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  1. Salam, (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_forums.gawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?showtopic=8343"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_forums.gawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?showtopic=8343[/url] The above link does not work. I wanted to reply to somthing on counselling room without dislcosing my id. Thanks
  2. Salam, You seem to be a bright individual who should be able to overcome this problem easily. First, you need to make up your mind about whether you would like to continue working for the company if the situation gets better. If you want to stay with the same company, you can try discussing your concern with your current boss. Make sure you initiate the conversation by asking for something like: areas where you can improve your performance or just general feedback about your professional behaviors. The objective here is to find out whether they have any complaints against you. Once you have established that they have no concerns about your performance, then you can confront them (perhaps the following day; asking why other people are treated better than you if the company has no concern about your performance. What makes them different from you?. Or you could ask politely saying what are the requirement for job position X in the company and what do you need to do to get there). Perhaps all it need is to make your voice heard. They are probably not aware of your ambitions or capabilities. Whatever you do, approach them politely and with caution as it could become hostile if the cards are played incorrectly. Also, don't take it the wrong way. Good grades does not equates to good professional attitude. So you may have to re-consider your strengths and weakness before you confront them. It is very easy to overlook one's own weaknesses. Also consider, would you not be better off working for someone else who would utilize your full potential? Would it be easier for you to change job and support yourself financially whilst you are changing your job? Consider the current economic situation and unemployment level as well before you decide anything. Do you have to support a large family? If your family is large and has young persons, eventually some of the members will become old enough to get a job and help you. So just hang in there for the time being and study part time (specialize in something rather than doing any generic studies. IT, health care are good but are you ok to study everything again. Finance maybe a good option for you as you have a business degree already). If there is no one who could help you financially, you may have to take the risk and just go for different job or approach your managers as advised earlier. Hope this helps
  3. Can Anyone Explain This

    Maybe followers of both these religions kiss these objects out of respect and affection but there are some major differences. 1. The black stone is not a man made object. In contrast, all of the statues of Mary and Jesus are made by human beings. 2. There is only one black stone. 3. We respect our prophet even more than the black stone, but we don't create a statue of our prophet and kiss it. So Muslim kissing the black stone is not exactly same as Christians kissing the statue of Jesus or Mary.
  4. Memorising Religious Scriptures

    I am surprised that as a christian you are aware of this. :sl: When I started to learn to read Quran, I used a very cheap copy of the Quran which unfortunately contained some printing errors. It used to amaze me that whenever I read the verses wrong due to printing errors, it never went unnoticed from my teachers. I had 4-5 different teachers who were not Hafiz but still every single one of them was able to pick up the printing error on that particular copy of the Quran. This is why I laugh every time when someone says the Quran is not authentic. The answers to my questions confirm that Muslims have a unique system to preserve the Quran forever and still some idiots question about its authenticity.
  5. What Is Noor?

    Salam, I did notice similar things with very pious muslims. Only quran and the hadith can explain whether what we see is really "Noor" but from a scientific point of view, these people are happy and calm subconsciously because of the feeling of closeness to their God. I noticed that they tend not to concern themselves too much about wealth or day to day problems rather strongly believe and rely on Allah for everything. So their mind is not in a suffering state as ours (who are constantly displeased with our current situations and busy with attaining better life style).
  6. Salam, I would appreciate if someone can answer the followings: 1. Do people from other religions memorise their religious scriptures? I know that we Muslim do it and call our people Hafiz when they have memorized the Quran fully. Do the Christians and Jewish do similar thing? 2. Do we have any kind of estimate how many Hafiz we have at the moment from across the world? 3. The Muslims from prophet's swt age, do they used to memorize the whole Quran? If not, from what age the Muslim started to memorize the whole Quran? Thanks
  7. Thanks for taking time in explaining. Its a bit difficult to grasp even though I am also from a finance background. I think there are many other mathematical miracles yet to be found on the Quran and other aspects of Islam. We need some good educated Muslim to invest some time to investigate further. The only problem is, the highly educated Muslims are busy making money by working in banks and insurance companies. The more educated we become, the more we tend to distance ourselves from Islam.
  8. Excellent. So our weapon against Shaytan is to enhance our knowledge of Islam.
  9. Assalamualykum, I used to think all sunnah (or sunnat) prayers before Fard are voluntary (e.g. the 4 rakat before Zuhr, Esha, and 2 rakat before Fajr). Is it ok to miss them? Thanks
  10. How To Help A Sister?

    Assalamualykum, I can not offer any religious info on this apart from mentioning that there are certain Dua's I read about in some books which were specially for resolving debt problem. I could go through the book again if you like to know about the dua. Apart from what other brothers and sisters mentioned, another practical approach would be: She should phone up some of the Debt Help Charities and obtain some practical and legal advices from them. In UK, we have something called the IVA (Individual Voluntary Agreement) which freezes the interest on debt and works out an affordable payment plan. I suppose you will have something similar or better in US. Can you find out if her credit card loans are secured on her property (usually they are not). Just do a Google search for "Debt Help Charity" to find out more info.
  11. My Conversation With A Jinn

    Assalumualykum, In the end, did she become Muslim? Do you know what do these entities eat to live? Each of the human has a jinn to influence them to do bad things, but who influences jinns to do bad things?
  12. Salam, I am working on a Powerpoint presentation for an Islamic event. I would appreciate if anyone can help me on my research by providing any of the followings: 1. Some Arabic quote with English translation from the Quran or authentic Hadith on: (A) importance and the rewards for making a Masjid in community (b) rewards and importance of building an Islamic educational institution 2. Some good Islamic backgrounds or wallpapers 3. Pictures of people praying salat (men and women in separate place in a Masjid) 4. Pictures of kids going to Islamic schools 5. Any other resources (images, quote, sounds, etc) that may be relevant to Masjid and Islamic school. Thank you in advance for your support and hope Allah will reward you for you contributions.
  13. Assalamulaikum, I know that salat becomes mandatory since puberty but unfortunately I have missed a lot of it for unjustifiable reason. I still probably don't comprehend fully the importance of salat but just wnodering if there is any way I can make up for the missed prayers. Someone advised me to pray kaza prayer after each prayer I do from now on . Is that correct and how would I go on about doing the kaza prayer? Thanks. Mo
  14. Art Of Hand

    very good. :sl: