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  1. How Many Christians Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

    lol those are great! :sl:
  2. Hello :)

    Salaam :sl: I was here a long time ago and yeah I still remembered my password! I was also on another Muslim forum that when I tried to get on it today, it said it was disabled. I hope the people who are a part of that forum are all ok!!! Anyways, I am not sure how much I can post cause life is very busy! I am hoping to be a good ambassador here of my belief, and no I don't want to "convert" anybody, but I do want to show that there are Christians who love God and love others. If you have any questions about the Christian belief, please feel free to ask me. I'm not an expert but I do take following Jesus very seriously since God changed my heart. I am a 31 year old Christian lady who sadly wasn't following Jesus and got divorced around 4 years ago, but God has forgiven me. He's blessed me with the wonderful responsibilites [##][/##]of teaching espanol (Spanish) and as an ESL instructor. If you have anything to share whether good or bad about Christians, feel free to write about it, k? I am not into debates... I am into sharing. I am thankful for the Muslims who God has put into my life who have taught me alot and who are wonderful people. I've learned a lot already bout Islam on the other website and have read some of the Quran, and it is not my goal or desire to insult or think bad or anything like that what Muslims believe. I respect Islam and I appreciate respect for my beliefs as well. Shukran. :sl: May God bless ya'll. CL
  3. Hello :)

    UmAhmad!!! I remember you!!! How are you? I hope you and your family are very well! :sl: I think the other forum is closed or something. ? Thanks so much and I appreciate your welcome! God bless you very much!!! CL
  4. Hello :)

    Hi Aussie, Cause God is Faithful and Truthful. He says that He forgives us when we ask for forgiveness and don't do it anymore, and what He says, He does. Peace and God bless :sl:
  5. What's Gawaher Mean?

    Just curious and didn't feel like looking it up, yeah I know lazy but still... :sl:
  6. As-salam From Chicago Usa

    Welcome :sl: Peace and God bless.
  7. Im New!

    Welcome :sl: Who is Khalid Yasin?
  8. I Am New Here:)

    Welcome and have fun on your exam :sl: Peace and God bless.
  9. Introduction

    Welcome Yusuf :sl: I like that name. Peace and God bless.
  10. Asalam Alaikum

    WOW!!! Ireland!!! Cool :sl: Welcome What's the weather like there?
  11. What's Gawaher Mean?

    Oh thanks! cool. :sl:
  12. Islam in America

    Well see it really depends on where exactly you live in the U.S. For example, Chicago has a great big Muslim population as well as high diversity with people from most all beliefs and ethnicities. Devon Street is real fun to walk down and some streets near it, cause you will see Hindus, Muslims, Jews who are all very orthodox in dress walking by each other. It is quite peaceful praise God and is for the most part not a discriminatory place for beliefs. I guess the main discrimiation there is concerning how much money one has. :sl: But about diversity in beliefs it is a good place I think. Now, if you go to where I live, which is in the country not anywhere near Chicago, you will find that most people will stare out of curiousity at any woman in a hijab (especially if she's white.) You will find most people to be sad for your "oppressed" state (yeah I know already the reason it's in parenthesis is because it really depends on the eye of the beholder.) Only a few would be rude, but those people are ones who would be rude to pretty much anybody different than them, and they merely need prayer and forgiveness. So, I don't think it's as bad as all that; that's my opinion however and no I've never worn a hijab (except in play and in dramas where I was a Biblical person, like Ruth.) so I really can't tell from experience. Can anyone share their experience who has worn a hijab in the U.S.? Thanks. Peace and God bless.
  13. The Quran

    Ok, I'm taking a deep breath and going to plunge into a field I'm not a student of... the Quran. Those who know me on other forums know that I love the Bible, that I study it ever since I've repented of my sins, and most importantly (to me) I believe that it contains God's Word. Ok, I don't want anybody to disrespect my beliefs or the collection of writings that I believe is from God to us; that's not what this is about. I don't like disrespecting what others believe because I believe (in the Bible) God has shown that is wrong and not truly living for Him when one does that. Now, about the Quran - first of all is that how to write it in English or Koran? Also, where should I start reading? at the begninng? And what English translation -cause Arabic is just pretty scribbles to me seeing as I can't read or understand it, and no I am not wanting to learn Arabic right now... (am in summer school and Arabic is not on the agenda today... :sl: I've read the Quran before but it was a long time ago. Peace and God bless :sl:
  14. The Quran

  15. Hello

    How are ya'll? I hope very well. :j: I'm a Christian lady from the United States. No, that's not contradictory, even though believe me, it is difficult to be an obedient believer in Jesus here. I am growing in my relationship with God and am thankful to Him for His mercy, grace, and amazing love for us!!! :no: I'm here NOT to debate, so don't you dare even try. :sl: I do like to clown around but I shall try to obey the rules k? and if I offend please know it's not on purpose but by accident and please just tell me. I'm a quick learner... sometimes :sl: I'm here cause I like to share, and cause Muslims all over the world are fascinating and cool people. Please do not attempt to "revert" me, even though granted I shall thank you right now for your consideration to my eternal welfare. I understand and am thankful for your care. :D I'm not here to convert, or however you say, you to Christianity. Deal? :D Like above, I'm here to share. Peace and God bless. :D P.S. I was here before for a teeny tiny bit...
  16. Hello

    Thanks! :no: And why not? :D I think it's sweet and cool when someone tries to revert me. The reason is cause I know that means the person cares, otherwise why bother, right? :D We can only tell you the things we know and belive the rest is up to Allah. Aye :D Exactly how I feel concerning my belief and ya'll :sl: Sorta ironic isn't it? :sl: And you Know what....... Never Say Never! I never want to say never to God :D I know you don't either. :) Thanks for your sense of humor Tamarbutah, thanks for the smile you've given me... needed that... have a presentation tomorrow I need to get ready... fun fun. :j: :D
  17. Hello

    I have a question. I have a 10% warning from the last time I was here and I have not the foggiest remembrance as to how I achieved that. Was I joking? (That's a way I tend to get in trouble sometimes.) What did I do please? Thanks.
  18. Hello

    Thank yall :sl: Peace and God bless
  19. The Quran

    Thank You Everybody So I'm going to read the chapter of Miriam first then if God wills. Thanks for the sites and all the ideas. :D
  20. Israel And The Kingdom Of Jerusalem

    Hi Ozymandius, Thanks for showing me the article again. It is very readable and understandable, and I like how you presented it and the very useful information you provided, but I am wondering please, would it not be better to start with during the time of Jesus? I think that would give a more thorough understanding as to why Crusaders even existed and interfered with the city of Jerusalem. The reason I say this is because when Jesus was healing people and teaching and doing other amazing miracles, the Romans were the oppressors of the Jewish people in the land that was inhabitated by the descendants of israel (Jacob the son of Isaac the son of Abraham) and is now known as israel again. Before the Romans had conquered and subjected the Jewish people (as well as MANY other people groups), the Babylonions and the Persians and Medes and well the list goes on and on have done this. I am sure you know all that, but the reason I think it's important to start with the Roman occupation of the israelites' land is because the followers of Jesus originally are Jewish people who were born in the land and Jewish people who had been scattered abroad from previous tragedies to their people. The Jewish people had long awaited the prophesied Messiah, the Anointed One, who they thought would save them from their enemies (at the time their main enemies being their oppressors, the Romans.) Jesus did not do that in the physical sense though, and so many rejected him. However, many did accept Him and when Jesus' prophesy that the city of Jerusalem fell, many escaped even though I've heard that many of the Jewish Christians died attempting to defend their beloved city from the Romans. The Jewish Christians who escaped as well as their Gentiles who believed in Jesus too (which at first was a surprise to the Jewish Christians that God saved Gentiles through Jesus too) began to drift to different nations for the most part, even though many Christians did stay in that area, as persecution of the Christians began to escalate at the hands of the Roman empire. When Constantine became the Emperor and professed to be a Christian (though his sincerity is doubtful) the Roman empire changed from persecuting Christians to elevating the status of Christian from despised to pretty much preferred. Anyways I'm sure you know all this but basically the Romans, who usually did things by force, did force many people to become fake Christians (cause it is impossible to force someone to become a true Christian- that is only a person's will and to decide) and I believe this rubbed off on the mentality of some Christian missionaries. For example, even though St. Patrick (though he wasn not really a part of the Catholic church, just dubbed that by the Catholic church later) testified to the Irish who kidnapped and enslaved him, others basically forced whole groups of people to title themselves "Christian." This and the infulence that pagan practices/beliefs still held on to the people who were being forced brought a very weired and different thought pattern to many Gentile Christians. At this time too the majority of the Gentiles were not being educated by their leaders, and so they blindly yet trustingly followed the leaders of the church who imposed on them commands and practices that were not conducive to the teachings of Jesus or faith in Him. That is how the Crusaders were actually lead, by their blind trust in corrupt leaders. Because the Crusaders started when they Byzantinian empire felt threatened who pleaded for help from the European Christians, the corrupt leaders saw a way to gain money, power, and since Jesus did walk the streets of Jerusalem, they made that their pious reason for invading. They slaughtered even the Christians (both Gentiles and Jew Christians) as well as anyone in their path, and they justified it by saying, 'God wills it." I think it is very dangerous for any group of people to say that taking a person or group of people's life is God's Willl, and to me the Crusaders' justification goes back to the Roman empire's mentality of crushing opposition and keeping people under oppression through any means necessary (like trickery in the case of the leaders of the Crusade to their trusting followers.). Do you agree or what do you think please? Peace and God bless
  21. The Quran

    Oops, I put this in the wrong section. Should be in the Q and A for Non-Muslims yeah? Sorry
  22. Israel And The Kingdom Of Jerusalem

    Hi Ozy, I hope you're doing well. I"m sorry, I am still reading your article. It's very interesting but politics have a way of making my mind wander so I am reading it slowly but surely. :D I have to say it is very interesting and makes sense, what I've read so far. The only thing though please that I'd like to point out is that for me, as a Christian, the Crusades are a shame and were not acting in the true teachings of Jesus. Every time I hear of them it fills me with shame and sadness at the lives lost and the barbarity the people who encounted them suffered. Though I believe most of this was done in ignorance, like little children hitting others because a mean older bully was encouraging them to do it, I believe they should have realized that this is not what Jesus meant when he said to love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you, and so forth. The following is something that I hope many Muslims read and understand that many Christians, including myself, are deeply sorry for what the Crusaders did in the name of Christ and ask for forgiveness for what they did. Christian group apologizes for Crusades Jerusalem slaughter occurred 900 years ago Reuters, July 1,1999 By Sofia Javed JERUSALEM - Members of an evangelical Christian group arrived in Jerusalem yesterday and apologized for the slaughter of Muslims, Jews and Eastern Christians during the Crusades 900 years ago. ''We, as physical and cultural descendants of the Crusaders, recognize and renounce the motives and acts of the Crusaders,'' said Matthew Hand, a spokesman for Reconciliation Walk, a group of Western Christians tracking the path of Crusaders from Europe to the Middle East in an apology tour. ''The Crusades belie the spirit and teachings of Christ, whose kingdom was not part of this world of violence,'' he said. Thousands of Crusader knights invaded Jerusalem on July 15, 1099, and slaughtered its mainly Muslim and Jewish inhabitants. Members of Reconciliation Walk began their journey three years ago in Cologne, Germany. After visiting, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and the West Bank, they arrived in Jerusalem to commemorate the 900th anniversary of the subjugation of Jerusalem by Crusaders. In a public ceremony yesterday, members of the group presented framed copies of its apology in English, Arabic and Hebrew to representatives from the three faiths. ''We deeply regret the atrocities committed in the name of Christ by our predecessors. We renounce hatred and fear, and condemn all violence done in the name of Jesus Christ,'' the apology said Members of the group spent the day walking the streets of Jerusalem begging forgiveness for the violence of the Crusader bid to wrest the Holy Land from Muslim control. Jewish, Christian and Muslim representatives present at the ceremony welcomed the apology. ''Of course we cannot forget, but we can forgive,'' said Metropolitan Timothy, secretary general of the Greek Patriarchate of Jerusalem. ''Even Christ on the cross extended his arms to embrace the whole world.'' Mithkal Natour, a lecturer in Islamic Law at israel's Baka Al-Gharbiya Islamic college, said Muslims should accept the apology. Rabbi Ron Kronish, director of the Interreligious Coordinating Council in israel, said it was never too late for sincere repentance. (www.)"http://rickross/reference/general/general78.html"]rickross/reference/general/general78.html[/url]
  23. Pink Snow Falls In Russia!

    Wow!!! I'd like 2 look that up 2 see pictures!
  24. Please Sign This - Urgent

    I cannot sign it, can I? I just would like to say that I admire Muslim women for their stand to worship God and even though I can't sign it, I'm impressed. :D God bless ya'll. :D
  25. To All Muslims

    I was wondering please if you could tell me your opinion through answering the following questions? Thank you. 1.) What shows you that a person truly cares for you? (and I'm not talking about lovey-dovy romantic love, you know, but care of a creation of God through God's love to a fellow creation of God.) 2.) When you think the word "Christian": what pops into your mind? 3.) When Christians or people of other beliefs criticize or insult your belief, does that encourage you to learn more about that belief? 4.) Have you ever read the Bible? If yes, what inspired you the most and why? If yes you have read but nothing has inspired you, why do you think that is? If no, why have you not read the Bible? 5.) Have you ever met a Christian that has given you a negative impression of Christianity? 6.) If yes, please tell me how so? 7.) Have you ever met a Christian that has given you a positive impression of Christianity? 8.) If yes, please tell me how so? Was it through debate, or was it through actions of giving towards others, or what exactly? 9.) If no, is it because there are relatively no Christians in where you live, or do you come in contact with people who say they are Christians everyday? 10.) As a Muslim, what is what you desire most with the Christians in your life? Would you wish not to be prayed for? Would you wish them not to attempt to "convert" you? Would you wish for peace? Would you wish for respect? Would you wish there to be no Christians and all the world to be Muslim, or what exactly is your desire concerning the Christians? Thank you so much for your time and I greatly appreciate your input that comes from your heart.