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  1. Distorted Verses

    Well, no one has replied yet. :D But, I'm really asking because I just don't know what to think. The last verses(2:191-2) I thought to be talking about war and not about bashing people over the head with Islam because they don't believe. I think it was about if people start a fight against Islam then Islam should defend itself but not the other way around. Is that what you think?
  2. Distorted Verses

    What do I say to this person? Can someone help me find proper references and translations to these verses and help me explain them to someone on another forum?
  3. Discovering Hijab

    I think the hijab should be respected but I also think it's unfair to do. Why should a woman have to cover herself and not a man? Seriously. I would find it degrading as a person apart from my gender. I know women do it out of modesty and for their religion but why not men? Yes, women are pretty but men can be attractive too. I think when you make it taboo it's more tempting anyway. What's so attractive about the face and hair and then not attractive about the eyes? Some men would say the eyes to a woman are her most beautiful quality (to her face of course ;p), yet it's the only quality some hijabs reveal. It's an old custom but its absolute purpose is questionable.
  4. Darwin & Racism

    ...I do have alot of pride in being German. Maybe, for the wrong reasons and maybe for the right. I am what I am. What the earth randomly picked me in specific to be so I can't argue with that. The German people did a great many things, Europeans as a whole in comparison to the Africans and Asians. Although, it does appear that the Asians are catching up on the technological scale. They've always had real high IQs but invested their skills in their religion, I think.
  5. 'lucy's Baby' Found In Ethiopia

    Cool beans. Bad news for the Creationists.
  6. Doubts About Islam

    2 women = 1 man. There's Islamic logic for you.
  7. How Islamic Inventors Changed The World

    Hey, hey now. Don't be so quick to insult slashwrist here when you're the one who can't spell "gramm(a)r". Aside from that, he's correct. Many people slap their name on inventions stolen from other people. It happened all the time. Why do you think nowadays people copyright their materials under law?
  8. The Big Brother Link To Homosexuality

    LOL!! The guy's last name is "Breedlove". Sorry, had to throw that in. The study sounds reasonable enough. I concur Homosexuality to be genetic. Take a look at the animal kingdom. It happens without choice. You don't really believe gays and lesbians force themselves into their sexual orientation, now do you? I sure don't. But rather, think of what people are told to do by the Qu'ran and then what people naturally do without it.
  9. Very Important Questions Regarding Islam

    You're on a path for knowledge. Don't let anyone stop you. Knowledge is power + peace. :D
  10. Biden-Gelb Five-Point Plan

    No, you're completely right. We haven't evolved... yet. It will take an evolving process and we're in it. Gangs and tribes tend to be carried forth by the, let's say, "under evolved". Those that can't handle a productive atmosphere of unity. Btw, the city of ancient Rome had over 1 million people and to name aqueducts as one of their numerous contributions to our civilized world today would not be an ounce of due credit. Large amounts of people under the agreement of one body can happen and when it does happen it shows tremendously excellent results.
  11. Biden-Gelb Five-Point Plan

    Instinctively hateful? Nah. Children are not taught properly. People are only separated out of ignorance. They're taught from birth how to be faithful to one nation, one religion, one truth. What they're being taught is false because they aren't the only ones. There are many others which exhibit similar qualities of contradiction to one another. In as much, they believe they're the only ones as well and, hence, we have a massive worldwide misunderstanding which is chaotic and hateful. I'm not fascist, though the phrase "one world order" is usually connected. I'm just someone like you who wants peace and a plan.
  12. Islam And Homosexuality

    The ancient Greeks and Romans were Homosexual and practiced Beastiality. What negative effect did it have on their society? Absolutely none. They were some of the most positively influential societies of all time.
  13. Biden-Gelb Five-Point Plan

    Here's my One-Point Plan: One world order. Everything else would be irrelevant if people didn't feel as though they had to have their own countries, language, religion, or government. We couldn't have just one and all get along. Oh, and education would most definitely change. Pssh, but what I'm saying is unheard of 'cause everyone is in their own place in the world and act like they don't need eachother. It's a battle field and it doesn't have to be.
  14. How Long Before Someone Takes A Shot At Benedict Xvi ?

    I'm not looking for a fight. I'm attempting to hold down a dispute from going over the edge. I see that my attempts are failing. This topic was about the possibility of Muslims going as far as to kill the pope due to rage and unfortunately you're proving the existence of this rage with the mood you're setting.
  15. How Long Before Someone Takes A Shot At Benedict Xvi ?

    You're saying because you're Muslim you make less mistakes than a non-Muslim? Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?