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  1. The Issue Of Halal Meat

    Orthodox is their a bite size version of what you posted? I did read it which is why I asked you that question. In the article you posted its state: that footage shows that the animals lose consciousness. Are you afraid of admitting that the halal method does not do what it is supposed to do. I have seen many halal slaughterings and the animals do not lose consciousness, some even get up and walk around with their necks still slit.
  2. The Issue Of Halal Meat

    Did you even watch the video? Did you even watch 30 seconds of it? Watch the video and tell me those animals aren't suffering.
  3. The Issue Of Halal Meat

    Here is a video I found of on a halal slaughterhouse, the first clip is the bolt gun method, the rest is the halal slitting the throat method.
  4. Islamic Punk Rock Music

    thank you for that informing response :sl:
  5. Salam I was curious as to how Muslims react to muslim punk rock bands. They have emerged in America mainly but alot in Iran aswell. here is one called the kaminas (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetmyspace(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/thekominas"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetmyspace(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/thekominas[/url]
  6. Parents Fighting

    Asalamalaykom brother I know what its like to be in a position where two people you love argue with each other. In my opinion, try not to get involved in their slandering of each other, if your with one of them and they're arguing about the other person don't get involved just be there listening but don't recipricate. They both have a negative image of each other, when they complain about each other they are just enforcing that negative mental image, so the best thing would be to give them a different perspective of each other. I am unsure of the speicifc nature of your relationship with them but when I am in a position like yours I tell the person how the person they have a negative image of has helped me rescently or done something nice. Try not to get involved in their arguing, just become very present and aware when they complain or express negative emotion, arguing with them or complaining about their attitudes may just fuel the situation, if they are seeking an arguement or a point of view from you when both of them are complaining, then don't give them the anger or seriousness they seek, just be present and make them aware that you don't wish to get involved with their chaos. Just by being present calm and content while in the midst of their chaos may influence them and make them aware that their arguing is absurd. If they don't then thats fine too. Being aware of the pattern of their arguement and the senseless irrtation they have towards each other is a good step to helping the situation, take your time, don't try and jump in and break up the situation, that may make it work worse or may even offend. I hope this helps, bare in mind that this is my perspective. Salam, I pray Allah help you through this.
  7. I Need To Get Back To Islam

    Asalamalaykom Sister The first thing I did notice when reading your paragraph is that you refer to the past and future alot. You discuss how in the past so and so affected you in some way. How about you try this, everytime you start thinking thoughts about how "dreadful" your life has been, just be aware of them because you are not your thoughts or the images and concepts your thoughts create, our thoughts are affected by Shaytan. Next time you start thinking negatively just become aware of the thoughts don't try and resist them, just notice 'oh, there are the negative thoughts'. Sometimes you may recognize that you get caught up in negative thinking after you have a period of negative thinking but thats okay, soon if you simply start becoming aware of the pain that are created by thoughts (or are the thoughts) then you realize that you are not the pain rather you are the awareness of the pain. Often what the affect of Shaytan can do is push us to picture ourselves negatively in our minds, not only is picturing ourselves negatively causing harm but just picturing ourselves and beleiving we are the person our minds have pictured is an illusion as we are actually the awareness of the person we picture in our minds, we are the awareness of what we think not the thoughts themselves. So it may help to know that you are not that situation you have described, what you have described is merely a mind construction influenced by the pull of Shaytan (who will only really try to influence those who are heading on the right path). If you have these thoughts right now, then realize that it is in this moment, Now, that image of your life has been made by your mind and it is not true. Our minds cannot replicate ourselves or our life because we are already ourselves and the mind does not have the ability to create a life or a life situation, only Allah can do that. Now of course I am not telling you that those things have not happened, you know what events have occurred but it is the minds response and emotional response which is the concern as well as beleiving that you are the emotional response and psychological response to those events. When I have negative thoughts I recognize that these thoughts are not who I am but I do not resist or try to prevent them I simply surrender to what is occuring in the present moment. Ask Allah for help. When an individual has surrendered to the life Allah has created, which is to say surrendered to everything occuring in the present moment (because we can only live in the present moment). Then one may experience Allah's peace and the natural state of being. If you are unclear on anything I have said then that is fine, you are welcome to PM me. Pay close attention, who is saying this? The first response may be 'Me of course!' From where does that response arise from and who is 'me'? (and the answer to this question may not be in the form of words but is a very simple answer and it is entirely fine whatever wordless experience response you have to this :sl: )
  8. I'm Here This Year

    Salam thank you so much for reading :sl:
  9. I'm Here This Year

    It’s after Friday prayer and I’m glad I made it here I’ve got a few dollars in my pocket and I’m wandering if I’ll make it through this year. How I’ve counted each tear. So I laid off the drink because I started think what this randomness is all about. I haven’t figured it all out. I try and my parents wonder why. I’ll never tell them how I stayed up late at night and kept to myself and cried. Standing on the masjid floor Looking down, wandering if I believe in this anymore. And I’m wandering if There’s anyone else who spent the whole of last year counting pennies and each tear. avoiding the beer and wandering why we’re all here.
  10. Pray For A Better Day

    Don’t really know what I’m doing anymore. Trying to make ends meet with the salary from the convenient store. Cigarettes are bad for you but I’m sad and have had more than I can actually afford. The store in the light is painfully bright and I can’t remember if the divorce papers came through. And I’ve thought, whether all this is actually true. So I long as I can pray on Friday, get a deed or two so I’ll have something to say on that judging day. Still some kinda hope that Allah has a plan for me. Pray for a day; Where I don’t feel like this anymore and I know what living is actually for, where I can kind of say I’m happy and I know where Allah is taking me.
  11. Tho Wind Touchth Ma Soul

    Asalamalykom ...thats wonderful, its my favourite poem out of all the ones you have written :sl:
  12. Salam indeed, it probably isn't best to say Allah in the toilet, but that is the point here, they're in such unholy state in their lives (or at least they feel they're unholy), that for them, reaching out to Allah, feels like reaching out from their degraded spot...the poem is partly about tugging onto that least breathe of faith, when all else has failed, reaching out from the darkness to Allah hoping that he get one out of this state.
  13. Asalamalaykom I would be very grateful to hear your thoughts on this poem :sl:
  14. Allah please help me and please help mum, you know we've both got our problems. Allah you don't deserve this ungratefulness. Wish I could make the last 18 years up to you. But you know I won't and I don't think I can. Allah I've been trying to figure a few things out but the rent hasn't been paid and their talking about kicking us out. Allah I'm sitting at the back of the Masjid coz I don't really know what the imam is saying anymore. I wish I never called mum a whore. Allah I don't know if I'm trying my best or where I'm really going or if any if this actually makes any sense. Allah I'd be grateful for another dose of prozac, I think it helps a bit. Allah I don't know if I can speak to you like I do. prayers in Arabic and I'm in english. Okay, this prayer isn't exaclty the best dua you've heard from your beloved schalors and well learned Mullahs. But my words gets kinda shaky when I start to cry, I don't really know why. Allah Can I come to you again? Screwed up the first time, under the bathroom sink and I'm prepared to think. Maybe I'll have a chance to be far away from hell. I'm saying I love you, and I hope this never happens again.