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  1. Need An Arabic Translation

    Are the subtitles accurate, if so does anyone know who this Imam is? [link removed]
  2. Need Arabic Translation

    ÇáäÓíã ÇáãÓÇÃ. Can anyone translate that to phonetic english?
  3. Blair Calls Use Of Veil 'a Mark Of Separation'

    I think the point is that if Muslims want to stay in the UK they need to assimilate, I wonder if I went to Riyadh and started drinking beer and eating bacon if they would accept me like they accept the hijab in the UK.
  4. Iranian Support For Sadrs Mahdi Army

    I think the insurgency fighting the Americans is a good thing. I would be planting roadside bombs and sniping troops if Iraq invaded my country. However I do not understand all the sectarian violence. It seems senseless to me to round up 20 innocent people and murder them just because their views on God are a little different than yours. I think that if all the militias would work together using guerilla tactics they could either kill so many Americans that the war would be so unpopular that it would force America to leave Iraq. It pains me to talk about the killing of American soldiers because a whole lot of the men being killed are people just like myself that just don't know any better. I am 21 years old, I can name 10 friends of mine that have either been to Iraq or are there now. Most of them could not even find Iraq on a map before they went there, they know nothing about Iraq. My cousin is a Marine and spent 8 months there. While he was there we talked back and forth via email, he would refer to all Iraqis as "hadjis" when I asked him if he knew what it meant he said no and told me he really didn't care. Also all of the friends I have tell me they hate 100% of all Iraqis and wish that the US would just nuke the entire country. They feel this way because our leaders in Washington force them to stay there and be targets of opportunity for groups like al Quieda and I think that all of us would feel anger if we had to see our friends die daily at the hands of insurgents. I am sorry if I am getting off on a rant here but it really does anger me that so many of my countrymen continue to support a war that I feel is so unjust. Next month in the US we will be holding elections for half of our legislative body, with any luck the party in power will lose many seats because of their blind allegiance to our current executive.
  5. Was Muhammad Human Or More?

    I was brought up Christian and we were always taught that Jesus was more than human, my question is, do Muslims consider Muhammad human or do they look at him more like a small God? I know that Muslims don't outwardly worship Muhammad like Christians worship Jesus but from what I have seen they hold him in pretty esteem.
  6. What is the Arabic word that means music that glorifies God?
  7. The Irony Of American Liberalism

    Most American cons feel that the "Global War on Terror" is really a war against Islam. I hang out at a lot of gun forums and they are about 95% con. I end up being the only person defending Islam even though I am really more of an Athiest. What pisses me off is when they say that there is no such thing as a moderate practicing Muslim, they point to violent passages in the Koran and say that if you follow the Koran you must kill or convert the entire world. I have to laugh when I show them the same violence in the bible and they are speechless. Overall though the post is correct. The black community goes through the same thing, they are conservitive but the conservitive movement hates them so they vote liberal.
  8. Arab World Pop Music

    I am downloaded a few songs by Nancy Ajram and I love them. Anyone know of any other artists who sing Arab pop. Since I can't read Arabic I have trouble navigating sites about Arab pop.
  9. Passages In The Quran

    I am a member of a few fairly Christian conservitive message boards and it seems like I am always the only one ever defending Islam. The general consensis is that acts of terrorism are condoned by the Quran and if you are a good Muslim and follow the Quran you must either kill or convert everyone on Earth. I for one don't buy that for one second. I know that even if 1/4 of the Muslims on Earth were like that then you could kiss Europe goodbye. I guess what I am asking is what is a good defense for this? I mean can you point out some passages in the Quran (english please, my arabic is a bit rough) that talk about not killing people or maybe helping the poor. moderator note: title edited for creating a negative image of the Quran ~mehnaz~ 24/8/06
  10. Assalam Alaikum

    Thank you very much!
  11. Assalam Alaikum

    Hello, My name is Matt. The reason I am posting is because I am writing a novel and this is one of the places I would like to do research. I am an American and I was raised in a Christian home but now that I am an adult I am really not all that religious. I understand a little bit of Arabic and I would like to think I know a good deal about the Islamic religion and Arab and Pursian customs in general. The reason I posted here first is to ask if some of you would be willing to answer some questions of mine as I come across them. Thanks for the time, Matt :D