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  1. Taking The Road To Damascus

    Syria enjoys nothing in the region , and simply holds a title of instigator . The Lebanese are fed up with Syria [except hezbolla of course } . What IS heartening however , is that the Lebanese people and the government of the Lebanese people are getting wise to hezbolla , after seeing what they have wrought in Lebanon , for the "miraculous victory " Hezbolla claims has brought nothing but destruction and misery to Lebanon . This is quite clear from theviews of the Lebanese people themselves , they will haver only ONE Sovereign Government , and IT shall make policy and defend Lebanon , notHezbolla .
  2. Taking The Road To Damascus

    Looks like the Lebanese can't avoid Syria either : *Hizbullah is Sabotaging the Sovereignty of the LebaneseState All the leaders of the March 14 Forces accused Hizbullah of sabotaging the sovereignty of Lebanon, of acting as a "state within a state" and of making decisions that should be made by the Lebanese state. Three weeks after the end of the war, on September 7, 2006, the March 14 Forces held a conference; in its summary statement, it said: "The first condition [for the establishment of] a state... and for its ability to carry out its national missions, is that it will have exclusive control of national security, and that it [and it alone], with no guardian or partner, will be responsible for standing against anyone violating its sovereignty, whether by occupying the land, by attacking borders, or by interfering in Lebanon's internal affairs. It is the sovereign state, and none other, that is responsible for defending its citizens... It is the sovereign state that, via its legal institutions, will be responsible for setting out the policy of the state, and it will not consent to interference by external [elements] in its internal affairs or to a limitation of its authority [by elements] in the internal arena..." In the statement, the March 14 Forces also called for "implementing the international resolutions concerning Lebanon's situation, particularly [u.N. Security Council] Resolution 1701 that states what will be done about Hizbullah's weapons. Likewise, [we call for implementing] the resolutions that preceded this one - those concerning the state's control over all its lands by deploying its legitimate forces, and those concerning the investigation of the assassinations, assassination attempts, and bombings [in Lebanon]..." It also called "to put an end to the duplication of weapons [in Lebanon] and to stress that the Lebanese army and its authorized security institutions were the sole defenders of Lebanon..." [25] At a conference of the Lebanese Forces party, Samir Geagea, chairman of the party's executive body, gave a lengthy speech harshly critical of Hizbullah, which, he said, was, by its actions, preventing a strong and sovereign Lebanese state from existing: "There were those [i.e. Hizbullah Secretary-General Nasrallah in his September 22, 2006 speech at the "Divine Victory" rally organized by Hizbullah] who called for the building of a strong, egalitarian, capable, independent, and pure state - while their deeds and actions interfered with the existence of the state. How can a state exist when there is a small state within it [i.e. Hizbullah]? How can a strong state exist when every day weapons and ammunition are smuggled into it, despite its objections? How can a state be treated with respect when a group [within it] forces a strategy and agenda upon it, and decides its goals, priorities, and modus operandi for it, without the state having a right to discuss [them]? Then they come and warn us that if these goals are not met, there will be [here] a helpless, cowardly, and failed state... This is not the logic of state-building - rather, it is the logic of interference with state-building... "[Hizbullah] says... that when a [strong] state has been built, we will find a solution to the weapons. And we say to them: When we find a solution to the weapons, we will be able to establish a proper state. They say: Your [gamble] to put an end to the resistance by force is a failed one. And we say [to them]: [Your] gamble to possess weapons by force is a mistaken one... They say: No army will force us to give up our weapons. And we say [to them] that no weapons will force us to accept the [current] reality... Actually, it was our option and our plan that [eventually] triumphed, because from the beginning we were the ones who demanded that the Lebanese army, with the help of international forces, [would be deployed] in south [Lebanon], [while Hizbullah] opposed it. At the same time, we do not feel [that] victory [has been achieved] because the majority of the Lebanese people does not [feel that it has] - but rather feels that a great catastrophe has struck us, and that our present and our future are a feather blown about in the wind..." With respect to the demand, by Hizbullah and its political allies, to establish a national unity government, Geagea said: "Those who want a national unity government must agree first and foremost to the existence of a single government, not [several] governments. Those who want a national unity government cannot boast of their friendship with Syria, because Syria is not interested in Lebanon having either a government or national unity. Those who want a national unity government must not violate national unity on a daily basis by unilateral actions..." [26] *Hizbullah's Weapons - A Threat; They Must Be Disarmed Most of the March 14 Forces leaders expressed fears that Hizbullah would use its weapons against elements within Lebanon. A member of the National Democratic Gathering, Antoine Andres, said in response to accusations by Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah that the March 14 Forces had stabbed Hizbullah in the back: "...Nasrallah cannot expropriate the decision from the Lebanese majority just because he represents the majority of the Shiite community..." He continued, "We see [Nasrallah's] speech as incitement, accusations of treason [against us], and a call to sectarian war. The question is, what will come next? Will [Hizbullah's] weapons be aimed at the internal arena...?" [27] A communiqué released by the March 14 Forces about three weeks after the end of the war said: "The war proved the correctness of the March 14 Forces' position that weapons not [under the oversight of] the Lebanese state are not a deterrent force against the israeli aggression, and will thus not prevent israel from carrying out its aggression against Lebanon. The 'balance of terror' theory used [by Hizbullah] as a pretext for continuing to possess its weapons has [thus] collapsed. These weapons did not constitute a defense of the lives, cities, and property of the citizens..." [28] The annual communiqué of the Council of Maronite Bishops also blamed Hizbullah for the recent Hizbullah-israel war: "In Lebanon, there are 18 ethnic communities, and each has rights and obligations identical to those of the others, as set out in the Lebanese constitution... But in practice, we see that some groups are taking decision-making into their own hands, thus bringing the state to a situation it does not want. Here lies the great catastrophe... "Examples of this are many, and they have recurred at least four times in the past 50 years... Recently, one Lebanese group [i.e. Hizbullah] continued to possess weapons after most of southern [Lebanon] was liberated in 2000 - in contradiction to the articles of the Taif Agreement that was signed in 1989. [This group] became a religious, military, and political organization, [and as a result] the war broke out on July 12, 2006... "In all these instances, [and as a result] of the grave events that stemmed from them... the homeland paid the price of the community or group of Lebanese that took decision-making into its own hands - whether [that price was] in the security, prosperity, or tranquility of the people..." [29] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [1] The "March 14 Forces" is the nickname for the political union of several parties and factions in Lebanon that is led by Al-Mustaqbal faction leader Sa'd Al-Hariri, Druze leader Walid Jumblatt, and Samir Geagea, chairman of the executive branch of the Lebanese Forces. They got this nickname following a March 14, 2005 rally marking 30 days since the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Al-Hariri; during the rally there were calls for Lebanese independence and freedom, severe criticism of the Syrian presence in Lebanon, and even calls for the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon. [2 [3] In light of the mounting tension in Lebanon between Hizbullah and the March 14 Forces, and following threats by Hizbullah and by the pro-Syrian camp to take to the streets and topple the government, Parliament Speaker Nabih Beri called, on October 25, for a consultation conference involving all parties and political forces in Lebanon, at which two issues would be discussed: the establishment of a national unity government as demanded by Hizbullah and its political allies, and the passing of a new parliamentary elections law. Beri initially suggested that a two-week conference would take place between October 30, 2006 and November 13, 2006, but later announced that the conference would start one week later, on November 6, 2006, in order to allow several March 14 members to return from abroad. Hizbullah responded that since March 14 had wasted a week of consultation, the conference would be only one week long." [4] "February 14" is a derogatory name applied by Hizbullah to the March 14 Forces. [5] Islamic Resistance in Lebanon website, October 31, 2006. (www.)"moqawama/_dailynews.php?filename=20061101092455"]moqawama/_dailynews.php?fil...=20061101092455[/url]. [6] Al-Mustaqbal (Lebanon), November 1, 2006. [7] Al-Intiqad (Lebanon), September 22, 2006. [8] According to General Michel Aoun, the current parliament was elected according to the Elections Law dating from the time of the Syrian presence in Lebanon. For this reason, he says, the current parliament and government do not represent the majority of the Lebanese people - particularly not the majority of Christians - and thus he is demanding new parliamentary elections based on a new election law. [9] On September 6, 2006, General Aoun's party and Hizbullah signed a joint document of understandings; the document included 10 sections stressing, inter alia, undertaking comprehensive administrative reform in Lebanon, fighting corruption, clarifying the fate of Lebanese who disappeared during the Lebanese civil war, condemning the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Al-Hariri and other murders, carrying out reforms in the Lebanese security apparatuses, improving Lebanese-Syrian relations, and so on. The importance of this document lay in the fact that Aoun, who was in the past an extremely prominent opponent of Syria's presence in Lebanon and also one of those demanding that Hizbullah be disarmed, has now become Hizbullah's political ally. In the document of understandings that he signed with Hizbullah, it is very clear that each side made significant concessions. For example, Hizbullah, which had called South Lebanon army personnel "traitors," agreed that the document of understandings would include a section calling for Lebanese living in israel to return to Lebanon. Aoun, on his part, agreed that it would include a section stating that the defense of Lebanon is a "national duty" and that "possessing weapons is not an aim but the sacred and dignified means of any group whose land is occupied." The section justifies the continued possession of weapons by Hizbullah "as long as israel is occupying the Shab'a Farms, as long as there are Lebanese prisoners in israeli prisons, and as long as israel threatens Lebanon..." [10] Al-Mustaqbal (Lebanon), September 7, 2006. [11] Al-Mustaqbal (Lebanon), September 17, 2006. [12] Al-Sharq Al-Awsat (London), October 6, 2006. [13] Al-Nahar (Lebanon), October 23, 2006. [14] Al-Mustaqbal (Lebanon), October 23, 2006. [15] Al-Mustaqbal (Lebanon), October 22, 2006. [16] Al-Intiqad (Lebanon), September 13, 2006. [17] Al-Mustaqbal (Lebanon), September 12, 2006. [18] Al-Akhbar (Lebanon), September 25, 2006.
  3. None of the "chest beating " means a thing . israel is still there , as it will be tommorrow and the day after . Hezbolla tries another trick , and they'll get their butts kicked again . If Syria ever gets the nerve to atack , they will get their butts kicked again . And yes the U S will continue to supply arms to israel , just as the Soviets did the arab nations . Just as Iran and Syria recently did with Hezbolla . So "they " will kill a few jews , and claim a "miraculous victory " , but israel's borders are not dimminished one meter . This is called the balance of power .
  4. That description you just stated was an hallucination . Resisting successfully ? That means avoiding total obliteration . And what in the world did you mean by "territorial integrity of their country " ? Shebba Farms is Syria , Lebanon is the country which they caused to be trashed by an act of aggression from its border , and "whatever they had " came from Iran . But I guess in a culture that is based on humiliation and revenge , the delusion of an"accomplishment " must be held on to dearly . Nasrallah is part and parcel an expected product of such a culture . And it looks like he has "successfully transfered " his own delusion , to the people you refer to as "we " . But Hezbolla will try again , they are dumb enough . For as we speak , they are getting resupplied by Syria , under the noses of the U N "peace-keepers " . Which inturn will guarantee another "defense of Shebba Farms " [attack on israel ] resulting again , in the same "miraculous victory " [NOT ]. And lets not forget , Hezbolla has an unlimited supply of Lebanese to hide amongst ,and get killed in their place and Nasrallah has plenty of Embassies to hide in when he initiates the next conflict . And of course , the israelis will be" humiliated again " as they occupy the southern third of Lebanon , which will make it all "worthwhile " again . The BLAME ? The " we ", otherwise known as the cheering section , will always have israel to blame evrything on , which goes a long way when you get 4000 civilians killed .
  5. Pakistan Madrassa Raid 'kills 80'

    If you dont know the definition of the word , look it up . If you support all that the insurgents in Iraq do , I pity you . And I don't hear any screaming from the muslim world regarding Darfur , if, as you say muslims oppose it , then WHERE are their voices ? And YOU brought up the term "genocide " , I simply gave the real example of it
  6. Pakistan Madrassa Raid 'kills 80'

    Omar786 , I said TERRORISTS . ARE YOU MAKING A STATEMENT THAT WHEN THE WORD" TERRORIST "IS USED ......IT MEANS MUSLIMS AND GENOCIDE ??? That 's a pretty CHEAP SHOT Omar 786 . Also , it is a pretty crude attempt to puit words in my mouth . Besides , the only real GENOCIDE occurring today , is what the Regime in Khartoum is committing against the black arabs and muslims in the Sudan . So if you want to get on a soap box about genocide , then I suggest you stop trying to twist my words , and start a letter writiing capaign to the Muslim regime in Khartoum .
  7. Pakistan Madrassa Raid 'kills 80'

    What logic ! Come against us for committing terrorist acts , and we will get mad and commit terrorist acts ! I wouldn't support "reducing terrorism " , I would support killing them wherever they are found , and "eliminating them " .
  8. Israel's Scandalous Siege Of Gaza

    Keep reading Liberte , you'll get it .
  9. Our World: Israel's Encirclement

    Better "think again " , Shaidmahmood .
  10. Our World: Israel's Encirclement

    Better go preach THAT , to Hamas , Hezbolla , Iran ,Syria , and all the rest who are hell bent on war with israel . THEY are making the threats , not israel .
  11. Cleric Claims Bias In Aus

    There are laws in Australia , that all are aware of . Rape does not get you a slap on the hand , it gets you a prison sentence , and that , based on mitigating circumstances , having nothing to do with the religious affiliation of the defendants . The imam is out of line and should keep his mouth shut . And some wonder why the Aussies are getting pissed off ?
  12. Our World: Israel's Encirclement

    "Wars and rumors of wars " , "Jerusalem surrounded by the armies of the world "------[christian verses from the bible ] Iran is racing to get its nukes , israel has already got theirs [at least 100 by some estimates ] , Hezbolla barking on a thin and weak leash , Palestinians loading up on arms smuggled into Gaza ......nope it don't look good at all . Things are gonna get worse before they get worse . :D
  13. Pakistan Madrassa Raid 'kills 80'

    Well the BBC put some of it's now to be expected "spin " on the story . If you prefer a more accurate and objective report , I recommend this New Zealand headline : (www.)"nzherald.co.nz/section/story.cfm?c_id=2&ObjectID=10408444"]nzherald.co.nz/section/story.cf...jectID=10408444[/url]
  14. Israel's Scandalous Siege Of Gaza

    Indeed , look in the mirror palestinians and you will see trhe culprit . And who amongst the Palestininas does not justify "the blood of others " ?? And I hear another use the paltry and pathetic excuse " poorly aimed missles " , as if their intent is not to kill , and the action not a violation . I remember several years ago , in the 90's when israeli soldiers were kidnapped , under the auspices of U N troops , in addition they had it UN video's . Why should the israelis put up with kidnapping ? Gaza was evacuated , Palestinians instead of doing ANYTHING positive in Gaza , they chose instead to fight amongst themselves and continue to attack israelis and israel . Do the Palestinians [and YOU ] think the entire world STUPID ? Do you really think ANYONE [aside from yourselves ] believe this propaganda ? Every action taken by israel in Gaza , since the pullout , has been a direct reaction and result of offensive actions by Palestinians in Gaza against israel or its citizens . The Palestinians for their part have simply proved to the rest of the world , what it has suspected of them . They elected a party , that has publicly announced as its goal , the destruction of the state , with which they are supposed to be negociating a peace with . Ifti , you must really believe everyone out here is stupid and can not see , through so thinly veiled propaganda . So they scream foul !!! Where is our money !!! It's all your fault !!! This is nothing less than a three ring circus . The whole purpose of THE MONEY , and the whole purpose of the negociation between the Palestinians and the Western Powers , was to reach a consensus on elections . And all of that, was based on an ultimate goal of a TWO-STATE SOLUTION . With the elimination of violence being a primary ingredient [and benefit ] in any success that would be hoped for . So what do the palestinians do ? What I have listed above , they have voted for a party who's PRIMARY GOAL , OBJECTIVE , and CONSIDERATION , is the destruction of the State to be "allegedly" negociated with . Not only that , but the attacks go on incessantly , and the palestinians feel that they are to be expected , and thence accepted . By WHOM ? IDIOTS ? But I understand this illogic , because I now and understand their goal , therefore any "negociation " with such a people holding such a view , can resemble nothing other than what is seen . Gaza has become an armed camp from which to launch attacks , that is what the israelis critical of the pullout predicted , and that is exactly what it has become . And the bottom line of this ABSURDITY , this JOKE , this TRAVESTY is : -the belief and struggle against the very existence of the israeli State , and with it's ultimate destruction , the goal . This is not a deception , nor illusion , nor a matter of opinion , it is a TRUTH . THAT is in fact the goal . And to think , that you can coerce others into believing anything less , is an exercise in futility , as it is also an exercise in futility , to think , that israel will bare it's neck to their knives . I can easily and with much confidence predict , that until the palestinians recognize that they must co-exist with israel , and they will not in any way "wipe it out " , then and only then will they be elevated from the wretched state they have placed themselves in , for all of the violence ,it has gained absolutely nothing , and it is of their own delusion, that it has. Until such a time , the status quo of the region will remain the same . Only one part can change the staus quo , and that is the Plaestinians , that is IF they want to . At the moment , I believe they do NOT. [ and so do YOU ] Complaining about casualties is just another part of proganda and rhetoric , for the root of the problem CAUSES the casualties , and on BOTH sides . And the PROBLEM is , the refusal to recognize israel's right to exist . And this is the truth , because all the actions of the Plaestinians , not to mention the "outside influences " can be based only in that premise . For that is the ONLY premise in which there lies an explanation for such destructive behavior , and the continuance of such . Sorry Ifti, but that is a sample of the majority of western thought on the issue , as it applies to the western nations from which the palestinians demand money and support from . But you can continue to carry the cunard , and scratch your head wondering why , but I have given you the reasons . You can deny it all if you wish , you can counter with more lists of greivences against the israelis , but it won't change a thing .
  15. 'hamas Doesn't Want To Destroy Israel'

    And WHAT would that "meaningfull dialogue " consist of , regarding Hamas ?? Please specify ANY dialogue you can think of, which would not include the contents of the Palestinian National Charter , and the Hamas Charter , calling for the destruction ofthe Stae of israel , and the removal of jews from the land . Oh and if you think "give us all of israel and we will let you live as dhimmis " is meaningfull dialogue , then think again .