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  1. Convince Me.

    uh...ok?...nice talking to you too? lol salam
  2. Request: Haram Vids (Haraam - Makkah)

    Salam sis, Yes I second Amani's "you are not allowed to post links yetIslam-fr(contact admin if its a beneficial link)" site. It has very nice videos of fajr, maghreb, and isha prayers in Mecca and Medina. They are put up the day after they air live. Very nice site indeed. At least we got the whole topic title ordeal straightened out...lol :sl: Salam
  3. Come And Ask An Atheist Anything You Like

    "Whether thou warns them or not, it is alike for them, for they will not believe." Ya sin ayah 10 Peace
  4. Did Mohammed Really Split The Moon

    Guys what happened to our topic? Muhammad and the Moon Splitting? Peace
  5. Did Mohammed Really Split The Moon

    Salam, I actually remember reading somewhere that when the moon "split" it was only an illusion to those in Mecca who wanted Muhammad to perform a miracle. It didnt actually split, even though some scientist (I'll try to find the source) says that the moon actually split. (He wasnt a Muslim scientist) This miracle was not for us later generations to judge upon, but it is for us to understand the disbelief of the Meccans and how miracles for them wouldnt convince them of the Prophet's (pbuh) truth, the same way that miracles for our generations happening now wouldnt convince most people of Islam. I think we are all overthinking this miracle that was FOR THE MECCANS and for us to contemplate how some wont believe no matter what. Allah knows best in all, Salam, Kareem
  6. Proof That Studying Is A Waste Of Time

    Hahahaha... But why are you allowed to cancel the no's. Arent they not equal??? :sl: hahahhaha... But honestly...why are you allowed lol? Salam guys, Kareem :sl:
  7. Did Mohammed Really Split The Moon

    Correct! Also..the Isra and Maraj (Muhammads ascension to heaven) is also a miracle. And the Quran does not say (and if it does please show the verses) that Muhammad was incapable of performing miracles. It just says that they would not sway the disbelief of the Meccans. Peace, Kareem
  8. Haraam Promotions

    Hahaha :sl: ok man I see what you're saying..even though I was comparing alcohol not a dicount coupon (alcohol may lead to murder). Thats where I was coming from. And alhamdolilah I'm aware of the hadeeth in your sig... But don't put change my words...alcohol is what I was referring to, not coupon. Salam, Kareem
  9. Haraam Promotions

    I'm not saying go around and force people to not eat alcohol...but if you have a chance to say it isnt good..then do so. Thats what I think.
  10. Haraam Promotions

    Yes but the verse I referred to says all mankind in this specific issue. The football scenario wouldnt make sense because prayer is for Muslims only, while eating what Allah says is "good" was for all mankind, especially from that verse. And besides, murder is forbidden in Islam yet there is no question when we impose a punishment on it for those who commit it, muslim or not... Salam
  11. What Is Zina

    Salam, (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetirfi(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/articles/articles_51_100/zina_and_rajm.htm"]Zina[/url] Here is some quotes and explanations...even some jewish stuff. Peace brother, Kareem
  12. Haraam Promotions

    Yes but its food that is not supposed to be eaten. I'd through it out. If pork is bad for Muslims to eat...what makes it good for a nonMuslim to eat. Giving it to a nonbeliever might seem hypocritical and would even be an encouragement for him/her to eat it. Baqarah 168 It is a warning to "ye people" ...So this ayah refers to all mankind...so encouraging one to eat pork or consume wine would not be helping anyone. Salam, Kareem
  13. Important: Members Wanted

    Yes... and i wasnt implying I had any power or knowledge in that quote you got me on...hopefully im as openminded as i think i am... Peace man, Kareem
  14. If The Quran Is Perfect Then Why Is It...

    Very nice post man and welcome to the forums... Exactly..where is the Bible and its teachings when we talk about the Crusades and the excessive manslaughter in the progress. There are many examples of the Christians "extremism" during it. But, I find it ..rather odd to argue against the Quran when it has most of the same ethical ideas as the Bible. Did the Bible command the Christians to crusade brutally? Peace, Kareem {Moderator note} This post violated forum rule #39. Action taken. View (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?act=boardrules"]details[/url].
  15. Important: Members Wanted

    What's so impressing Crunchy Cat? :sl: lol Kareem