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  1. Christian Terrorist Attack

    Hi all Come on "SS" pick and choose your replys, lame. SS rofl Peace
  2. Norway Terrorist

    Hi all Yes in England also he is a terrorist. Peace
  3. Christian Terrorist Attack

    Hi all Waht a minute, i go to the EDL forum too, and from what i see myself, that crazy guy made a post on there website. In the 1500 page book he released he says the EDL are too soft, he didnt like them for having multi-ethnic members, etc...how does that give the EDL links to him?. If i post on here then go kill a Jew, does that give this forum or Islam links too me?. Are all Muslims linked to any random crazy guy who in the the name of God or ideology commit these acts daily in the middle east?. What would you say to some ignorant guy that comes on here and says "All Muslims are linked to 9/11 etc", would that be cool?. Please think before using sweeping generalization's like that. It help no one. Or define any religion or ideology. SaracenSoldier you agree with your brother, ala'adin?. You have to except that if Muhammad had not interfered with the Pagans the Muslim world would not be here, but israel would be. Were Jews not in the west bank/gaza long before Muslims?. I agree on the Middle East though, we should get out, theres no need for us to be there. Also if any Muslims here in England want Islamic law they too should be told to leave. No one nation or religion should try dictate to others i agree there. Did you disagree when we were there in the Russian conflict?. Most of us know this and thats why most of us want our troops out, two wrongs dont make a right as someone said earlier. The trouble as i see it is, Muslims seem to want it both ways, hate all of the west because of a few fools but if the west dare say anything about terriosts doing the same in the name of Islam ( Which they claim to ) we are not allowed to say it because we are..insert any "ism" you want here. Although does the Koran not say its againt Islam's rules to grass up on a Muslim who you know to be about to blow up/kill etc to a non Islamic entity?. So of course we are suspicious about all Muslims, do we have a choice?. If my "non perfect" law makers made a rule to say "Telling Muslims about non-muslim attacks is against the law" what would you say?. Peace all
  4. Window Beside The Bed

    Wow very touching. Makes you think dont it. I nearly cryed. Peace all
  5. The War On Homosexuality.

    Hi Thank you for the reply without the normal comments i get from others. I respect you for being able to defend your point of view and not just believing it because "x" God/Book says so. In my point of view its an "age-old tradition" IE not looked up nicely in todays civilized world because, well ,we are trying to be civilized. A nine year old from any age or ethnic group is too young to make her own mind up about something like sex. bearing in mind this passage she did not in my opinion give her consent anyway. ""The Prophet said, 'A virgin should not be married till she is asked for her consent.' 'O Apostle! How will the virgin express her consent.' He said, 'By remaining silent.'" Bukhari:V9B87N139-40 "Allah's Apostle told Aisha, 'You were shown to me twice in my dreams. I beheld a man or angel carrying you in a silken cloth. He said to me, "She is yours, so uncover her." And behold, it was you. I would then say to myself, "If this is from Allah, then it must happen. " Of course they would be. He did meet the criteria. Ive never heard of a non-pedophile marrying a child. It would be unappropriate to ask, so ill make a statement about myself and men in general. I could not have sex with someone if i didnt find them attractive. The way men are made does not allow an unaroused man to even have intercourse. Ill spare you the details. You get my point. Of course yes, but some society's regard 'dancing boys' ok. Does that make it alright?. In Afghanistan this is a real big problem, yes i know Islam forbids this example ( although its openly tolerated there) but i am using it to show that just because some "society's regard" something ok does not by default make it right. Even if the people of the local population believe there God said it in the past. It does not matter if someone prefers X or Y. If one of those variables is a child and your prepared to marry AND have intercourse with here, you are a pedophile. You are concentrating on the marriage, which to me is weird but its the consummation of the marriage which by definition makes him a pedophile do you not think?. You will find in any society that children brought up being told one thing or another everyday, will learn very quickly and retain alot of the indoctrination placed upon them. How would you say her being proficient in the knowledge of Islam benefits Muslims today?. She could not have known more than Muhammad of course or been able to word it better than God did. ( Thru a 3rd party ) Sorry that is a big leap of faith. Muslims believe God said it to Muhammad. It is far from fact, in my opinion of course. Peace (Sorry for going off topic)
  6. 2. Open Letter To Israel.

    Hi all You hear about this? Three-story retail complex near Gaza City will be first of its kind in Palestinian territories; set to open in mid-June. The biggest Palestinian shopping mall is scheduled to open in the Gaza Strip in mid-June. This will be the second shopping mall to open in the Gaza Strip in a year. Last July, Palestinians opened a two-story mall that includes a supermarket, international clothing stores, a food court, beauty products, a children’s playground and a restaurant. Beauty products, more western every year. Great news hey?, dont it rub off on the chadri? Not to bad for a poor place with a humanitarian crisis, oh and i see this Peace all EDIT typo*
  7. The War On Homosexuality.

    Be careful in your reply though Redeem. I got 10% warning for asking a question like this back in Aug 2007. Peace
  8. The War On Homosexuality.

    Hi all [at]Redeem? Im lost. I know your trying to set me up for somthing here, but can you elaborate on your understanding of what a vile pedophile is please. Peace
  9. The War On Homosexuality.

    Hi all You missed pedophilia from that list. Oh wait no you didnt...Sick As aside note about Pica See bold. interesting topic. Peace all
  10. The Science Behind The Veil

    Hi Sweet your quoting about evolution, you realise that?. The irony..... Peace all
  11. The Science Behind The Veil

    Hi all Then these texts are wrong at least on the comon cold. The common cold is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract. Next you will be say that i as a non-believe have seven intestines....Wait...what! ( A Joke incase you missed the humour) Peace all
  12. Hi all [at]Muslim1, I notice that you didnt have a come back for the 1st quote, hehe, and to help you, ill explain the second if you need. I am perfectly aware of what Hitler done to the Jews in the west, but we didnt praise him for it. We stuck together, England,Russia,Poland,France etc we all stuck together and well you know the outcome of World war two yes?. We didnt stand by and claim this book says this or that so its ok. If Hitler hadnt killed himself we would have done it for him. As a side note you know about the various Muslim divisions of the Waffen SS right?. Your "Brothers" tryed to help Hitler. Nice. :sl: Would you like another slice of "Fail Cake" my good friend?. Peace all
  13. Muslims and extol tolerance, in the same sentence?. Rofl, your keyboard broken m8?
  14. The Church Is Crumbling.

    I am from England and ofc this is a good thing. The less people that believe in such nonsense the better. Maybe then we can all live happly in England after we have removed the latest nonsense religion trying to breed there way in to our great country.
  15. Pro-bin Laden Rally In Gaza

    Whats the score here then? They hate America but love "Osama" but they work together? Alot of people on here say he worked for the USA so whats the deal? Pick and choose hey? lol