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  1. The Best Age To Marry?

    Salaam, I voted for between 18-25 :D Well I think its better to marry when you are younger... for women anyways! :D Inshallah I hope on marry before I am 20 *inshallah*! ...I would never marry anyone younger not thats its wrong or anything..just my prefernce... and hopefully not older than 15 years! But its all Allah will though. :D So inshallah khair! Salaam, emy
  2. Salaam Alakum

    Salaam, Sis :D Welcome to the forum! Inshallah you will enjoy your stay here and benifift from this forum! :D I look forward to reading your posts! Salaam, emy :D btw *ramadan~kareem~ :D
  3. Don't Die Without Her..

    Salaam, Sis ~mehnaz~ Mashallah thats sooooooo nice! :D *really* Thanks alot for sharing sharing it with us. :D Inshallah may Allah reward you! Salaam, emy :D
  4. Random Incoherence

    Salaam, Random: sitting here staring at the computer monitor becoming completly 100% bored! :D Salaam, emy :D
  5. Please Pray For Me And Suggest Any Dua

    Salaam, Brother :D Inshallah I will keep you and your family in my dua's and prayer, and may Allah grant you good muslim children soon inshallah! :D There is du'a I know that inshallah I will try and find for you! Salaam, emy
  6. Salamz From Istanbul!

    Salaam, Sis muzur :D Welcome to gawaher! Inshallah you will like it here and may you benifit from this forum inshallah! **ramadan~kareem** :D :D :D I look forward to reading your post. Salaam, emy
  7. Intro

    Salaam, Brother daood_al_shishani :D Welcome to gawaher! Inshallah you will enjoy your stay here and benifit from this forum. :D Inshallah I look forward to reading your post! Btw.....*ramadan~kareem* :D Salaam, emy
  8. Remember.......

    Salaam, Brother :D Mashallah verry nice! Thanks sooo much for sharing it with us, inshallah may Allah reward you for all that you do! :D :D Salaam, emy
  9. Please Pray

    Salaam, Sis :D Inshallah I will make du'a for you that your interveiw goes well! :D Salaam, emy
  10. Salaam, Sis Nadiya :D Welcome to gawaher! Inshallah I hope you find your stay benificial! :D I look forward to reading your posts! Salaam, emy P>S *ramdan~kareem* !!!! :D
  11. Letzebuerg Says Hi

    Salaam, Letzebuerg Welcome to gawaher I hope you will like it here and find it benificial! :D Salaam, emy
  12. Hey

    Hi, Carmelenigma Welcome to gawaher! I hope you will like it here! :D
  13. Wives

    Salaam, Well I am not married yet so I don't really know what I would do? I am a kinda a jelous person :D so I dont know if I would be willing to share my husband with someone else but, it is a mans right to be able to take another wife so inshallah I will just have to wait and see *if* and when that happens! Inshallah it won't though! :D :D Salaam, emy
  14. Random Incoherence

    Salaam, Omg it is sooooo cold were I am! :D But alhumdulilla at least its not snowing! :D :D Random: im getting sick...and only a couple days before eid! :D :D Salaam, emy
  15. Random Incoherence

    Salaam, Jalapeno bubblegum???? :D I dont know how that would taste...but not verry good im sure! :D Anyways..... Random: leaving to the airport in like a couple hours! :D Salaam, emy