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  1. :D sisters Doubts creeps into young people like me but then i see young muslims with strong heart and faith. Why are they like that and why are we like that? I dont read about Islam, i must admit and i commit few sins but i always rely on Allah's mercy. sister sincere you put it so eloquently. May Allah reward you. You have given me food for thought.
  2. Heloooooooooo!1

    :D Welcome
  3. Soo Thirsty

    Salaam I wont say a word till i get a drink :D How are you all doing?
  4. Rushing Towards The Best Of Actions...

    :D nice post.
  5. Very Thought Provoking.

    Antony salaam "just did it because everyone else around them was of that religion" Majority of us are only forced to investigate our faith when we are in the west as we are always challenged. Muslims in muslims countries dont really think about this often.
  6. Very Thought Provoking.

    :D Every parent want their child to have the best upbringing. A whild may want to sweets all day, but the parent know better. Same with Islam. Kids are taught what their parents think the best faith. Child grows up in Saudi, for example and he decides Islam is not for him. Places like Saudi, he will be killed, however places like Malaysia, Indonesia, Africa, he wont be killed. Disowned perhaps, but not killed. But according to Islam, the person shouldnt be killed, unless he fights against Islam, only then should he be killed under IslamIC GOVERNMENT with Shariah Laws.
  7. Isha Prayer

    I forgot to ask why do lot of asians pray more than the fard as if it is fard. Many friends i know dont pray at all cos they say they cant pray all these rakats (more then 4 fard rakat). They were brought up praying these many rakats.
  8. Isha Prayer

    :D How about just praying 4 fard?
  9. Salaam How true is this statement? Many guys i know say this. They all like sweet, kind, hijabi girl for marriage, but if they want to have fun, they dont dare chatting up a practising sister. They respect her, they say Is this true
  10. People Posessed By Jins

    :D SOunds scary.
  11. Is V.persie A Muslim

    :D Shall we support france now?
  12. What Pizza Toppings...

    :D Love pizza me. I love anything wiv meat.
  13. Is Van Persie A Muslim?

    Yes they do. 'Revert' is actually a more appropriate term than 'convert', since all human beings are born pure. By embracing Islam, one returns to the original and sinless state in which God created him or her. There is a hadith to this effect. About V persie.. Who cares? If anyone is muslim, it is for hiw own good. Let us stop worshiping celebraties.
  14. Salaam For muslims, How can you be so sure that Islam is the correct faith?