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  1. How Long Has Zionism Existed?

    Peace., Riddle: Is every practising jew realy the athiests or is it just the hypocrates steeling the spotlight in another short coming in history again? :D I understood religion to be the act of doings God's commandments (the will) and fallowing the guidance dilivered by chosen prophets., the word (religion) is from the Qur'an and no where else to be found, and those who do this are muslims. So why mention all this in response to your post? Point is; based on the word religion, Judaism and Christianity are faiths alike Islam, but not religions which is what Islam allways was and will be. Zionism are religious fanatics trying to steel the light right?., i mean zionist terrorists want to kill and make military offenses to as many neighboring countries from the belief that this war on the world of non jews will be the only key to redemption and the masiah to come, so to move every jew to israel and destroy Jerusalem, especially the Doem of the Rock in orde to rebuild a temple sounds like a threat to world peace, but am i giving this ignorant group too much credit by connecting them to the murders of prophets thousands of years ago? , or does that go to far back for shirt minded people? B) Athiesm is closer to Islam then the other 2 Faiths since Athiests got Religion all wrong and in a matter of time will conclude after witnessing what becomes before there eyes, becomes the question of faith and who is realy got it right., do you think you have it right? :D
  2. How Long Has Zionism Existed?

    Peace Did Zionism start and come to exist only 100 years ago or was the idea of rabbinic bigotry and violence towards any threat of control a tradition that goes as far back as the times when Prophets where been killed? In other words, are the same evil types of people who tortured, murdered and wanted to control others the very people only connected then to the ones now in israel known as Zionists?
  3. Islam in Spain - Espenia

    Peace I am making the move to Barcelona Spain from France , i have been going to Spain allot in the past year. I have to say that most people in spain, especially from Granada and south have arabic history with them, basically spanish was the new spoken latin which replaced arabic during Spain's 800 years of Islam. I do feel at home in spain, not Barcelona but Granada or Valencia, and in-fact there are many words which come from arabic, kind of like the first door from arabic to latin. Not to insult anyone, but to say someone has spanish blood is backwards when it is just latin speaking arabs or south asians, besides, if everyone had the same blood they would be retarded. But spain with the history if Islam and what the Moores left behind is a glimpse of the Islam which influenced the west most. Gravity water fountains Designed Gardens Public Hospitals which also specialized in certain things Public Libraries I can make a list of things that the Crusades found in Spain and took to Europe that is so long we may have to make a new topic.
  4. Islam in France

    Peace Did you know that during the dark ages France used to call muslims wizards?, They told people to not come into contact with anyone who had a long beard, white robe and hood for they carry a magic book., and if so they also will have there heads cut of and accused as friends of these wizards or witches part of the coven, in France if you said that you met anyone described as a muslim and you said the world was round you where a dead person. The very same people who tortured these so called Wizards then (our prophets or anyone who stood up to them) are using the word TERRORISM today and torturing us now. It is identical to the remark at the UN Council the other day by israel who said with out the removal of HezBollah, we will see "terrorists at a theatre near you" tomorrow., a phrase directly from israel which as usual israel's style of threatening others is in like saying "israel will paint the next picture or movie" the ay they please about you until the world falls for it again., not much different from the scriptures tampered with and the way they they threat others by doing exactly what they accuse them of, terrorism. My point is that French culture is more about the fairy tales, prestige and lifestyles embracing desires and cravings for the lavish ways of the rich, but been so far from reality means been very far from the truth of things., so the reality of Islam is TERROR to any of children like this is it not? This is my point.
  5. Islam In Greece

    peace i was in Greece before, and i agree, Muslims are seen as aliens there. The EU agreement with Greece was to drop this BIAS attitude against non Greek Orthodox citizens and especially accept Arab Orthodox Christians as well. The problem boils down to people judging others based on appearance, basically racism., and we all know racists are simply ignorant cowards who fail to reconize anothers charactor.