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  1. Judge Orders Release Of Abu Ghraib Child Rape Photos

    It's a learned response. On this board, Americans are regularly ridiculed. It goes unchecked because Americans aren't a single race or religion.
  2. Islam was spread "peacefully" in some places, by the sword in others. Why do people argue this?
  3. 'hamas Doesn't Want To Destroy Israel'

    That doesn't change the fact that Hamas wants to destroy israel. There's plenty of blame to go around. I'm rooting for another Ice Age.
  4. Australian Outcry Over Muslim Cleric's Comments

    Rape is not about sex, it's about control. Dressing conservatively makes you no less a target of rapists.
  5. Is Salvation Possible For Non-muslims?

    I point out absurdity when I see it. Nope, I don't. Muslims claim everyone is born a Muslim. In my opinion, nothing could be more arrogant. But *shrugs* what can you do? That's theism for ya. I don't think atheism was around before theism. Neither of has proof. Ever since men have had self awareness, they've sought ways to explain things they don't understand. That's the origin of religion. Flawed logic. It is possible to not believe in god(s) and not be a scientific person. Do you disagree? Just like beauty is objective, right? If you made a poor analogy, that's not my fault. Like I said, poor analogy. Well, actually, I think it was a good analogy for reasons that would get me banned. Perhaps you should choose your words more carefully? You're being very confrontational, to the point of being deliberately offensive. No one was offensive in this thread until you chimed in. Heh, I don't agree with half of what 3dshocker says, but I know he's young. If he suffers from anything, it's a lack of knowledge and experience. He does have an open mind, which I consider to be a positive trait.
  6. Was Islam Spread By The Sword

    The subtleties of my point are obviously lost on you. Everyone who is not a muslim is a mindless barbarian, until they convert. Non-muslims asked to be invaded and conquered. They welcomed the liberation. Gotcha. I know this is not true. Why? Because humans are violent, by nature. Humans are the most violent species on this planet. There have been countless empires, yet Muslims believe they had the only one that was benevolent. Hah. There is no amount of 1000+ year old propoganda that you can show me that will change my mind.
  7. You're trying to say that because the spread of Islam was peaceful in Indonesia, that proves it was peaceful everywhere else. I have given you two analogies that show why your logic is flawed.
  8. 'hamas Doesn't Want To Destroy Israel'

    I am no supporter of israel, however, I suggest you tell this to israelis who have lost family members in suicide attacks. Ask them if they take Hamas and Hezbollah seriously.
  9. Australian Outcry Over Muslim Cleric's Comments

    It seems to be pretty common for Muslims to call Westerners meat/pigs/etc, very common. This isn't surprising. Though, I wonder why the guy lives in Australia if he finds what Australian women do so offensive. Should he be deported? No. He should voluntarily leave. He obviously hates what Australia stands for.
  10. Was Islam Spread By The Sword

    You're the one who needs to change it. I'm not a mod. I can't edit your posts.
  11. Is the fact that I didn't murder the neighbor on my left proof that I didn't murder the neighbor on my right?
  12. Judge Orders Release Of Abu Ghraib Child Rape Photos

    Americans are pig eating wife swappers who crawl around naked on all fours, raping and murdering each other. This is proof.
  13. 'hamas Doesn't Want To Destroy Israel'

    Based on this logic, if I got on TV and said I want to kill GW, the government should just let me go, because I don't have the ability to actually kill him. Sounds fair. :D
  14. Was Islam Spread By The Sword

    bar·bar·ic (bär-brk) adj. 1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of barbarians. 2. Marked by crudeness or lack of restraint in taste, style, or manner Killing does not make them barbaric. Ruthless? Maybe. Human? Yes. Barbaric? No.
  15. Jesus Camp

    You choose to ignore the implication of having children wear army fatigues. We're not talking about just camoflage pants, we're talking about full army fatigues. This implies violence, whether you want to admit it or not. The are Christian terrorists just like there are Muslim terrorists. Timothy McVeigh, abortion clinic bombers, etc... Yes, Timothy McVeigh was a CHRISTIAN terrorist.