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  1. :sl: My fiancée from Sofia, Bulgaria has just embraced Islam few hours ago today. She needs to learn from a Muslimah how to pray. She's right now learning it from videos in YouTube, but still I think it's better she gets someone in her place to teach her hands-on. Is there any sister from Bulgaria using this Forum?? I can see there is no dedicated thread for Islam in Bulgaria, that's why posting this thread here.
  2. Deeply Troubled

    Salam brother. If the local masjid (mosque) is near to your place, then do try to go there 5 times a day for the prescribed salahs. Initially, if you just pray the fard (obligatory) salahs behind the imam your salahs would be complete. When you pray behind the imam, you need not recite anything but follow as he prays. Later, when you memorize the small surahs (chapters) from the Qur'an you can start praying the rest of the salahs (Sunnahs and Nafls). And Allah knows the best!
  3. Facebook Ceo Mark Zuckerberg Accepts Islam ?

    The news seemed to be a bit real until I read this part: it seems to me like a joke anyway.
  4. Who Are The Reverts?

    [iframe]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yettelegraph.co.uk/news/religion/3512686/Children-are-born-believers-in-God-academic-claims.html[i'm not allowed to use this tag yet]
  5. Getting Married To A Revert Girl

    I'm using the 'muslim' definition here as my request is being targeted only to the Muslim members of this forum. Seems like you got an issue on me for starting this thread. You should read my first post again. I clearly mentioned a revert sister "who doesn't mind migrating to the East". There are many muslims in the West (esp in the US) who are having a hard time practising Islam and some of who consider moving to Muslim countries where they can freely practise the deen. Bro, if you can't help, then pls stop criticizing. Wassalam!
  6. Getting Married To A Revert Girl

    When a non-muslim embraces Islam, Muslims call him/her a 'revert' and non-muslims call him/her a 'convert'.
  7. Getting Married To A Revert Girl

    Very few. And English is not their first language.
  8. Getting Married To A Revert Girl

    walaikumassalam brother AHMAD_73: Thanks for replying to this thread and stating your views. According to my understanding, most revert muslims I know of are really pious. In fact, most of the time they are found to be way more pious than other muslims who are muslims by birth. As far as the culture and traditions are concerned, I believe there shouldn't be any problem if the couple is completely in Islam. What I mean here is that Islam is not only a religion but a way of life. A muslim who's striving to be on the right path (siratul-mustakeem) must be trying to adopt the muslim lifestyle too (i.e. a culture approved by Allah (swt) and which can be seen from the examples and sunnah of our beloved prophet (pbuh), his family and companions (ra), tabi'in and tabi tabi'in). So, the brother is looking for a revert sister who has accepted Islam wholeheartedly, (very) pious, and wishes to lead an Islamic life in a beautiful Muslim country. She need not worry about living far away from her home as the brother is quite well-off to travel twice a year.
  9. Getting Married To A Revert Girl

    :sl: Is there any brother/sister in this forum who can help a born-muslim brother get married to a revert sister (age 18-25)? Especially, a revert sister from the West who doesn't mind migrating to the East. If you can truly help him, please PM me for his personal information. Thanks. :sl:
  10. Ave

    Welcome to IF :sl: I'd like to let you know briefly about the position of Jesus (peace be upon him) in Islam. Islam is the only non-Christian faith, which makes it an article of faith to believe in Jesus (pbuh). No Muslim is a Muslim if he does not believe in Jesus (pbuh). We believe that he was one of the mightiest Messengers of Allah (swt). We believe that he was born miraculously, without any male intervention, which many modern day Christians do not believe. We believe he was the Messiah translated Christ (pbuh). We believe that he gave life to the dead with God’s permission. We believe that he healed those born blind, and the lepers with God’s permission. Shalom!
  11. New Guy

    Welcome! :sl:
  12. Introduction From Algeria

    :sl: Welcome to the forum! :j: :sl:
  13. Salam From Karachi,pakistan

    :sl: Welcome to I.F. :j: :sl:
  14. The Noble Qur'an - English Translation

    :sl: Jazakallahu khayran brother for the links. :j: The first link, however, is not working on my side. I mean, when I go to the specific web page and click on the "Mailed Out" hyper-linked text, nothing happens. The second link takes me to the website where I need to pay for the shipping cost. I don't mind paying a few dollars but as I need more than one Qur'an, the shipping cost is higher due to the increase in weight. If you know any other good websites please let me know, otherwise I'll go for the one in the second link. :sl:
  15. :sl: I am currently giving out dawaah to one of my non-muslim friends and he wants to read the Qur'an to understand Islam completely. I am living in Malaysia as an international student and not so familiar with places from where I can get a free copy of the Qur'an. I am looking for the Noble Qur'an translated (with Commentaries) in English by Abdullah Yusuf Ali. Is it possible to order a few free hard copies of the Noble Qur'an in the Internet? If yes, then pls let me know. Thanks in advance. :sl: