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  1. Black magick (jaadu)

    Salaam alaikum Isignia of Islam, I would love love love to talk with you in private email. You seem very knowledgable in the area of djinns. My fiance is from Morocco and just came back from a trip yesterday there, his cousin does "work" with djinns and things of that nature. My parents stopped talking to me and my fiance said when he goes back to Morocco, they can fix it. They started the work on it but the djinn is asking for some major in return involving me. Today is Monday, and on Saturday I believe that I spoke with the djinn. But this issues and topics are very private, and sexual in nature and I would like to ask you opinion if you don't mind. Please let me know. m'salaama
  2. Etiquette In Ramadan?

    Asalaamu Aleykom, I am curious if I overreacted or not with my husband. I don't mind if he interacts/talks with other women, its part of his job, I don't have a problem for him to be friends, etc, and vice versa. Since Ramadan started he has no trouble to tell me what I should and shouldn't be doing, example I stopped wearing the makeup and perfume I usually wear, etc etc. Today he calls me, and he is in the private office of a woman that works at a dealership he is working on. Not for anything work related, just to talk and say hi, according to him he was just "sitting there looking at her" And in my head it wasn't right, I'm thinking, the whole time we are doing sawm, we barely make eye contact, but you go and sit in a private office of a kaffir woman, and I know for a fact they joke sometimes of a sexual nature. So I told him, call me back when you are by yourself, please, and I hung up the phone. I felt so angry, he's telling me your not supposed to do this and your not supposed to do that but he's not watching himself? Did I/am I overreacting? Thank you for any replies. Lameesa
  3. Salaam, Ramadan mubarak to all. I just need some advice. My husband, who normally is extremely sweet, caring, and understanding, but since Ramadan has started, has turned into such a headache. For the past 6 days he's been rude to me, hanging up on me on the phone, made me cry twice. I am trying to be understanding but I don't want to deal with this til Eid. Normally he smokes almost a pack a day so not smoking probably has some effect but its hurtful what he says. Any advice?
  4. Dua To Forget A Bad Experience?

    Asalaamu Alaikum, Recently I had sort of a troubling experience with my fiance, things have been reconciled, but I can't forget what happened, and I feel it will hurt our relationship. I want to erase it from my memory, like it never happened, and I don't know how to do that...its very difficult to be reminded of it everyday.
  5. Learning To Perform Salaat

    Asalaamu Alaikum, I come from a Muslim family, but they do not practice much, and so I was never taught how to perform salaat. I am engaged to another Muslim and he practices and it has encouraged me to do so as well. I'm trying to learn the correct way of doing salaat so I have a few questions 1. I do not speak Arabic but I speak Farsi, do I have to learn to recite in Arabic or is it okay in Farsi or English? 2. What do I need to perform salaat correctly, do I need to buy something in particular to wear, do I to have a prayer rug, etc? 3. How do I make the salaat more personal, i.e. pray for family, friends etc, at what point do I ask or say what I am thinking? 4. When a couple lives together, do they pray together or seperately? Thanks to anyone who can help clarify some things for me.