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  1. Marriages Between Extended Family

    Thank you for your responses. Does this apply to a man marrying his mother's brother's daughter or must he only marry his mother's sister's daughter, his father's brother's daughter or his father's sister's daughter? More or less can the cousin marriage be in any direction or must it be specific?
  2. Marriages Between Extended Family

    What is the Islamic position on marriages between extended family? For example, a man marries his mother's brother's daughter. Would this be allowed in Islam?
  3. Grandfather Born Out Of Wedlock And Surname

    It is possible that my grandfather was conceived out of wedlock, however his family were not Muslims, nor was his son (my father). I have read that children born of these relations in jahiliya are considered legitimate. If this is the case, can I retain my grandfather's surname or because he was born out of wedlock would this mean the line of paternity is not inherited?
  4. The Meaning Of Surah 4:137

    Hello, Please may I know the meaning of Surah 4:137? Does this Surah place a limit on the amount of times a person may return to the Lord Almighty? Thank you for your answers. Best regards, LearningAboutReligion
  5. Nationality In Mixed Country Families

    So the issue is settled then. The nationality is not decided by blood but rather by language and perhaps other factors. However this may apply only to the Arabs. If the mother and the father are one, does this therefore mean that one can claim a nationality if only one parent has it, whether it be held by the mother or the father? Jazak'Allah khayr brothers and sisters.
  6. Nationality In Mixed Country Families

    You are absolutely right. However while Islam does not recognise nationality, is it not a fact that Bilal (r.a.) was an Ethiopian, that Suhaib (r.a.) was a Roman and that Salman (r.a.) was a Persian? In my mind there do exist subgroups and tribes. The trouble is that I feel more closely aligned to one which is not along my paternal line but I do not deny my paternal line in any instance.
  7. Nationality In Mixed Country Families

    Ideally it would be best to hear an answer from the Islamic perspective. My thought is more about ancestry. For example, if your father is an Arab and your mother is Persian, does this make the son an Arab as well or can he call himself Persian? Also if he does the latter, is his failure to associate himself with being Arab a denial of his paternal lineage? What I would truly like to know is this: I am of mixed ethnicity but feel closer to the ethnicity and culture of my grandmother on my father's side. However if ethnicity is inherited via the patriarchal line, would associating with my grandmother's lineage be a denial of my ancestors and thus a major sin? I ask about all this because I need to know where I am going to settle in future.
  8. Nationality In Mixed Country Families

    I have been wondering about the subject of the nationality of a person who is born to two parents of differing nationalities. Let us take the example of a child whose father is from Pakistan and whose mother is Turkish. From what I understand the child would by patrilineal descent be regarded as Pakistani, however what if the child is raised in Turkey and is more familiar with the Turkish culture and society? Furthermore, does this mean that if a person has ancestors a thousand years back through the father's line of descent that they are actually of that particular nationality? Many thanks for your answers.
  9. I have been wondering about the ruling on those who commit the worst form of shirk al akbar. We hear that it is the worst sin and unforgivable, however how come some apostates throughout history were able to return to Islam? Was it because their apostasy was not of the highest order, perhaps a minor apostasy along the lines of kufr, but not necessarily shirk al akbar and hence they could still be redeemed? Therefore if a Muslim knowingly commits shirk al akbar reaptedly, say he has a lapse of belief and becomes a Christian like my friend did and then returns to Islam but then apostates again and returns, is there any hope for him after having repeatedly become an apostate and believing in the divinity of Jesus(PBUH)? To those who say Islam wipes away what came before it, my understanding is that this refers to those sins one committed before they say the Shahadah. Furthermore, after Islam has come to them and they again commit shirk, what is to say their past will be overlooked after Islam has reached them? This matter is very confusing for me. Thank you all very much for your answers.
  10. Am I Of Yajuj And Majuj

    Thank you all very much for your answers, Jazak'Allah khayr. The Hadith is as follows: Narated By 'Aisha, Ummul Mu'minin : The Apostle of Allah (pbuh) said to me: Have the mugharribun been seen (or some other word) among you? I asked: What do the mugharribun mean? He replied: They are those in whom is a strain of the jinn. Book 036, Hadith Number 5089.
  11. Am I Of Yajuj And Majuj

    Are you not aware of the Hadith in Rasululah(s.a.w.) speaks of the Mughabirun, or those mixed with man and Jinn? I am not a troll and if this is embarassing to some, then please feel free to move it.
  12. Am I Of Yajuj And Majuj

    Sheikh Imran Hosein has written a very interesting book on this subject, as have others. Their arguments are very convincing.
  13. Am I Of Yajuj And Majuj

    Assalamu alaykum, I was reading on a forum about a topic regarding Yajuj and Majuj and how they are the New World Order. When I found this, I was afraid as it said that the rulers of this group were said to be of mixed blood with the Jinn. A video was posted in which the supposed, not necessarily the actual, characteristics of the humans mixed with Jinn were presented. Among these were a skinny figure, pale skin, red/orange hair and a hook like nose. When I saw this I was absolutely startled. Due to me having some European blood, I also have many of these characteristics and furthermore, someone in the thread also said that he believed most of the United Kingdom were humans mixed with Jinn. I also have British blood. This leads me to wonder if it is possible for me to be a Muslim when I have some of the characteristics of the Mugharibun(humans mixed with Jinn) and also because I have British blood. Is there salvation for me or am I doomed to be of the evil ones? Regards, Learning About Religion
  14. Sick Of This Life

    Bismillah Ah-Rahman Ah-Raheem Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa baraakatuh brother, In life we have tests and in life we have trials. I am a revert to Islam and I took my Shahadah in 2007, Alhamdulillah Yaa Rabb Alameen! It is my observation that it is easier to be pious when one is happy. If we do not have pressures or worries from the dunya, then it is easier to keep our mind on our Islam and the hereafter. Yet if we are faced with worries from family, work, friends, politics, the economy or society, our moods immediately turn for the worst and it may deaden our Iman. If I am not mistaken, Umar Ibn Al-Khattab(r.a.) said that poverty leads to kufr. Likewise, if we are having some troubles in our lives, then will this not lead us to sadness and make us less enthusiastic? Only Allah(s.w.t.) knows best. From personal experience I can attest to the fact that whenever I had some trouble in life, with my friends or family, it could sometimes lessen my Iman. Yet in the end I realised that sometimes life is not as sweet as we would like it to be. Regardless of what we face, in order to be people of integrity and morality, we must take things full on without wavering. We must make Solat, we must have faith, we must enjoin the good and forbid the evil and never surrender to our nafs or al-shaytan(May Allah(s.w.t.) protect and guard us from him). Now brother, you must realise that even though you may be dying inside, even though the heart wrenching pain and anguish, one that seems to have no release in sight, is burning inside you and grinding your heart to pieces, just remember the reward at the end for those who Allah(s.w.t.) blesses with Jannah. In the end brother, if you become sick of this life, then at the very least you can put trust in Allah(s.w.t.) for delivery in the next. Just be strong brother. Ignore all your fears, all your pain and all your sadness, for in the end, all happiness is from Allah(s.w.t.) and none other than Him(Praise Be To Him). Ask yourself this: if you do not have Deen, yet you do not have dunya, then what do you have? Then ask yourself this, if you have dunya, but do not have Deen, then what type of person are you? Choose the path of righteousness and Al-Haqq, for in the end, no matter what sadness you face, you will always have peace of mind, Insha'Allah ta'ala. In life we face tests from Allah(s.w.t.). What is important is that we do not become overwhelmed by them and that we remain steadfast to our Deen. We should also remember that with hardship comes ease. I agree with the sister's advice that you should make dhikr, by praising Allah(s.w.t.). You should also remember the powerful statement in Arabic: La Hhawla Wa La Quwwata Illa Billah These lovely words translate to:"There is no power or strength except with Allah". Remember this. Remember that at the end of the day, no matter what happens, we must put our trust in Allah(s.w.t.) and never waver in this trust. We must remember that even though something may appear as a calamity, it can in fact be very auspicious and good for us. Have hope in Allah(s.w.t.) and know that everything happens for a reason. Do not ever fear or feel overburdened by the dunya, for Allah(s.w.t.) will never place a soul under more than it can bare, despite what one may feel at the time. I will make Dua for you, dear brother. May Allah(s.w.t.) strengthen you in this Deen and grant you ease after this hardship. Ameen. Regards, Yahya
  15. Chinese Crimes Against Muslims In Turkistan

    It is indeed a disgrace, the crimes inflicted upon the Muslims of not only East Turkestan, but also in China itself. If we remember the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s, where Masjids were used for Communist meetings or when the Holy Qu'ran was desecrated, we see that the Muslims there are being oppressed simply for not acceding to the way of life as dictated by the Chinese state. I have looked quite deeply into this issue and heard of other atrocities, including the famous Shadian Incident in which a whole town of Chinese Muslims was leveled to the ground by PLA artillery. Then there are the numerous nuclear tests in East-Turkestan which have irradiated numerous Uyghur Muslims and their descendents, even to this day. At one point, pig bones were placed down a well so that the people were forced to drink from this sole water source. I even heard that they made people feed pigs in the Masjid! I saw an Al Jazeera report last Ramadhan that revealed the Chinese state were also placing fasting restrictions on the people. I think we do not truly see what is happening over there. For more information, please visit: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_eastturkestan(contact admin if its a beneficial link)"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_eastturkestan(contact admin if its a beneficial link)[/url]