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  1. Adultery

    No, I don't have you mistaken. My last post was aimed at MR. DANGER's first post.
  2. Adultery

    Salaam What do you want us to say Mr. Danger? The arguement you told us not to use is the explaination itself, so you obviously knew it. These people go against what Islam teaches, plain and simple. And we are Muslims so we go against it as well. Just because a few Muslims do something wrong, why should we have to answer for it when we support it in NO way? You obviously are an extremely ignorant person if you want us to answer for what other supposed "Muslims" do. This has nothing to do with what we beleive. So go start fights on a different message board and leave us alone, how does that sound? Peace
  3. Robitussin

    I know it isn't going to intoxicate me, but I beleive you are wrong about it not being the beer type alcohol. What other type of alcohol would they put in it and label as alcohol, besides ethyl alcohol (the beer kind). Even though it won't make me drunk remember... If much intoxicates then even a little is haraam.
  4. Robitussin

    Salaam I've been a bit under the weather lately and have a bad sore throat, nasal congestion, cough, etc. Is it ok to take a few teaspoons of robitussin, which has a miniscule amount of alcohol in it? I am not sure if it is ethyl alcohol or not, but I am assuming it is. It contains 1.3 percent alcohol. If it is not permissible to take this, does anyone know of any other major brands of cough medicine which do not contain alcohol? Thanks in advance for your replies. :D Peace
  5. M O S Q U E Becomes Masjid

    salaam Thanks for putting that rumor to rest! :D peace
  6. M O S Q U E Becomes Masjid

    Salaam I read it in the Idiot's Guide to Understanding Islam at the library, written by Yahiya Emerick, if that helps at all. peace
  7. M O S Q U E Becomes Masjid

    Salaam I heard that the began calling Masjid "mosque" because a ruler proclaimed that they should be swatted out like "mosquitoes" I forget where I read this but i'll elaborate later. peace
  8. Rudeness Of Muslims

    :D Do we really need to tell you that what you said is out of line 3dshocker? I hope you rethink it and edit your post... If you want to learn about Islam, great, we will by all means help you, but do not be hostile towards us and say that which you know is going to offend us, you are just trying to stir up trouble... I hope a mod sees this. Peace brothers and sisters.
  9. Rudeness Of Muslims

    Salaam Well it is only normal that when a Muslim is rude it is Islam's fault and that when anyone else does anything wrong their religion isn't taken into account. Lutz, I hope your stay here is fruitful and that we can help clear your misconceptions about Islam. If you have any questions about our beleifs don't hesitate to ask. What did these Muslims do that is so rude? The Prophet (saws) is our example of how to act and how we should live and he was never rude to anyone, if he were rude it would drive people from accepting the reality of what Islam is. Peace
  10. What Would It Take?

    Salaam You would be gretted in a much different manner and tone if you would change your own tone. We don't care if you don't beleive what we beleive, but if that is the case, why not come trying to learn about Islam, just as I try my best to learn about science. That would be much better than comming on here calling us all ignorant. If you are going to be rude then just leave, if you want information then stay and change your tone. Peace
  11. Things To Be Abstained From/banned In Islam

    First off, marijuana IS mind altering. I began smoking 'erb daily in 8th grade and it completely takes away all motivation. I used to always argue that it was harmless, but now that i've quit I notice i'm alot more outgoing and don't just want to sit on a couch and eat cheeto's all day. And how can you say extacy doesn't impair your ability to make discisions? It completely messes up your emotions, and makes it MUCH harder to resist the temptation to commit zina.
  12. Things To Be Abstained From/banned In Islam

    by the way, about the alcohol. You have to use your reason with things like this. It doesn't matter what the molecular structure of a substance is, you have to look at the purpose behind it. They didn't know about things like that at the time, so alcohol refers to ethyl alcohol only. It was prohibited because it intoxicates you which is why drugs fall under the category of haraam. And it is never permissible to drink liquids containing ethanol. On the other hand, it is alright to put Isopropyl alcohol on a scrape or cut, even though it's called alcohol, because people aren't going to drink it to alter their consciousness.
  13. Things To Be Abstained From/banned In Islam

    :D Ecstasy and opiates are DEFINITLEY haraam. Speaking from personal experience the two drugs you've mentioned are probably the most seductive drugs on the earth. X gives people false emotions and makes you think you love everyone and makes people commit zina. Opiates will make you neglect prayer because, trust me, if you do enough opiates you will do ANYTHING to make that top priority and acheive them at any cost. This is because your body is used to producing more endorphins and when you go back to your normal endorphine level you experience the worst withdrawals ever. It will give you horrible muscle aches, any little thing will make you nauseous and throw up, headaches, diahreah, etc. I quit using opiates the day before ramadan and still every day it's a battle not to go back. A little voice in my head is constantly saying "just once more, just once more". This is why I consider opiates a form of idolatry because it will come before God in your life. When i'm at school the only thing I think about all day long is opiates, once you get the craving it's impossible to get rid of. I also get the worst feeling of anxiety anytime I hear anything about drugs, especially morphine, heroin, OC's, methadone, opium, etc. They are WITHOUT A DOUBT haraam. Stay away from them AT ALL COSTS! I can't explain to you with words how horrible your life will become if you get started on that garbage, they just feel too good to not get hooked on. The horrible thing is that I never know if tomorrow i'm going to go back or not, the temptation is almost too hard to resist, it becomes a daily battle and life is hard enough without things like that. PEace
  14. Alcohol And Pork - Just An Observation.

    What you are failing to realise is that if the hotel owner is Muslim and he has non-muslims provide the alcohol for westerners then he is STILL involved in the process of providing it, even if he doesn't touch it! And how are halaal products inhumane? Elsewhere in the world they pretty much set up a killing assembly line and kill animals in front of each other and in cruel ways such as electrocution or with a device that penetrates the scull and basically scrambles their brain around... Totally against the Islamic view of how animals should be killed. And I see what you mean about saying if Americans want to drink alcohol then cocain should be allowed in america. He wasn't saying muslims can use cocaine, he was making a comparison. American's are upset because muslims won't provide them alcohol when it is ILLEGAL for them to do so AND against their religion. That is exactly the same as asking them to provide people with cocaine because it is illegal in America. Again, why should we break the law to provide you with an illegal good? If I went into an american hotel I wouldn't complain because they won't bring me a fat sack of some chronic!
  15. Alcohol And Pork - Just An Observation.

    Yes, but by having non-muslims do it is no different than serving it yourself because you are knowingly allowing something which is forbidden. Again, how could a person expect somebody else to go against what they truly beleive just to provide a luxury for foreigners? Some people have greater meaning in their life and don't want to go against their beleifs just so people can enjoy something as petty as a beer... Obviously your opinion isn't going to change because you already have your mind made up and you aren't going to try to see it from our perspective.