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  1. Hifz

    :D May Allah make memorizing the Holy Qur’an easy for you, and may Allah grant that you live by it’s teachings :D :D
  2. In Desperate Need Of Your Dua’s

    :D Shukran Katheer for your dua’s May Allah grant you all the best of this world and the Hereafter :D :D
  3. :D My dear brothers and sisters I am in desperate need of your dua’s. For a while now I am feeling a decrease in my Imaan and Spirituals peace. My dear brothers and sisters I ask you from the bottom of my heart, that you please make dua that Allah grants me a firm and constant increase in my Imaan. Also that Allah grants me abundant spiritual wealth, peace and joy. Also that Allah grants me that I worship Him with great love, true sincerity and perfection :D :D My dear brothers and sisters please keep me in your dua’s as I will keep you all in mine :D :D May Allah forgive us all our sins, grant us all beneficial knowledge, and guide us all on the straight path that we may attain the ultimate successes :D
  4. Anyone From South Africa

    Salaam I was hoping that there might be a few members from Cape Town, because that’s where I’m from. Well I guess I’ll keep hoping, lol :D
  5. Sad Pictures...

    Salaam Although most of us do not have the ability to make hands on change, we can at least make sincere Dua for these poor people :D May Allah relive them from their suffering and grant them the best of both worlds, Ameen Ya-Rabbal Alameen. :D
  6. Anyone From South Africa

    Shukran Katheer, for the tip :D
  7. Anyone From South Africa

    Salaam I was just wondering are there any South Africans on IF? :D
  8. In Need Of Allah’s Mercy And Blessings!

    Salaam May Allah make your Halaal task easy for you, and may Allah grant you success . Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen :D
  9. Supplication in Islam (Du'a)

    Salaam What a beautiful blessing is Dua, It's free of charge yet it's worth more than all the treasures of this world. May Allah grant us all the wisdom to be in constant supplication to Him. Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen :D
  10. Plz Make Du'aa

    Shukran Katheer for all your Dua’s. May Allah grant you all the best of this world and the Hereafter Insa-Allah, Ameen. :D
  11. Please Pray For My Little Brother

    Assalam Alaikum May Allah guide your brother to the straight path, and may Allah grant him a light that will guide him to Allah’s Mercy Inha-Allah, Ameen :D
  12. Plz Make Du'aa

    Salaam My family and I have been struggling with money for some time now, but Alhamdulillah my father is now busy with a business deal. Please make Du’aa that Allah grants my father success with this business deal Insa-Allah, and success in all the Halaal opportunities that comes our way Insha-Allah, Ameen :D
  13. Why Is Allah Inflicting Me?

    Salaam So verily with every difficulty there is relief: Verily with every difficulty there is relief. (94:5-6). My dear sister know that if a mother can not throw her own child into the fire, how then can you say and i quote "I feel that Allah wants to put me in hell thats why He is not answering my duas" Astagfirullah. do you not know that Allah is the Most-Merciful of those who show mercy. Do you not know the great condition of a believer, and the overwhelming Mercy of The Most-Loving, The Most Merciful that even when a believer goes through hardship it is of a benefit to that believer. For every pain a believer experiences even as tiny as a prick of a thorn, for that pain a sin is forgiven, and sin is that that which will cause us to go to Hell “may Allah protect us all Insha-Allahâ€. So if you reflect on what I have briefly stated you will come to realize that Allah’s Mercy is far beyond our understanding, and what might seem as a punishment in this life may very well be a form of Mercy from your Lord and Allah is Most-Loving Most-Merciful. My dear sister this life is but a test, it is not forever. Can you imagine standing up on the Day of Judgment without sin what a great condition you would be in. You would have passed the test and would be worthy to enter Eternal Bliss. I know that with everything I have said you might still feel that you would love feel some relief. Then my advice for you is remember Allah with much remembrance, make a lot of sincere Zikr as you can. “For verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find peaceâ€. My dear sister if you do this you will experience a joy in this life which transcends the physical world, a joy that never ends even through the hardships of this life. Insah-Allah Ameen.