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  1. Duas For 2morow

    jazakallah all prayers appreciated
  2. Duas For 2morow

    salaam brothers and sisters, I have a hearing at the university tomorrow where my future shall be decided. Plz pray that they allow me to stay on the university and retake my exams, Thanks
  3. Please Make Dua

    ill do dua 4 you today
  4. Hifz

    I shall pray for you brother and mashallah it is very good what you are about to do.
  5. Desperate Brother Requires Dua

    thankyou sister
  6. Salaam brothers and sisters, I have a hearing with the university next week, where they will decide to permanently exclude me, or allow me to continue into the final year. I did something really stupid which amounted to deception of the university, the department etc. I was under a lot of pressure at the time due to personal and private matters. However, I have been praying to Allah that the commitee appeal in my favour. If i'm excluded, my last 5 years will be a complete waste of time and my family will be very disappointed. Therefore, brothers and sisters if you can please remember this brother in ur dua and pray for the commitee to appeal in my favour and allow me to retake the exams, i would appreciate it.