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  1. Somebody Know About X-rumer Program ?

    very cleaver dude
  2. helpppppppppppppppppp sum1 is torturing meeeeeeeee on tis forum :sl:
  3. Zakat

    God bless gimme money too me poor
  4. Black magick (jaadu)

    god bless stay well
  5. 200 Faqs

    hey i need help here people :D regards, sam (in your reality)
  6. Assalaamu Alaikum

    hello Matee -Z- have fun and welcome ofcourse. peace_out Samantha (your friend in reality)
  7. hello everyone. am not very sure where to post this because due to the fact this site is very hard for me never been on an Islamic site apart from two just for *jodie* (sigh) well basically as you know am trying to find out more about Islam and if Jesus wants me to i will revert and also if muslims :God: infites me to become a revert then i will but i need help , i am really looking forward to disucss to you all about my religion and i will be hearing about yours to am all ears but to do that i just need to find the truth of Islam well i haven't found it even when my cousin *Jodie* has reverted to Islam she goes on and on about it so it's came to a point where i should move along and get some where so hopefully can people help me out. also i want to say if you can gave me the basics and then for there we can go on that will be great but i have a question that is bothering me since day one, well percisly am a christain and many muslims believe the Bible of Noble has been changed and it's inncorrect please tell me when was it and where does it say it's inccorect where are the mistakes! am looking forward for hearing from you alll! regards, Sam (samantha your friend in humality :D )
  8. Sam In The House!

    hi everyone. am back woow haven't came here for a very long time, well where this Amnia gyal?? thanks to her cause as my cousin Jodie is on another site with that sis, and i haven't been in contact with Jodie for 4 days as i have been busy but she told me to go to that site and stay there, wonder why maybe she wants to join, did you tell her amnia?? sowiee if i spelt your name wrong but thats what Jodie said your name was :D regards, Smantha
  9. Sam In The House!

    hi UmAhmad. am not bad oh i've been busy at work and then i had to baby sit my "neice" :D anyway i don't know who she is but Jodie said Amnia i don't have a clue :D oh Jodie come here maybe she might come don't know she told me to stay here and i don't know WHY though but fraquenly maybe she's joining, oh do you know Jodie?? :D oh man i missed you all and oh the icons are cool missed them too specially this one>>>> :D Hehehe. anyway whats happened to the forum? where are all the threads gone? :D who's this INFO GUY?!! innthe middle of the post :confused:
  10. welcome enjoy your stay :D regards, samantha
  11. Assalam Alaikom To All Muslims

    welcome :D regards, samantha
  12. Assallamu Alaikum

    welcome to the site enjoy :D regards, samantha
  13. Hello

    welcome :D regards, samantha
  14. Heloooooooooo!1

    welcome :D regards, samantha
  15. Selam Aleykum

    welcome to the forum enjoy your stay :D regards, samantha
  16. Hi Every One

    welcome Josh and have a nice stay :D regards, Samantha
  17. Salamualykom My Brothers And Sisters In This Ummah

    welcome enjoy your stay :D regards, samantha
  18. Marriage

    hmm am not very sure in an aspect of an muslim, but as a christain a person must marry a person whom is always there for them and refrain from evil!
  19. Get To Know Alpha Dude

    welcome. am sure i know you from another forum hmmm :S ahh from LI and you know my cousin Jodie haha take care
  20. New Here

    hi everyone am new here. well first of all i am a christain i have come here to shre my views on christianity also i have got lots of questions on Islam i would higly recmmend people to help me, i have got relatives whom are reverts well basically i need to know the stages and steps on Islam beofre my self can revert, also i respect all religion and i am here to find new people. if you have any questions please feel free to ask. regards. samantha
  21. New Here

    am kinda lost now :D
  22. New Here

    thank you ever so much Alen for you occupacation most RESPECTED brov and ta once again :D regards, samantha
  23. Assalaam Alaikum

    hi, welcome :D regards, samantha
  24. Soo Thirsty

    am doing fine not bad and you? anyway welcome :D regards, samantha
  25. Complaints About Refrees

    when the goal keeper has gone cause all he caould do was stick a red card ap and blow the whistle he wanted the attention him instead of the players he just stupid he's out for good!!