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  1. Segregation In Masjid?

    :sl: Yes, the men and women are completely separated in the Masjid I attend. I have not been to any picnic or whatnot (at least not yet) but at the lectures, which are held next to the Masjid, I believe men and women are usually separated with the help of a curtain. The Masjid is located in the south of Sweden, the city of Malmö. --- I am sorry to hear that your wife is not attending the Masjid (if that is what she really wants to do). But I am a bit lost. What is preventing your wife from attending? Even though you are separated, she can “hang out†with the other sisters, no?
  2. 60 Ways To Keep Your Wife's Love

    :sl: Very, very enjoyable, even though I am not married (yet)! But I'll save the videos for the future. :sl: Thank you for sharing!
  3. The Signs Of Imaan (faith)

    Indeed, this is most definitely an inspirational text. Thank you for conveying to us these words of wisdom, brother! Salaam, Abe B.Y.
  4. Homosexuality And Lesbianism

    Luv2Learn and Aburafay, As-Salamu Alaykum, Firstly, I want to thank you for taking the time to address my comments. Secondly, I want to apologize if I came across a bit aggressive. It was not my intention to go off like I did; rather I unfortunately let my feelings speak. Luv2Learn, Yes, you are right; feelings can be controlled if you have the necessary will power. So the concept of homosexuality among human beings might be a “testâ€, even if it is a biological condition. Only our Almighty Creator has the answers regarding this issue. But personally, I do not wish harm upon anyone and I could never hate a person for being homosexual—there is simply no reason for such behavior. Unfortunately, it seems that some Muslims have a habit of doing just the opposite. We can never convey the true message of Islam to a homosexual person if they conceive us to be hate mongers that want to harm them (verbally or otherwise). So that is what I have a problem with. Aburafay, “Do you believe that He would make 10% of the people (your statement) do something and then call them these things? Can you tell us why He would do that?†The estimated number of homosexuality (human and animal) is around the ~10 percent mark. This is not my statement; it is empirical data derived from scientists using a scientific method involving experimentation, observation etc. Allah has created all things, whether these things are subjected to biological inclinations or psychological ones—or if they merely are products of “free willâ€. Our Creator has obviously created everything that exists, so the answer is: Yes, Allah has created homosexuality just as he has created everything that exists. Is there any other answer, brother? No, I cannot tell you why He would do that, because I do not know. I understand that as much as understand the Islamic concept of free will and predestination, where as both these seemingly paradoxical elements coexist. According to the Glorious Qur’an, Allah knows what choices we are to make and not to make, but we still have the free will to make the choices. Therefore, I cannot claim to understand the reasoning behind the harsh words towards the homosexual population. Can you? The only answer I am capable of coming up with is that He has the power to create a circle that is not a circle—i.e. He is beyond our limited rationale and concept of logic. But that is really more of a philosophical discussion, even if it also applies to this subject. I except that His wisdom is greater, I really do. But I do not always understand it—just as, I think, nobody always does—and that is the primary reason to why I have so many questions and thoughts regarding the subject at hand. I still believe in our Creator, even if I cannot understand Him or fathom the reasoning behind certain things. But some of these things I think about a great deal, and sometimes I find myself lost in all the thoughts that my psyche concoct. “Now let us deal with the act from a purely psychological point of view. I believe that many children (male or female) go through a period where he/she has an inclination to like people from the same gender. If there comes an opportunity to put this liking into action, then that person develops it further and becomes addicted to it. The more he/she practices this the deeper he/she gets into it.†Of course this is possible, but I do not think that this theory can be the sole cause. If anything, social aspects interact with psychological and biological aspects to form the basis for either a homosexual person or a heterosexual person, even if they both could have ended up being homosexuals (i.e. because of a biological inclination). So, yes, I think that there are more factors to consider than solely the biological ones. Like I said, I believe in Allah and Islam as given to our beloved Prophet Muhammad. But, at times, my iman seems to go up and down because of things I do not comprehend (to be honest, it is mostly because of the issue of homosexuality). But your comments have made me think—thank you! Salaam, Abraham
  5. Homosexuality And Lesbianism

    Homosexuality is “unnaturalâ€, a “perversionâ€, an “abominationâ€â€”come on, people. That is just utter nonsense. You have absolutely no scientific, empirical data to back up these speculative and unscientific statements. There are numerous scientific reports regarding homosexuality but obviously you have not read them or you reject them. Empirical data—using a scientific method involving experimentation and measurability—points to homosexuality being a biological condition, where hormone levels in the unborn fetus play an intricate part. In other words, there is nothing at all that point to homosexuality being a perversion or a sickness. Nothing. Rather, the rate of homosexuality is steady within the vertebrate populations (i.e. both human and animal) with a number hovering around the ~10 percent mark (which definitely suggest that homosexuality is found everywhere, even in societies that ban homosexuality, as well as among animals). So how does this fit into the religion of Islam? Right now, I really have no idea. I am having a hard time reconciling the damnation of homosexuality as a biological imperative with the concept of a rational and logic Creator. You cannot have it both ways; i.e. if a Creator creates homosexuality as a biological imperative—and, again, everything points to this being the case—you cannot deem it as a capital punishment. Not one person in this forum can provide objective, scientific data that point to homosexuality being “unnaturalâ€. It cannot be cured. It is not “wrongâ€. My iman is definitely weak at the moment. I myself am not homosexual nor do I have any friends who are. But they are not ruining the fabric of society and whatnot, rather they—and this is true even in Western countries—have to hide their sexual persuasion from the ignorant who want to bash them or murder them. And for what, something they cannot control? Are they worth less because of a biological condition that forces them to be attracted to their own sex? What about hermaphrodites? Where do they fit in the grand scheme of things? Man. Salaam.
  6. Salaam

    Thanks for the warm welcome, everybody. :D
  7. Salaam

    Salaam Zabrina, Your words are kind and appreciated! I do indeed feel like a Muslim at heart already (and basically have for some time). Thanks for the drink. :D
  8. Salaam

    ... And greetings from Sweden, I was searching for an Islamic online community when I to my joy found IF. There are a few similar communities scattered across the Net but many of them seem to be fairly inactive – but not this one! :D Any hoot, I have not yet converted to Islam but I plan on doing it this week actually. I have just gotten off the phone with my local Masjid/Islamic Center. We scheduled a meeting this Friday. They seem really nice (and they confirmed that they indeed are nice, so I have nothing to be nervous about). Hehe. :D I hope my experience on this community will be pleasant as well as informing. So far the forums seem great. :D Peace to you all!
  9. A Photographer Finds Allah In Nature

    Salaam, This is truly a wonderful story. A great deal of it could easily be my own words, particularly the almost atheistic/agnostic thoughts and feelings (i.e. prior to finding Islam). Plus it is kind of eerie that I, just as the author, am Swedish. A twin! Anyway, the tears were not far from flowing. :D
  10. Don't Say You're Not Important

    Salaam, Indeed, it is a heart-warming and utterly positive poem. I enjoyed it!
  11. Who Hijacked My Religion?

    Salaam, Awesome videos(s). They are indeed funny, yet they convey a conscience and much needed message to both Muslims and non-Muslims. Well, I like it. Thanks for the link!
  12. Islam In Sweden

    Salam Alaykum, I feel that your portrayal of Sweden is very, very inaccurate. Muslims are not “oppressedâ€, rather quite a few non-Muslims -- whether it be non-Muslim ethnic Swedes or non-Muslim immigrants -- demonstrate prejudices toward Muslims. This is, as you surely know, not uncommon in the West, but it is not the same thing as “being oppressed†in my opinion; Muslims are allowed to practise Islam, to have their children placed in Islamic schools etc. Further more, I categorically deny that the Swedish Government has made it a habit of taking custody of Muslims' children, whether the Muslims are immigrants or not. Naturally, if the child has broken the law or whatnot he or she might be placed in the hands of the proper authority according to Swedish law; in other words it is not because the individual is Muslim which your post seems to insinuate. It is not about defending a (non-Islamic) country. I am opposing the notion that the Swedish Muslims are “persecuted†and defending these very Muslims from being portrayed in a very helpless and slanted fashion. Please, do not take my post as being hostile. I am not trying to offend you. Peace to all.