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  1. Is This Fatwa Correct?

    Most muslim scholars wrote that not shaving one's beard is compulsory in Islam. I found a fatwa : It says that a man wants to have a beard but his parents are saddened by watching him with a beard. So the mufti allows the man to shave his beard in order to ease the parents' sadness. I would like to know if this fatwa is correct or not?
  2. Hi all! I heard that it is haram to have a bank account in a unislamic bank that practices rate interests! Is it true?
  3. Morocco And Algeria And Tunisia

    In Morocco and Algeria and Tunisia, Islam is slowly deceasing. These countries used to be muslim countries.But they are no longer muslim countries. In fact, in these countries, wine is sold everywhere although this is haram and strictely forbidden by many hadiths (sahiih hadeeth). In these countries, there is sexual tourism and rate interest based banks. Every one knows that rate interest is haram and is forbidden by many hadeeths. But it doesn't stop people from running rate interest based banks in these countries. The king of Morocco, king Mohamed 6, allows moroccans to sell wine and liquors and to run rate interest based banks (riba). I heard that the situation is similar in Algeria and in Tunisia with President Bouteflika and President Ben Ali allowing people to sell wine and liquors and to run rate interest based banks. They are however a few muslims in these countries who are still true to Islam. There is no Islamic Bank in these countries. They are masjids in these countries. But again masjids are used to convey political statements such as "Love your King Mohamed 6" or "Follow President Bouteflika" or "Follow President Ben Ali".
  4. Wine Is Sold In North Africa

    Government of Morocco, of Algeria and of Tunisia are selling wine and liquors.But selling wine and liquors is forbidden strictly in Islam, it is haram.And the same governments are posing as Islamic ones which is obviously false since they sell wine and liquors.
  5. Wine Is Sold In North Africa

    In North Africa, government sells wine and liquors to people. I heard that it is haram to sell wine and liquors. But government in these countries keep selling wine and liquors and keep pretending that they are muslims. Isn't it a proof of big koufr?
  6. Coffee

    Hi All! Is drinking coffee halal or haram?