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  1. Europe

    Paris (lots of history and sights to see) Barcelona beautiful culture London (you MUST visit the british museum) Geneve Venice/Rome
  2. What Is Al Gareen?

    here is a definition i got on qareen Qareens (ÞÑíä, also spelled Kareen or Qarin) according to Islamic literature are evil spirits, analogous to a personal demon, intent on tricking people into acts of sin. Qareens are unique to each individual, according to sorcery books, they can be summoned by psychics after a person's death, such as in a seance, for the soul goes to God and the unruly qareen would remain on earth. The qareen conforming to his malevolent nature, impersonating the deceased whose character he's familiar with. From a purely Qur'anic view Qareens have been mentioned in the following: * And whosoever turns away blindly from the remembrance of the Most Gracious (Allâh) (i.e. this Qur’ân and worship of Allâh), We appoint for him Shaitan (Satan - devil) to be a Qarîn (a companion) to him. Sura Az-Zukhruf:36 (47:36) So as explained above a Qareen is a devil appointed as a companion. The Qareen should not be asked to be brought out or revealed, they are dangerous. i got this off wikipedia, they have VERY interesting things on there, but my aunt also told me they dnt necisserily havd to be evil. i dnt knw. :D
  3. What Is Al Gareen?

    Yesterday, my aunt was talking to her sister and i was sitting between them. she was talking about how one of her friends can see her gareen (arabic word) so i asked her. what is this gareen? she told me that every human being has a being that is his exact clone. and sumtimes it follows him around, some are good, some are bad. but i still didnt understand what it is. can someone please explain to me what this "gareen" is? thank you very much brothers and sisters
  4. Wierd/scary Experiences

    looool, yeah it is kinda funny:P and no i dnt think u can c him, but u might be able to c a hooded figure or smthn like that. But as it says to in the quran they can come to our world and c us, but we cant see them or go to their world. come to think of it, a friend of mine told me that they had an exorcist over at their house once, cuz their house ha Jinns that were bothering them (e.g. The shower turns on in the middle of the night, the TV channels switch on their own, and the stereo switchs on on its own) but he sed that they never saw any of them, even though the maids used to come out of the basement with black eyes and bruises around their necks.
  5. Wierd/scary Experiences

    Dear readers Ive also had experience with this "Pressure" pressing against me. ive only experienced it twice, and it happens only when im on my back the second before i fall asleep. and no matter how hard you push or try to move, it holds u back. This is actually a Jin, and its name is Ya Thoom. He doesnt actually come after the prayer, he can come at any time, even if your havin a afternoon nap, he comes to u when u sleep on ur back. so i suggest u sleep on ur side, cuz sleeping on ur belly is the sleep of Shaytan (the devil) and sleeping on ur back brings Ya Thoom. reply if uve got any more questions, ill be glad to answer B)