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  1. Suffering Of Uzbek Muslims In Kyrgyzistan

    I understand brother. And from what I heard in the media, I did understand that only the Kyrgyz were perpetrating the violence.
  2. Suffering Of Uzbek Muslims In Kyrgyzistan

    Wa Alaikum Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu sulton, I am following the news and it saddens me as well. It is outrageous that such atrocities are being committed on a people just because of their ethnicity. We have to be careful how we talk about this, however. Neither Uzbeks nor Kyrgyzs are bad people. Generalizing either of these ethnicities as bad is then what leads to such atrocities being committed. And so as Muslims, we should refrain from saying statements like "kyrgyzs have very strong nature of aggression as their identity is close to mongols" because this is insulting both kyrgyz people and mongol people.
  3. Darwinism Refuted

    Saaabz, I believe that all people are descendants of Adam and Eve. The theory of evolution actually does not say how any living thing began to exist. It just says that when some organisms exist, they will change and adapt over generations according to the forces of natural selection.
  4. Darwinism Refuted

    I see nothing in the theory of evolution that goes against anything in Islam. I don't see why this is even an issue among Muslims today. This is something that some Christians have a problem with due to their Bible being corrupted. The Qur'an, being from Allah SWT, has no such problems. As for the validity of the theory of evolution, this is a purely scientific question, nothing to do with Islam.
  5. Brother ajaz, please ask this person to join Gawaher and open a thread here with his or her questions. Also, please tell them to be polite and professional. I find this person's accusatory tone and lack of professionalism (for example, "tat" instead "that" etc) to be a sign that he or she is not sincere and just trying to stir up trouble.
  6. Evolution

    ASA umAhmad: What you should keep in mind about evolution is that things do not always evolve. They only evolve if there are selection pressures. Furthermore, evolution does not have any particular goal in mind. You cannot say that a human being is more evolved than a monkey or a dog, or vice-versa. Therefore, the existence of primates does not invalidate evolution. Wa'Salam
  7. I will make my reply brief and to the point. 1 - That article has been posted here for two purposes: To inform Muslims, and to foster debate about its contents by non-Muslims. 2 - You are trying to stifle debate and open discussion by labeling all Muslim interpretations of non-Muslim religious texts as dishonest etc. I find this to be dishonest in and of itself. 3 - If you have any valid counter-arguments you will not criticize the posting of this article or other articles per se, but rather the actual contents within this article.
  8. Scores Die In Israeli Air Strikes:*updated* 350+ Dead

    I live in the US where we don't have freedom of speech. In light of the situation, specially post 9/11, and now specially with the Holy Land Foundation trial and the people that were convicted, people that I knew and I know they were innocent, I prefer to keep quiet on certain matters specially regarding israel so as not give anyone any excuse to get me into any trouble.
  9. Let's Write Here Interesting Facts About Islam!

    Yes, but "Bismillah ..." still occurs 114 times in the Quran.
  10. Why Can A Man Have More Than One Wife

    I'll start off by saying that Allah knows best and we should always keep that mind. But we can also see the wisdom behind many of his commandments to us, however if we fail to see the wisdom behind some of his commandments it does not mean we should not follow them, we should keep in mind that all the commandments of Islam are from Allah SWT who is our Creator and Sustainer, the Most-Wise and the All-Knowing, and so it would be utterly foolish not to obey His Commandments. Islam is the way of life given to humanity as Mercy from its Creator. Islam is the Natural Way of Life. Islam brings out human nature (fitrah) and is ideally suited for all human beings. This is why when we submit to the Will of Allah, when we become Muslim, we are also at Peace, with ourselves, and with all the other creations of Allah. One of the wisdoms behind the allowance of a man to have more than one wife that we can see is that the nature of the sexual drive of men and women is different. The fitrah of men and women, or our biological natures, when it comes to sexuality, is different. Men are biologically wired to mate multiple times and have multiple partners. Women are biologically wired to find a single stable mate and stick with him for as long as possible. Islam acknowledges this difference in the sexual natures of a man and a woman, and Allah created men and women differently this way in His infinite wisdom. He then gave us Islam to tell us how we should satisfy our desires so that there is peace and harmony among people and among His creations. There are other reasons, for example, women tend to live longer healthier, and men should marry widows to take care of them, etc, but I have elaborated on a particular one here.
  11. Miracles Preformed By Mohammed

    But you continue to argue as if a single point were the whole situation. When I bring up an individual point, you attack it individually and think you've won - but you've forgotten that its that point combined with all the other points together. And when I bring up another point it seems your attention span is very short and you seem to have forgotten the other points I brought up, and you attack the new point individually and think you've won again, forgetting once again that you'll have to disprove all the points taken together. What is "verifiable enough" for you? I am sure I could get some from the Ahadith. Huh? I'm not even putting forth an argument here. Did you forget that you asked me a question? Here, I'll remind you: I'm simply telling you why he would never have gone to Ukaz. Learning the Quran by heart is indeed quite easy and quite common, anyone can do it. But I never mentioned Muhammad's memorization of the Quran. This wasn't anything miraculous or anything even genius. The Arabs were a oral society and they used to memorize lots of things, and the Quran today is probably the easiest thing to memorize, kids less than 10 years of age know all of it by heart. So that's not the miracle. What I was saying is that Muhammad would have had to be thinking about all of it at once. Sure someone has memorized the Quran, but when they recite the Quran it doesn't mean they're thinking about all the words in it at the same time. When you recite the Quran you're thinking of perhaps three or four words at once at most. In fact if you're memorization is good you don't really have to think at all, it comes out by itself (although of course you should think about the meaning of the words as you recite them, not recite them mindlessly). What Muhammad was doing was supposedly composing a new rhyme and rhythm, new content, in seven different dialects, while paying attention to the meaning, and making sure it didn't contradict a single word over a 23 year period and in seven different versions. This isn't something you can do in your sleep, it requires conscious thought, active participation by your mind, and is impossible to do at the scale of the size, complexity, and depth of the Quran, which has over 100 chapters, over 6000 verses, and over 70000 words. The overall theme of the Quran is indeed simplistic, it's a basic pure monotheistic message, but it has deep philosophical, theological, logical, spiritual, and other meanings as well that you probably did not think about when you read the translation. In all of these, there is not a single contradiction, and they all come together to form one unified message from many different aspects - historical, spiritual, practical, intellectual, etc. Here we go again. This is not argument. I am not trying to convince you that the Quran is perfect. I am not stating a fact. This is just my opinion. You really do seem to have a short attention span. You asked me a question, and I'm simply providing an answer as to why Muslims believe the Quran to be perfect, it really has nothing to do with subject of our debate. Here is the question you asked for reference: Well then by all means bring forth your historical records about Muhammad and use them in this debate, because I am waiting for you to come up with any substantive material of your own. So far you haven't come up with any.
  12. Well first of all, there is no such thing as the Hindi scriptures. Secondly, the Bhavishya Purana and other texts are not written in Hindi (I speak Hindi (Urdu)). I don't think you are in any position at all to judge the correctness of the transliteration when you do not even know the name of the scriptures nor the language they are written in! However, this isn't the main point of this post... What you should be asking is not whether the person who posted the article had any understanding of the context, but whether the author of the article had any understanding of the context. Furthermore, your objections would carry more weight were you atleast a Hindu knowledgeable about the Bhavishya Purana and other scriptures. Otherwise I fail to see how this is 'dishonest' or 'distorting'. It seems to me that if a Muslim were to offer any alternative interpretation of a scripture you would automatically label that 'dishonest' or 'distorting', this is an irrational and illogical stance, and one that prevents open and honest discussion or debate.
  13. Watch Out For Ex-muslim "testimonials"

    Well I try to take an objective approach and in the OP I have attempted to dissect the reasons for why people converted out of Islam and also discussed some of the most often quoted reasons that I have seen on Internet media (like youtube). As for the videos you're talking about, I did not post them here on this thread, and perhaps the guy in the second video is a bit brash in his statements, but looking through his statements I find the logic of his arguments to be pretty much sound nonetheless. I cannot say for sure whether those videos are definitely "fake converts" and the point of me creating this thread was not pass judgement on anyone's conversions but only to educate Muslims. I do however hold the informed opinion that many of the videos are of a professional quality and are used in a propagandist setting or documentary, thereby I have reasonable doubt on the sincerity of the conversion. I do believe that some of the conversions are sincere, but I also think that some are not. However, as I've stated already, the point of this thread wasn't to determine whether conversion videos are faked, or whether conversions are fake, but to educate Muslims through a logical and rational dissection of the reasons for apostasy and the common reasons given for apostasy in the media.
  14. Please realize that your comment was worthless only because it was not backed up by any rational or logical arguments. Simply saying something does not make it true, you also have to show why you think it is true. If you think that the OP is wrong, you should cite the relevant portions of the Bhavishya Purana and then present your interpretation, perhaps with some references and give reasons why your interpretation of the Bhavishya Purana is better than the one in the OP. Now if someone had interpreted some verse of the Quran to mean that they foretold the coming of Krisha, for example, then I would construct some rational and logical counter-arguments against the reasons for their interpretations and we would try and have a discussion and/or debate about it. Any argument that goes along the lines of "but he doesn't really know the Bhavishya Purana" or "he doesn't really know the Bible" or "he doesn't really know the Quran" or "he doesn't really know XYZ" is a logically fallacious argument and carries absolutely no weight at all. There is no reason why I would use such an argument if someone interpreted the Quran to predict Krishna, as this type of argument doesn't let one reach a conclusion in a debate.