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  1. 200 suspected taliban martyred

    I wish the Mods would stop tampering with my posts. How childish. It should read; '200 Taliban Bite The Dust.'
  2. 200 suspected taliban martyred

    Well come on boys, bring the noise. And to set it straight, I don't 'gloat over the death of muslims'. But, I love to gloat over the death of Islamofacsists. Big difference, chief. :D
  3. 200 suspected taliban martyred

    Right back at ya', chief. Sticks and stones... :D :D :D
  4. U.s Interceptor Hits Target

    (www.)"foxnews/story/0,2933,211783,00.html"]Link[/url] U.S. Missile Defense Interceptor Hits Target in Test Over Pacific Friday, September 01, 2006 LOS ANGELES — An interceptor missile destroyed a mock warhead in space over the Pacific Ocean on Friday in a key test of the United States' missile defense system, a Missile Defense Agency spokesman said. The 54-foot interceptor shot out of an underground silo at Vandenberg Air Force Base on the central California coast at 10:39 a.m., 17 minutes after a target missile was launched from Kodiak Island, Alaska, said agency spokesman Rick Lehner. A refrigerator-sized "kill vehicle" separated from the interceptor. Moving at 18,000 mph, it struck a 4-foot-long mock warhead released by the other missile. Lehner said both disintegrated more than 100 miles above the Earth and a few hundred miles west of Vandenberg. The interceptor's flight lasted 13 minutes. It was the most realistic test of the systems that would be used against a real attack, according to Lehner. More than $100 billion has been spent on America's missile-defense system since 1983 and it has been the subject of criticism by those who call it a costly boondoggle. There also have been allegations that very early tests were rigged or their success exaggerated. The Pentagon says the technology used in those tests is not part of the current research program. Critics also argued early on that the demise of the Soviet Union made a full-scale missile attack on the U.S. unlikely. Supporters say the U.S. still is vulnerable to missiles from rogue states. In July, North Korea unsuccessfully test-fired a missile that was believed capable of reaching the northwestern U.S. coast. On Monday, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld visited Fort Greely in Alaska, where 11 interceptors are kept. Asked whether the missile shield was ready for use against a North Korean missile, Rumsfeld said he would not be fully persuaded without more realistic testing. "A full end-to-end" demonstration is needed "where we actually put all the pieces" of the highly complex and far-flung system together, he said. There have been nine intercept tests since 1999, and five were successful in hitting the target, Lehner said. Friday's test was not intended to be an intercept maneuver. It was designed to see if the kill vehicle could get close to the warhead to test the tracking and sensor systems which would be used in an actual missile attack — the kind of systems that Rumsfeld said needed more testing. "It gave us a good chance to measure overall system performance. It was the most operationally realistic test we've had," Lehner said. "The intercept was definitely a bonus," Lehner said. "It (the kill vehicle) obviously maneuvered itself into the proper position. We were hoping for a close approach." An actual intercept test was scheduled for the end of this year or in early 2007, Lehner said. The interceptor was launched by remote control from a command center in Colorado. The test also was the first use of an early warning radar at Beale Air Force Base, California, to provide the data required to put the interceptor on a proper path toward its target. Data from the test will take several weeks to review, Lehner said. The $85 million launch was postponed from Thursday after fog socked in Kodiak Island. There was also fog over Vandenberg Friday morning but it burned off. Nice ! We need to get this running A.S.A.P. ! With nuts like Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong Il out there, the sooner the better !
  5. In battle !? Get real. There wasn't any battle going on when Hezbollah shimmied through their tunnel like the rats that they are and kidnapped those soldiers. And after the next war, and there will be one, israel will wipe the ground with Hezbollah. They will make sure they don't go in there half-assed again. So now we have something to look forward to.
  6. Venezuela Violates Diplomatic Law

    (www.)"foxnews/story/0,2933,210386,00.html"]Link[/url] Venezuelan Troops Sieze Bags of U.S. Diplomats Friday, August 25, 2006 CARACAS, Venezuela — Authorities seized several U.S. diplomatic bags at Venezuela's main airport on Thursday, prompting protest from embassy officials and a probe into the Americans' actions by prosecutors. Attorney General Isaias Rodriguez said prosecutors would investigate U.S. officials for allegedly sidestepping official regulations and checkpoints when bringing the diplomatic bags into the South American country. Rodriguez made the announcement after Venezuelan National Guard troops seized the bags earlier Thursday from four U.S. embassy vehicles stopped outside Caracas' Simon Bolivar International Airport. The vehicles had just picked up the bags from a U.S. military aircraft on the tarmac, he said. The U.S. embassy had notified Venezuela's foreign ministry that four diplomatic bags were arriving on the plane, but "many more" were found in the vehicles, he said. "They contained supplies for the (Venezuelan) armed forces," Rodriguez told reporters. He did not elaborate or say why U.S. officials would be sending supplies to Venezuela's military. No arrests have been made. The incident was likely to raise tensions between Washington and Venezuela's leftist government. U.S. Embassy official Brian Penn told Globovision television that Venezuelan authorities — not U.S. officials — had acted "illegally" by confiscating the bags. He said the U.S. government would formally protest the incident. "The embassy of the United States has protested this move by the security forces of the Venezuelan government," said Penn. "They violated diplomatic and international laws." Penn said the bags contained personal possessions belong to embassy personnel and denied those sent by the embassy at retrieve them had violated any regulations at the airport. Mari Pili Hernandez, Venezuela's deputy foreign minister for North America, said that officials were reviewing the contents of the bags because they hadn't been inspected by Venezuelan customs officials. Relations between the countries have been tense in recent months due to allegations by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez that the United States is conspiring against his government, something Washington denies. U.S. officials, meanwhile, have said they believe Chavez represents a threat to stability in Latin America. Chavez - Another loose canon.
  7. U.n. Spies For Hezbollah

    (www.)"jihadwatch/dhimmiwatch/archives/012893.php"]LINK[/url] August 27, 2006 UN interim force broadcast israeli troop movements. My Weekly Standard is generally hopelessly clueless about the global jihad, but this piece, "What did you do in the war, UNIFIL?" by Lori Lowenthal Marcus (thanks to all who sent this in) contains important information about UN dhimmitude and complicity with Hizballah. DURING THE RECENT month-long war between Hezbollah and israel, U.N. "peacekeeping" forces made a startling contribution: They openly published daily real-time intelligence, of obvious usefulness to Hezbollah, on the location, equipment, and force structure of israeli troops in Lebanon. UNIFIL--the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, a nearly 2,000-man blue-helmet contingent that has been present on the Lebanon-israel border since 1978--is officially neutral. Yet, throughout the recent war, it posted on its website for all to see precise information about the movements of israeli Defense Forces soldiers and the nature of their weaponry and materiel, even specifying the placement of IDF safety structures within hours of their construction. New information was sometimes only 30 minutes old when it was posted, and never more than 24 hours old. Meanwhile, UNIFIL posted not a single item of specific intelligence regarding Hezbollah forces. Statements on the order of Hezbollah "fired rockets in large numbers from various locations" and Hezbollah's rockets "were fired in significantly larger numbers from various locations" are as precise as its coverage of the other side ever got. This war was fought on cable television and the Internet, and a lot of official information was available in real time. But the specific military intelligence UNIFIL posted could not be had from any non-U.N. source. The israeli press--always eager to push the envelope--did not publish the details of troop movements and logistics. Neither the European press nor the rest of the world media, though hardly bastions of concern for the safety of israeli troops, provided the IDF intelligence details that UNIFIL did. A search of israeli government websites failed to turn up the details published to the world each day by the U.N. Throw the U.N. out of the U.S. !!!!
  8. U.n. Spies For Hezbollah

    WOW !! You're into some really heavy conspiracy stuff. Shazam !!
  9. Venezuela Violates Diplomatic Law

    Something tells me you'll be singing a different tune if and when the U.S. does the same to Hugo.
  10. Venezuela Violates Diplomatic Law

    You can't sieze diplomatic pouches, period. It's just plain harrassment. That is par for Chavez. I wouldn't be surprised if some of Venezuelas' stuff 'disappeared'.
  11. Venezuela Violates Diplomatic Law

    It doesn't matter how many bags there were. That's U.S. property. They had no right to sieze them, just like the U.S. doesn't have the right to take theirs. And for the Venezuelans to say they were 'supplies for the armed forces' makes even less sense. . Chavez is just trying to 'rattle the U.S.'s cage.' He's a clown. I don't understand your comment.
  12. Hamas 'wags The Dog'

    (www.)"http://hosted.ap/dynamic/stories/P/PALESTINIANS_GOVERNMENT_CRITIC?SITE=CAVAL&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT"]Link[/url] Aug 27, 9:49 PM EDT Hamas Official Criticizes Government By IBRAHIM BARZAK Associated Press Writer GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) -- In a rare case of self-criticism, a senior official in the Hamas-led government said the Palestinians have bungled the aftermath of israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and called on residents to stop blaming israel for all their woes. Ghazi Hamad, spokesman for the Hamas-led government, urged Palestinians to look beyond the conflict with israel in searching for the causes of internal violence and lawlessness sweeping through the Gaza Strip. "I am not interested in discussing the ugliness and brutality of the occupation because it is not a secret. Instead, I prefer self-criticism and self-evaluation," Hamad wrote in an article slated for publication in Palestinian newspapers Monday. A year ago, israel was completing its withdrawal of all troops and settlements from Gaza after a 38-year occupation. The withdrawal raised hopes the Palestinians would rebuild the impoverished coastal strip as the first step toward gaining full independence in Gaza and the West Bank. However, rival Palestinian factions have been locked in a violent power struggle, and fighting with israel has continued. Tensions with israel have only worsened since Hamas won Palestinian legislative elections in January. "Our extreme joy at their departure made us forget the most important question: What is our next step?" Hamad wrote. "We heard that a promising future was waiting for us and for Gaza - and so we were optimistic that the blood of our martyrs and injured and the suffering of the entire country hadn't been in vain." He said the easiest explanation to justify the "failure" is to blame the israelis. "As a consequence, we became limited in our thinking - unable to think except within a very small cycle," he wrote. "We were never able to be active about events, and on the rare occasion that we succeeded, we were not able to use it to move the process forward." © 2006 The Associated Press. It's in Hamas' interest to have unrest in the territories. That way the Palestinian people won't focus on the corrupt, uneffectual leadership they have had for years. A sort of 'Wag The Dog' scenario.
  13. (www.)"wral/entertainment/9715394/detail.html"]Link[/url] Author: Bin Laden Obsessed With Whitney Houston Al-Qaida Leader Wanted To Kill Singer's Husband, Author Says POSTED: 8:46 am EDT August 22, 2006 NEW YORK -- Sudanese poet and novelist Kola Boof, who claims to have been Osama bin Laden's sex slave, has written in her autobiography, "Diary of a Lost Girl," that the al-Qaida leader was obsessed with Whitney Houston. The New York Post quoted Boof as saying bin Laden told her Houston was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Boof said he even talked about spending a lot of money to go to the U.S. and meet her. She said he wanted to give Houston a mansion and he'd be willing to break his color rule and make her one of his wives. As for Houston's husband Bobby Brown, Boof said bin Laden talked about having him killed. She said bin Laden believed Houston was "truly Islamic" but had been "brainwashed by American culture and by her husband." Copyright 2006 by The Associated Press. Is that funny, or what ?
  14. U.n. Spies For Hezbollah

    Intelligence on your enemy is always useful.
  15. Nasrallah Admits He Screwed Up !

    (www.)"msnbc.msn/id/14543465/"]LINK[/url] Nasrallah ‘did not think’ act would spark war Hezbollah leader says he wouldn’t have ordered israeli soldiers’ capture Updated: 3:54 p.m. ET Aug 27, 2006 BEIRUT, Lebanon - Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said in a TV interview aired Sunday that he would not have ordered the capture of two israeli soldiers if he had known it would lead to such a war. Hezbollah guerrillas killed three israeli soldiers and seized two more in a cross-border raid July 12, which sparked 34 days of fighting that ended Aug. 14. Five other israeli soldiers were killed as they pursued the militants back into Lebanon. “We did not think, even 1 percent, that the capture would lead to a war at this time and of this magnitude. You ask me, if I had known on July 11 ... that the operation would lead to such a war, would I do it? I say no, absolutely not,†he said in an interview with Lebanon’s New TV station. Nasrallah also said the United Nations and Italy already had initiated “contacts†about beginning negotiations on a prisoner swap. israeli officials have been refusing to comment on the record about the prospects of a prisoner exchange, citing the extreme sensitivity of the issue. But military officials said earlier this month that israel is holding 13 Hezbollah prisoners and the bodies of dozens of guerrillas that it could swap for the two captive soldiers, but would not include any Palestinian prisoners in such a deal. “The israelis have acknowledged that this (issue) is headed for negotiations and a (prisoners) exchange,†he said. “Contacts recently began for negotiations.†Prisoner exchange in the works? He said Italy and the United Nations had made contacts to help mediate a prisoner swap with israel, but did not specify whether they had contacted Hezbollah directly. “The Italians seem to be getting close and are trying to get into the subject. The United Nations is interested,†Nasrallah said. The guerrilla leader did not specify in which capacity Italy had expressed interest — on its own or on israel’s behalf. Nasrallah said Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri was in charge of the negotiations. He added that the subject would be discussed during U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s visit to Beirut on Monday. He said “some contacts†had been made to arrange a meeting between him and Annan, but that it was unlikely for security reasons. Nasrallah went into hiding on the first day of the war and his whereabouts are unknown. He said in the interview Sunday that he had no doubt that the israelis “would not hesitate†to kill him if they knew where he was hiding. Nasrallah also said he did not believe a second bout of fighting would break out with israel. “The current israeli situation, and the available givens tell us that we are not heading to another round,†he said. © 2006 The Associated Press. DUH, GENIUS !!!
  16. Bin Laden Obsessed With Whitney Houston

    Hey, you never know. Every guy's got 'needs.' 'Truth is stranger than fiction'.
  17. Taliban Picking On Little Girls

    Taliban Terrorists Targeting Afghan Schools, Especially Where Girls Are Allowed to Study Monday, July 10, 2006 PORIAT, Afghanistan — For 14-year-old Mohammed Salam, his tent school was about all this mud-brick farming village had going for it. That was until suspected Taliban terrorists burned it to the ground. "Now we are taught underneath trees," the teenager said as he and other students took exams in a cluster of trees near the place their school stood before it was destroyed more than a month ago. "They (the Taliban) want us illiterate so we have nothing else to do but pick up a gun," Mohammed said Monday. • CountryWatch: Afghanistan The school in Poriat, a village 60 miles northeast of the capital, is like hundreds that a new Human Rights Watch report says have been attacked or forced to close in Afghanistan. The terrorist campaign targets state schools, particularly those for girls. The report documents 204 attacks on schools, teachers and students since January 2005. Remnants of the toppled Taliban regime, other Islamic extremist groups and Afghan warlords are believed to be behind the campaign. Zuhoor Afghan, the top adviser to Afghanistan's education minister, painted an even bleaker picture. He said terrorists had set fire to about 120 schools in the last four months and forced 200 more to close by threatening teachers and students. As a result, he said, more than 200,000 children were going without an education. "Once they destroy a child's chance for education, there is nothing else for the young generation to do and it becomes very easy to encourage them to join their forces," the education minister said. Motives abound for why terrorists would target schools. Insurgents claim educating girls is against Islam. They oppose government-funded schools for boys because they teach subjects besides religion. Targeting schools is also a tactic to shake the authority of the U.S.-backed government. The spike in attacks on Afghan schools comes amid the most intense period in terrorist violence in Afghanistan since the Taliban regime was toppled for harboring Osama bin Laden following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States. Afghan said 40 students and teachers have been killed this year. An April 11 rocket attack on the Salabagh School in Asadabad, eastern Afghanistan, killed six pupils and wounded 14. Terrorists also beheaded a headmaster in the southern town of Qalat in January after he had refused to meet with their commander. Sam Zarifi, a co-author of the Human Rights Watch report, said violence against Afghan schools dates to the 1979-89 Soviet occupation, when then Islamic fighters targeted schools as part of a similar ploy to spread instability aimed at ending the Russian presence. "Attacks on schools, especially for girls, is a tried and proven insurgent tactic, but the pace and ferocity of the recent attacks has been unprecedented," Zarifi told The Associated Press. Zarifi and education officials interviewed by the AP said most attacks are taking place in southern Afghanistan outside the relative peace of the capital Kabul, and are blamed on the Taliban. But other radical Islamic groups are believed to be behind many of the attacks and threats throughout eastern Afghanistan, where Al Qaeda-linked terrorists are active. "Our teachers and our students are being threatened with letters from the Taliban left at their schools, homes and Masjids warning them not to go to school or they will be attacked," said Nabi Khushan, director of education in southern Zabul province. The top United Nations official in Kabul, Tom Koenigs, deplored the school attacks and called on the government, local leaders and the international community to address the situation. "One of the threats of the Taliban is to return to illiteracy and a lack of schools, particularly for girls," Koenigs told reporters at a news conference. Koenigs recommended that every school burned must be replaced by either the international community or the government "as fast as possible." In Poriat, Mohammed Salam and his friends study in the shade for as long as possible before the searing summer sun makes it impossible to work. "It is very important that we get our school back, even if it is just another tent, as soon as possible," he said. "We need good teachers, good security and good lessons. I want to do something for my country in the future." (www.)"foxnews/story/0,2933,202857,00.html"]foxnews/story/0,2933,202857,00.html[/url] What a bunch of losers !
  18. 55 Taliban martyred

    U.S.: 40 Taliban killed in south Afghanistan 15 reportedly killed a day earlier, part of Operation Mountain Thrust MSNBC News Services Updated: 12:20 a.m. ET July 10, 2006 KABUL, Afghanistan - U.S. and Afghan government forces attacked an insurgent stronghold in the southern province of Uruzgan on Monday, killing more than 40 of them, the U.S. military said. One member of the Afghan security forces was killed and three members of the U.S.-led coalition force were wounded in the attack, the U.S. military said in a statement. Some 10,000 U.S., Canadian, British and Afghan forces have deployed across southern Afghanistan as part of Operation Mountain Thrust in a bid to loosen the Taliban’s hold on the region. At least 20 coalition troops have been killed in combat across Afghanistan since the offensive started in May, according to an Associated Press tally based on coalition figures. Most of the fatalities have been in the south. The clash follows one Sunday in the the southern province of Kandahar, where multinational forces said 15 militants and a Canadian soldier were killed. Two Canadian soldiers were wounded in Kandahar province’s Zharew district, the scene of some of the fiercest fighting in an ongoing anti-Taliban offensive being waged across southern Afghanistan. A coalition airstrike killed another 10 militants in the neighboring Panjwayi district, where Canadian troops launched a campaign against Taliban strongholds Saturday, according to a military statement. Two Canadians also were wounded. “The fighting we have seen over the last 48 hours has been pretty intense and there has been a number of fire fights,†coalition spokesman Lt. Cdr. Mark MacIntyre said. Most of the fighting is taking place in fields and orchards where small bands of Taliban fighters have taken cover, MacIntyre said. U.K. to deploy more forces In a sign of the deadly Taliban threat in the south, the British government said Monday it would send 900 more soldiers and more equipment to the volatile Helmand province where more than 3,000 British troops are moving into. Six British troops have been killed in Helmand in a month and Browne acknowledged on Saturday that a British deployment into the south had “energized opposition†from a resurgent Taliban. Britain has around 5,000 troops in Afghanistan, with 3,000 of those in Helmand — where soldiers will head a NATO-led peacekeeping mission at the end of July. During recent months, Afghanistan has been gripped by the bloodiest spate of violence since a U.S.-led invasion ousted the Taliban regime after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. Land mine death Separately, Spain’s defense minister announced Sunday that an explosion the previous day in western Afghanistan that killed a Peruvian solder and slightly wounded four Spanish troops was probably caused by a remote-controlled 8.8 pound anti-vehicle land mine. In eastern Laghman province, Afghan soldiers killed a militant Saturday after their patrol was ambushed, a Defense Ministry statement said. One Afghan soldier was wounded. Afghan soldiers also arrested four suspected Taliban members, including a local leader identified as Mullah Nazar, in Uruzgan province, the statement said. The troops also confiscated a quantity of explosives and Iranian and Pakistani checks valued at $300,000. Reuters and The Associated Press contributed to this report. Nice shootin', boys !! 55 ! WOW !!
  19. Sadaam Helps Out His 'buddies'

    Iraq How-to Manual Directed Arab Military Operatives In Afghanistan Thursday, July 06, 2006 Ray Robison An Arab regime, possibly Iraq, supplied how-to manuals for Arab operatives working throughout Afghanistan before 9/11, and provided military assistance to the Taliban and Al Qaeda. That's the most likely conclusion drawn from an apparent training manual unearthed in captured Iraqi government computer files translated and analyzed exclusively for Fox News, and made public for the first time. The document, apparently written before the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, could bolster the Bush administration's contention that Saddam Hussein was providing support for Islamic extremists who were plotting against America. The training manual warns, in stark how-to terms, of the dangers of "information leaks," and instructs Arab operatives inside Afghanistan to dress like Afghan tribesmen, to avoid being followed ("Routine is the enemy of security"), to always be armed, and "to behave as if enemies would strike at any moment." The manual also cautions Arabs to "beware of rapid and spontaneous friendships with Afghans who speak Arabic," and "always make sure about the identity of your neighbors and classify them as regular people, opponents or allies." That revelation is provided exclusively to Fox News by Ray Robison, a former member of the CIA-directed Iraq Survey Group. ISG supervised a group of linguists to analyze, archive and exploit the hundreds of captured documents and materials of Saddam's regime. Click here for more on Ray Robison and the Saddam Dossier Fox News and Robison last week revealed the contents of a 1999 notebook kept by an Iraqi Intelligence Service (IIS) operative. That notebook detailed how Saddam's agents aggressively pursued and entered into a diplomatic, intelligence, and security arrangement with the Taliban and Islamist extremists operating in Afghanistan — years before the 9/11 attacks. While the training manual revealed today by Fox News does not mention the IIS agent's notebook, the manual does suggest an Arab regime, most likely Saddam, may have provided the military help requested by the Taliban and Al Qaeda. The manual, declassified and recently released by the Foreign Military Studies Office, advises its Arab readers never to show your "military ID." That strongly suggests that Iraq was sending professional military assistance to Afghanistan before the 9/11 attacks Translation: Editor's notes: The translation is provided by Robison's associate, known here as "Sammi," who puts translation clarifications in parenthesis. Robison uses (RR) for clarification and bold-face type for emphasis. Translator's notes: This seven-page document contains instructions for a group of Arab men, military ID holders, and their families. These men appear to be joining other military men already in Afghanistan who are running "hosting places." These facilities appear to be safe houses or training facilities for other Arabs. The work involves receiving Arab men who may or may not choose to stay at the facility. Even though pre-9/11 Afghanistan was teeming with Arab Mujihadeen who were proud to represent their native countries, the instructions advise the "brothers" to keep a low profile and behave as if enemies would strike at any moment. Begin Translation for 2RAD-2004-600760-ELC.PDF In the Name of God the Merciful Personnel Security: Respected brother, Know that one of the main causes of information leaks is from personnel (translator's note: personnel talking), this is why we try to cooperate with you so that neither you or one of your brothers becomes the cause of a catastrophe that might hit one of the brothers or all of them. Please follow these instructions: 1- Know as much as you need. (translator's note: don't ask too many questions) 2- Don't talk too much; it is said that "silence is wisdom." 3- It is recommended that all personnel wear Afghan clothing so they do not stand out from other people. 4- All the brothers should go to the market by themselves, alone. 5- It is not advised to move alone at night. (At night, walk the streets on foot) 6- As much as possible do not disclose your identity as an Arab. 7- Avoid excitement whether by glorifying or bashing. 8- Avoid being observed (translator's note: being followed and observed) and always notice who is walking behind you or following you from a distance; review the observation manual. 9- All brothers should be always armed even if with a small knife in their pockets. 10- Check your pockets and never leave important papers in them when moving around. 11- Always be careful in personal relations with Afghans or Pakistanis. 12- Avoid giving any information about the locations of your brothers. 13- It is forbidden to discuss work issues with the women. 14- It is forbidden to take children to parks and offices. 15- It is forbidden to talk about your work or the nature of your mission with anybody who is not related to it. 16- Beware of habit in your daily routine because the rule says, "Routine is the enemy of security." 17- If you are moving and have a large amount of money, beware of showing it in the market so you do not attract robbers. 18- Always beware when you are talking about the work because somebody not related to your work, the women or the children, might hear you. 19- Beware of rapid and spontaneous friendships with Afghans who speak Arabic. 20- In public places beware of talking about work issues because some Afghans know Arabic but you cannot notice this. 21- Always be forgiving when you are buying from, selling to or dealing with Afghans and avoid trouble. 22- Children are not allowed to go out by themselves whether to buy stuff or play. 23- Always make sure about the identity of your neighbors and classify them as regular people, opponents or allies. Security of compounds: The security of the house or the living quarters is one of the most important aspects of security because the house contains the personnel, the equipment and the important documents. Make the house secure, securing from all those aspects, and it is advisable that these measures be taken seriously. There are important precautions, to the security of the house, that have to be taken before renting but it is not practical to list them here. (Translator's notes: several instructions for securing the houses are listed, including location, neighborhood, weapons inside, rules for children, night-time policy, and patrolling the surroundings) Security of the hosting places: A hosting place is the place where most infiltration takes place. What we mean by hosting place is a public place where people, who most of the time are not related to the work, are received. But in case we are receiving special guests or others, it is not considered a hosting place but it is affiliated to the security of the special offices. (Translator's notes: there are 23 instructions for the security of the hosting places; here are 10) At the hosting place a room for the security unit is necessary for observation: 1. The hosting place should be away from the living space of the brothers and their meeting areas. 2. Brothers should not go often to the hosting place except for a purpose. 3. It is forbidden to practice any private or secret matter in the hosting place. 4. The hosting place where our brothers are grouped, like Kandahar a. Anybody who enters it should be known b. Nobody lives in it unless a known party recommends him c. Persons living in the hosting place should be organized and authorized by the brother in charge of the hosting place. It should be known where the brother is going and when he is coming back. 5. Brothers living in Kandahar and who repetitively visit the hosting place should abide by the Holy Hadith (a sacred text of Islam), "The virtue of one's Islam is to leave what does not belong to him," and not to start a relation with the brothers living in the hosting place. 6. The brother in charge of the hosting place should assign a private place for each brother living in the hosting place and not leave the decision to the visitor. 7. There should be a schedule for night guard in the hosting place. 8. The communication room should be isolated in the hosting place and not close to the visitor's rooms. 9.The hosting place should have a reception room where the visiting brother is dealt with, before entering the hosting place, and decide if he is going to stay in it. 10. Public meetings are strictly forbidden in the hosting place. Security of movement: First: Security of cars and vehicles Constant movement of cars between the houses of the brothers and their workplace is a big breach which might lead to discovery of those places if the brother driving was not aware of being watched. It is possible that the car itself, with its occupant, might be a target, therefore: (Translator's notes: several instructions for driving and car security follow; here are a few) - The brothers driving the cars should check their car daily to make sure it does not contain any foreign material or device. - All the brothers driving the cars should be armed and should have their weapons license. - Brothers driving the cars should always be wearing Afghan clothing so their identity cannot be easily discovered. - Brothers driving the cars should not always follow one path and should not have a constant habit in choosing their way. Second: security of movement and travel inside Afghanistan Travel is one of the most important security breaches that we should be careful of because of the long absence from the brothers and facing the dangers of the road. - It is absolutely forbidden for a person to travel by himself, and it is preferable that the number of travelers be at least three including a trusted Afghan. - In rest areas a brother should not show his military ID. - The security office should be informed about the travel before the travel, and when you reach your destination you should inform the office for follow up. (Translator's notes: several instructions for mail and communications security are listed, right out of an intelligence personnel book) Public meetings security: The danger of public meetings is that it often groups most of the personnel present in Kandahar. If the enemy manages to know and reach the meeting place, he would have a dangerous opportunity and to make him miss this chance we should follow some precautions. (Translator's notes: several instructions concerning public meetings security follow) End Translation Analysis: This document supports a few strong conclusions. It clearly proves that an Arab country was providing professional military assistance to Arab operatives in Afghanistan. While the document does not identify the country of origin of these Arab men, it's a logical omission since it wouldn't make sense to name the country in a memo whose purpose is to instruct how to hide one's nationality. It is important to note, however, that in 1999, Iraq — along with Syria — was again identified by the U.S. Department of State as a government sponsor of terrorism, the only two Arab nations classified as state sponsors of terrorism at that time. The document also appears to be a professional military intelligence letter of instruction. These men have military IDs. The instruction references an intelligence manual. The letter mentions "trusted" Afghans, so we know they are working in cooperation with forces in Afghanistan. It is highly unlikely that any military would send a semi-permanent contingent with families into Afghanistan for cooperation or training unless the Afghan organization was stable and in control. It therefore seems likely that these soldiers are working closely with the Taliban. There are media reports of a group of Iraqi soldiers in Afghanistan. Jeffery Goldberg reported for The New Yorker in a February 2003 article entitled The CIA and Pentagon take another look at Al Qaeda and Iraq: "In interviews with senior officials, the following picture emerged: American intelligence believes that Al Qaeda and Saddam reached a non-aggression agreement in 1993, and that the relationship deepened further in the mid-nineteen-nineties, when an Al Qaeda operative — a native-born Iraqi who goes by the name Abu Abdullah al-Iraqi — was dispatched by bin Laden to ask the Iraqis for help in poison-gas training. Al-Iraqi's mission was successful, and an unknown number of trainers from an Iraqi secret-police organization called Unit 999 were dispatched to camps in Afghanistan to instruct Al Qaeda terrorists." Unit 999 might sound like it's straight out of a James Bond movie, but there are many references to an actual Iraqi intelligence unit that appears to take on Special Forces missions. Global Security, which sources most of its information from declassified U.S. government documents, describes Unit 999: This "deep penetration" unit, responsible for domestic and international clandestine operations, was headquartered at the army base at Salman Pak, southeast of Baghdad. Unit 999 activities included infiltration of opposition militias in the Kurdish enclave in northern Iraq, a planned effort by the unit to kidnap the U.S. commander General Schwarzkopf from Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm, and sabotage attacks on Iranian oil installations in the 1990s. This manual provides further evidence that the Iraqi military was active in Afghanistan and working with the Taliban. The Taliban harbored and trained with Al Qaeda. The information in the document matches media reports that U.S. intelligence sources believed the IIS was training Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. It also matches information from other IIS documentation that shows requests from Islamic Jihad groups in Afghanistan for Iraqi military assistance. The author welcomes your comment on the translation and analysis of this document. You can contact Ray Robison by e-mailing him at: saddamdossier[at]gmail. FOXNEWS Wasn't that nice of Sadaam ? (If it was him. Like it wasn't)
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