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  1. First I will state that I was raised Catholic, I went through the whole Christian Process...Communion and Confirmation etc....I was never that religious. But Suphan Allah I was steadfast to this religion cause that was what I was raised! It wasn't until I met my husband who is a Egyptian Sunni Muslim that the world of Islam came to me. Funny as it seems I didn't learn much from him only cause I was stubborn... If he told me anything about Islam even if it made sense I would never admit it to him. But through the grace of Allah I was still able to learn Islam from a friend of my husband's sister. Her name is Lobna. I use to see her much and I was very curious about the religion. What struck me most about Al Islam is that I am closer to Allah than I ever was. Let me explain. In church you had to go to "confession " so I can be forgiven for my sins. In Islam I had to asked Allah for forgiveness , there is no middle man ( priest, confession etc...) And the more I learned on Islam I was dumbstruck to find that I have as much rights as any man, much to my suprise. I never saw Islam as "fair" but I was never so wrong. There are so many hadith about how wives, mothers, daughters are to be treated. they are to be treated with RESPECT! and how about the Surah Maryam? There is a Surah in the Quran for the mother of Jesus. May Allah be pleased with both of them. This was especially Important . First cause I didn't know that Islam believed in Jesus and Mary. I always thought that what ever I did no matter how bad or how wrong I was I will always be forgiven because I was first baptized and that as long as I had Jesus in me, everything would be ok. Meaning I will go to Heaven. Boy was I wrong! I now have a conscience. I now live to please Allah and I am Always worried about my actions as well as my speech. I have more morals now than I ever did, I know that Allah knows everything that is in my heart and in my thoughts as well as what I say or do. I have never feared GOD before Islam! But my fear of Allah and the day of Judgement is so great that i can't help but "try" as best as I can to live a righteous life . To try to explain why i went to Islam is easy yet so hard. There is so many reasons why . the fact that Allah loves me and that HE is ALL KNOWING and ALL Hearing puts me on to a straight path. I was not "forced" to Islam because of the fact that I married a Muslim . I converted to Islam about 2 years AFTER I was married! Islam means to submit to Allah.... What good is it if u make someone convert to Islam if there heart is not in it? Do u think Allah does not know what is in your heart? Ya Allah I pray that you may bestow Knowledge on us and guide all to the right path and I also Pray that you join us with those who are Righteous! Ameen Salma
  2. what are the things you cant do on ramadan? can you have intercourse with ur husband or do you have to wait until after maghrib time and then you can? what others? im new to it.
  3. Missed Prayers

    ok this week i will start a new job and school i wont be home the whole day fot praying, iwill pray in the morning and maybe just miss the dhur and asr prayer is it ok as when i come home i can do the prayers ive missed because at my job there is no place i can do it at all.
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    hi my name is Salvina, nice to meet every one!! This website is great!
  5. Ok well my name is Salvina and i live in new york city, I used to be a Catholic,, then after a while i met some new friends that were muslim, we would always argue about religion. So they got me really curious and i started to read about it and study it for a bout 1 yr and half. i realized it all made sence and how no matter what way or argument , it had its right way and right path, the quran has everything in it even science that only has been discovred soo little ago, the quran is amazing! and its totally true and i love it and i also realized it was the only way and best way for me to have gotten closer to god. The best dicision i have ever made.
  6. Great and interesting story