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  1. Show Me Where We're 'stealing.'

    It is if the Iraqi people get none of the monies.
  2. Show Me Where We're 'stealing.'

    Instead of having oil in an enemies hand's America now has the oil in the hands of puppets. So if another unfriendly nation decided to shut down oil production, they have a little puppet to pump out the oil to them. And then shutting out other nation's oil companies just means they want it for themselves.
  3. At least in Canada it appears to me that some people who just hate multiculturalism in Canada in general and elsewhere seem to in some kind of racist way promote assimilation because of the threat of multiculturalism. They appear to want you to just speak the National language, and not to wear and religious symbols, for example a burka even if a woman wants to because it is derogatory and is against Western values and confines a women, just in a racist attempt to go against multiculturalism. And then people who protest against such actions would be considered terrorists or terrorists supporters because in some perverted logic, if you do not deny some people (ethnic or religious minority) some of their rights in the name of religion then you do not support their racist logic. So how can multiculturalism survive in today's world or should multiculturalism die and Muslims and other assimilate?
  4. Article On Islam

    Now I am looking to write an article on Islam. I am really interested in Islam and since I am a university student, instead of writing an essay for a professor I have decided through my student years to write an article on Islam. The article I am looking at is with regards to Jersualem. So what I am thinking the title would be "All Roads Lead to Jerusalem" Or "The Power of one city on the Abrahemic Religions". So if someone can provide helpful links to like books that discuss about Jersualem and Islam or the power of Jersualem for Muslims in the Crusades, as well as links to internet info. And maybe links to people who are influential that may know about the importance of Jersualem today.
  5. Einstein, who won the crusades?? Not Christians. It was the Muslims who won. And what about Watts, and other violence, the Rodney King? riots? What about that. There have been many many, violent riots in America and the West, more then little Muslims riots about cartoons and the pope, that have caused more damage and killed more people so get your facts straight.
  6. Soldier Admits Mistreating Iraqis

    Hell no. Now being a part of my countries military. The actions a soldier takes will paint his army for a long long time. And with the repeated atrocities commited it is not a few bad apples, it is a large section of the British and American armies who get tact approval from higher ups until they are caught.
  7. Should Hamas Recognise Israel?

    It will have to. If it doesn't it looses.
  8. Biden-Gelb Five-Point Plan

    About 60% of iraqi insurgents have nothing to do with Al Qaida, they just don't want to be run by an illegal occupation of war criminals. Would you? This plan will do nothing if the secretarian violence continues.
  9. I don't really care if British soldiers and American soldiers get killed. They have committed crimes in both Iraq and Afghanistan and are combatants, or occupiers not liberators in both countries because they have not done any progress, instead kept the Taliban around so Al Qaida can gain more recruits, and create a secretarian devide in Iraq. However, I have lost two good friends in Afghanistan (2 Canadians) and I believed at first Canada was on the right mission but they are only support, drug lords, rapists and war lords, and the only justification i have gotten out of my military hire ups and Harper neo-con freaks in Canada is they are better then the Taliban which they aren't. So Canadian sons and daughters and dying for nothing, no great combating terrorism, (9/11? so what) they are just dying because their idiot government wants them over there, and it is not to combat terrorism, it is for another objective. Well, if I am ordered to go I will have to go as well, maybe I will be killed in one of these suicide bombings or something, at least I wouldn't have to take the neo-con lies anymore.
  10. Dutch Minister Stirs Shari`ah Debate

    You're getting in too deep here and making assumptions about equality. In the US, blacks and whites are not "equal". Or can you convince me America is ready for a black president? Lebanon has a stronger democracy, with Sunni, Shia and Christians sharing political power. If the majority voted for Sharia law, it would be a democratic decision. According to your reasoning, if I walk through a BNP area in the UK, I'm no longer in a democracy? (The British National Party wants more benefits and employment rights for "white" people and the expulsion of blacks/brown/yellow/purple etc). P.S. The US doesn't need to re-introduce slavery, not when they can outsource it. I agree with this statement here. You have one black person in the higher ups of elected office. My god. And then you can go on about women, some third world countries elect more women as president and sit in their parliments while America has a dismal 11 of both the house and senate as women and has never had in its history a female leader, while almost all states, except in the middleeast and Africa have had women leaders.
  11. Amnesty International

    Yeah just a nice way for israelis to kill civilians. Both sides committed war crimes.
  12. I do apologize if I offended someone with this comment. But i do work with Americans, every day, well at least 6 days a week, and most of the people are greedy, and they want something before they would give. However, like any nation that is just probably a minority.
  13. I do apologize for using the word revolution. You are quite correct. Looking at what I put it looks like "revolution" is too harsh.
  14. So what do you guys think of this revolution??