 150 miles from the capital. The militia has imposed strict religious rule in the areas under its sway, and its Islamic courts are credited with bringing a semblance of order, but many in the West fear a Taliban-style regime could emerge. Several witnesses to Sunday's shooting speculated it was tied to the furor over Benedict's discussion last week, which included quoting a 14th century text that called some of Prophet Muhammad's teachings as "evil and inhuman." "I am sure the killers were angered by the pope's speech in which he attacked our prophet," said Ashe Ahmed Ali, who was among those who saw the nun shot down at the hospital's entrance. Earlier in the day, a leading Muslim cleric in Somalia had condemned the pope for offending Muslims. "The pope's statement at this time was not only wrong but irresponsible as well," said Sheik Nor Barud, deputy leader of the Somali Muslim Scholars Association. In Italy, Benedict said Sunday he was "deeply sorry" that his speech last week offended Muslims, saying the words he quoted about Muhammad did not reflect his personal opinion. Vatican officials said they hoped the pontiff's explanation would head off further violence. "Let us hope that the words, so clear, of the pope today are enough to placate this wave (of violence) that goes beyond any reasonable sense," Cardinal Paul Poupard of the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue told SKY TG 24 TV.
  18. Soldier Admits Mistreating Iraqis

    If you do that stuff, you go to jail. Period. At least he didn't hack their heads off, though. Wouldn't that be something if say, Khalid Sheik Mohammed got his head sawed off by a U.S. general and the film was played on FoxNews ? Talk about a change of pace !!!
  19. How Long Before Someone Takes A Shot At Benedict Xvi ?

    Asking a question can NOT be slander. And '200 Taliban Martyred' wasn't my title, either. But I guess that's 'different.' The only person I see interpretting the title as condoning a killing is you. It does not. Way too much censorship going on on this site.
  20. Iran Unveils Fighter Plane

    (www.)"hosted.ap/dynamic/stories/I/IRAN_MILITARY?SITE=WHIZ&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2006-09-06-03-47-45"]Link[/url] Sep 6, 3:47 AM EDT Iran Unveils Locally Made Fighter Plane By NASSER KARIMI Associated Press Writer TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Iran unveiled its first locally manufactured fighter plane Wednesday during large-scale military exercises, state-run television reported. The report said the bomber Saegheh is similar to the American F-18 fighter plane, but "more powerful." It also said the plane was "designed, optimized and improved by Iranian experts." State TV said the Iranian air force had commissioned the Saegheh plane after many test flights in the past year. Television footage showed the airplane taking off and launching two rockets. The plane had a small ####pit and only one pilot. "Saegheh is capable of launching both rockets and bombs," the report said. General Karim Ghavami, commander of Iran's air force, told state-run television that the war games were being held "to show the trans-regional forces that we are ready to defend our country up to the latest drop of our blood." The Islamic republic is concerned about the U.S. military presence in neighboring Iraq and Afghanistan at a time when the international community has threatened to impose sanctions against Tehran because of its disputed nuclear program. During the war-games, which began Aug. 19 and have been dubbed "The Blow of Zolfaghar," Iran has test-fired short-range, surface-to-surface missiles, submarine-to-surface missiles, a new air defense system and laser bombs. Iran's military also test-fired a series of missiles during war games in the Persian Gulf in March and April, including a missile it claimed was undetectable by radar and could use multiple warheads to hit several targets simultaneously. After decades of relying on foreign weapons purchases, Iran now says it is increasingly self-sufficient, claiming it annually exports more than $100 million worth of military equipment to more than 50 countries. Since 1992, Iran has produced its own tanks, armored personnel carriers and missiles, the government said. It announced in early 2005 that it had begun producing torpedoes. The government has not said how many warplanes it will build. © 2006 The Associated Press. Like an F-18, but 'more powerful'. Please !!! I'd love to see an F-18 go up against a half dozen of these death traps. Part of the idea of propaganda is to make it beleiveable. Iran failed cartoonishly.
  21. U.s. Misses Golden Oppertunity

    (www.)"philly/mld/philly/news/15512968.htm"]Link[/url] Posted on Thu, Sep. 14, 2006 U.S. probing release of spy photo of Taliban By Paul Garwood Associated Press KABUL, Afghanistan - The U.S. military said yesterday it was looking into the unauthorized release of a photo purportedly taken by an American drone aircraft and showing scores of Taliban militants at a funeral in Afghanistan. NBC News claimed U.S. Army officers wanted to attack the ceremony with missiles carried by the Predator drone but were prevented under rules of battlefield engagement that bar attacks on cemeteries. Lt. Tamara Lawrence, a spokeswoman with the U.S. military in Kabul, said the photo was released to NBC by someone who did not have the clearance to hand it out. "Inquiries are being made into how it was released," she said. Lawrence declined to provide further details. It was not clear when the photo was taken or where the gathering took place. The black-and-white photo shows what NBC says are 180 militants standing near a vehicle in an open area. Gunsight-like brackets were positioned over the group in the photo. The photo appeared on NBC correspondent Kerry Sanders' blog and never ran on TV, the network said yesterday. Sanders wrote that he was told the photo had been properly declassified but later received an "urgent request" from a U.S. Army colonel to pull it from the Web site. "As a courtesy, and with an awareness of the danger U.S. forces are in, I had the photo pulled," he wrote. But he wrote yesterday that NBC was reposting it after a Pentagon spokesman said he was unaware of any official request to pull it. NBC had quoted one unnamed officer involved with the spy mission as saying "we were so excited" that the group had been spotted and was in the sights of a drone. But the network quoted the officer as saying frustration set in after the officers realized they could not bomb the funeral under the military's rules of engagement. Defense Department officials have said that while they try to be mindful of religious and cultural sensitivities, they make no promises that such sites can always be avoided in battle, because militants often seek cover in those and other civilian sites. MAN !!! You HAVE to take that shot !!! The Taliban just killed an Afghan governor and then attacked his funeral with a homicide bomber. They aren't above attacking funerals and neither should the U.S. ! I'm sure that policy is 'under reveiw'. I wouldn't try that again if I were the Taliban. One 500 pounder and it's a 'grand slam' !! Next time..
  22. U.s. Misses Golden Oppertunity

    Yeah. It's policy, not law. I'm sure that'll change. Like I said, if I were Taliban, I wouldn't try that again. One 500 pounder and it's scrambled eggs all over. Next time.
  23. Amadinejad At It Again

    (www.)"foxnews/story/0,2933,212122,00.html"]Link[/url] Iran's Ahmadinejad Calls for Purge of Liberal Teachers Tuesday, September 05, 2006 TEHRAN, Iran — Iran's hard-line president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called Tuesday for a purge of liberal and secular teachers from the country's universities, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported in another step back to 1980s-style radicalism. "Today, students should shout at the president and ask why liberal and secular university lecturers are present in the universities," the agency quoted Ahmadinejad as saying during a meeting with a group of students. Ahmadinejad complained that changes in the country's universities were difficult to accomplish, but said, "The job for such a change has begun." It all just gets crazier over there.
  24. 200 suspected taliban martyred

    (www.)"msnbc.msn/id/14653529/"]Link[/url] NATO:200 Taliban dead in Afghan offensive Fighting in south inflicts heavy losses; 80 captured; 4 NATO soldiers killed MSNBC News Services Updated: 8 minutes ago KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - NATO and Afghan forces killed more than 200 suspected Taliban guerrillas with air strikes and artillery fire in a major offensive in a volatile province in southern Afghanistan, the alliance said Sunday. A statement said four soldiers with the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force also died and seven were wounded in the fighting in Panjwayi district, about 10 miles from the city of Kandahar. The casualty counts could not be independently confirmed because the government ordered vehicles to stay off roads leading to the area and reporters were unable to gain access to the battle zone. There was no indication of bodies being taken to local hospitals. “Reports indicate that more than 200 Taliban fighters have been killed since Operation Medusa began early Saturday morning,” the NATO force said in a statement. It said more than 80 suspected Taliban fighters were captured by Afghan police and a further 180 insurgents were seen fleeing the district. NATO said there were no reports of civilian casualties, despite the heavy weight of fire being used. An Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman, Gen. Zahir Azimi, said earlier in the day that a number of civilians were killed. NATO said its estimate of Taliban casualties was based on information from its “surveillance and reconnaissance assets” and reports from Afghan officials and civilians living nearby. A NATO spokesman, Maj. Scott Lundy, said NATO and Afghan troops had gained ground during Operation Medusa and had disrupted the militants’ command and control so their fighters were moving in a confused way. On Saturday, a reconnaissance plane supporting the offensive crashed, killing all 14 British military personnel on board. NATO said the plane was not brought down by hostile fire. The insurgency is going through its bloodiest period since U.S.-backed forces overthrew a Taliban government in late 2001 after it refused to hand over al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden after the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States. More than 2,000 people, most of them militants, along with scores of civilians and aid workers as well as hundreds of Afghan security personnel have been killed so far this year, while over 100 foreign troops, have died, including those killed in Saturday’s plane crash. The Associated Press and Reuters contributed to this report. Keep up the good work !!! Nice shooting !! :D :D mods note- topic title edited, amani
  25. (www.)"philly/mld/inquirer/news/editorial/15434938.htm"]Link[/url] Posted on Mon, Sep. 04, 2006 Hezbollah lost credibility in Lebanon Charles Krauthammer is a columnist with the Washington Post Writers Group "We did not think, even 1 percent, that the capture would lead to a war at this time and of this magnitude. You ask me, if I had known on July 11... that the operation would lead to such a war, would I do it? I say no, absolutely not." - Hasan Nasrallah, Hezbollah leader, Aug. 27 So much for the "strategic and historic victory" Nasrallah had claimed less than two weeks earlier. What real victor declares that, had he known, he would not have started the war that ended in triumph? Nasrallah's admission, vastly underplayed in the West, makes clear what the Lebanese already knew. Hezbollah may have won the propaganda war, but on the ground it lost. Badly. True, under the inept and indecisive leadership of Ehud Olmert, israel did miss the opportunity to militarily destroy Hezbollah and make it a nonfactor in israel's security, Lebanon's politics, and Iran's foreign policy. Nonetheless, Hezbollah was seriously hurt. It lost hundreds of its best fighters. A deeply entrenched infrastructure on israel's border is in ruins. The great hero has had to go so deep into hiding that Nasrallah has been called "the underground mullah." Most important, Hezbollah's political gains within Lebanon during the war have proved illusory. As the dust settles, the Lebanese are furious at Hezbollah for provoking a war that brought them nothing but devastation - and then crowing about victory amid the ruins. The Western press was once again taken in by the mystique of the "Arab street." The mob came out to cheer Hezbollah for raining rockets on israel - surprise! - and the Arab governments that had initially criticized Hezbollah went conveniently silent. Now that the mob has gone home, Hezbollah is under renewed attack - in newspapers in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt, as well as by many Lebanese, including influential Shiite academics and clan leaders. The Arabs know where their interests lie. And they do not lie with a Shiite militia that fights for Iran. Even before the devastation, Hezbollah in the last election garnered only about 20 percent of the vote, hardly a mandate. Hezbollah has guns, however, and that is the source of its power. But now even that is threatened. Hence Nasrallah's admission. He knows that Lebanon, however weak its army, has a deep desire to disarm him and that the arrival of Europeans in force, however weak their mandate, will make impossible the rebuilding of the vast Maginot Line he spent six years constructing. Which is why the expected Round Two will, in fact, not happen. Hezbollah is in no position, either militarily or politically, for another round. Nasrallah's admission that the war was a mistake is an implicit pledge not to repeat it, lest he be completely finished as a Lebanese political figure. The Lebanese know that israel bombed easy-to-repair airport runways when it could have destroyed the new airport terminal and set Lebanon back 10 years. The Lebanese know that israel attacked the Hezbollah TV towers when it could have pulverized Beirut's power grid, a billion-dollar reconstruction. The Lebanese know that next time israel's leadership will hardly be as hesitant and restrained. Hezbollah dares not risk that next time. Even more important is the shift once again in the internal Lebanese balance of power. With Nasrallah weakened, the other major factions are closing in around him. Even his major Christian ally, Michel Aoun, has called for Hezbollah's disarmament. The March 14 democratic movement has regained the upper hand and, with outside help, could marginalize Hezbollah. In a country this weak, outsiders can be decisive. A strong European presence in the south, serious U.S. training and equipment for the Lebanese army, and relentless pressure at the United Nations can tip the balance. We should be especially aggressive at the U.N. in pursuing the investigation of Syria for the Rafiq Hariri murder and in implementing resolutions mandating the disarmament of Hezbollah. It was just a year and a half ago that the democrats of the March 14 movement expelled Syria from Lebanon and rose to power, marking the apogee of the American democratization project in the region. Nasrallah's temporary rise during the just-finished war marked that project's nadir. Nasrallah's crowing added to the general despair in Washington about a rising "Shiite crescent" stretching from Tehran to Beirut. In fact, Hezbollah was seriously set back, as was Iran. In the Middle East, however, promising moments pass quickly. This one needs to be seized. We must pretend that Security Council Resolution 1701 was meant to be implemented, and exert unrelieved pressure on behalf of those Lebanese - a large majority - who want to do the implementing. :D