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  1. Blair Calls Use Of Veil 'a Mark Of Separation'

    It is a mark of separation. That's the whole point.
  2. God's Existence

    Illogical, would God purposely deceive mankind? Well, saying purposely is kinda pointless. I mean, God wouldn't accidentally deceive mankind.
  3. You Are All The Same

    I'm sure it's because Spielberg is a Jew. Spielberg isn't a racist, but I know who is. :D
  4. British Accent

    Yes, listen to Pe[at]ce. Fun = bad. Seriously, though, I found this thread to be an interesting read, especially the people who mentioned the "American" accent. There are many accents, here, likely many more than in the UK (the US is many times the size and population of the UK). I doubt anyone here would be able to understand anyone speaking with a Creole accent. I can't even understand them. :D I HATE!!! redneck accents, which is probably what most of you are referring to, when you talk about an American accent. These people will pronounce words like computer as 'puter, wire as waar, and wash as warsh. I like most British, Canadian, and Australian accents. I don't have any problem understanding them. They're all much easier to understand than some kid talking like a thug.
  5. Clarify Pls

    They don't float and the sun doesn't orbit the earth.
  6. Clarify Pls

    In that verse
  7. Why We Are Not Ready For Peace

    tom, you don't want peace. You want israel to be destroyed.
  8. The Physics Of The Day Of Judgment

    Yes, I know. The verses in the Qu'ran are vague. Regardless of the scientific consensus, followers will claim the consensus validates the Qu'ran. So many people believe only what they want to believe.
  9. Clarify Pls

    The Qu'ran is stating that the sun and moon orbit the earth. The moon does orbit the earth (duh). The sun doesn't.
  10. Iran Rebuilding Lebanon Schools, Hospitals

    Don't seem to mind? I am livid. For the most part, the government tries to hide the fact that they give so much money to israel from the people. Socialized health care? No thanks. I don't like lines.
  11. Iran Rebuilding Lebanon Schools, Hospitals

    The israelis asked the US for $30 billion, after the war. I have the unfortunate feeling that the US is going to give israel this money. :D
  12. God's Existence

    Yes, God created ignorant people. Free will is an illusion, if God is omnipotent/omipresent/etc. If he is all knowing, he knows, before we are born, if we are going to heaven or hell. He knows which events in our life shape our mind into either accepting or rejecting him. He knows, yet he still punishes. This is a contradicion which cannot be resolved, in my opinion. The only way someone can resolve this is to say "Allah knows best". I don't accept that cop out.
  13. The Physics Of The Day Of Judgment

    TheBlindwatchmaker, we don't know if the universe will continue to expand or if it will eventually contract. Yes, current calculations lead us to believe that the expansion of the universe is increasing, but these calculations could be proven incorrect, eventually. The recent verification of the existence of dark matter is something that will certainly alter these calculations. There is still much that we don't know. However, this does not scientifically validate anything in the Qu'ran.
  14. Uk Teacher Suspended Over Veil

    She didn't wear her veil for the interview? Then she planned this whole situation as a big PR stunt.
  15. Stoking Muslim Anger

    I didn't see the sarcasm in your post, my apologies. I've seen numerous posts by Muslims, echoing that sentiment, which completely lacked sarcasm. Again, you have my apologies.