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  1. Orthodox Army Still There

    The Grand Eastern Christian Orthodox Army of the Russian Federation is still in Chechnya, Muslims may not want to hear it, but they are winning, the Orthodox Army of Russia won 10/12 of the Russo-Turkish Wars :D Russia cannot be defeated, they are a mighty nation indeed! Orthodox greetings to my brothers in Russia!
  2. Orthodox Army Still There

    No they didn't, they withdrew because of political pressure of Glasnost and Perestroika, they made 2 million afghans homeless, and killed some 500,000 of them. I think that's a relatively good tally against 20,000 Russian dead, don't you?
  3. Praying On Planes?

    Get real man. Read JihadWatch and other sites for the other side of the opinion.
  4. Praying On Planes?

    When did I say it was best for everything? US and UK have BETTER universities, I got the grades, I pay far more than UK students do. Why should I not come to study? I don't start fights, call people 'infidel' or threaten to blow myself up.
  5. ~ Better The Sultan's Turban Than The Cardinal's Hat ~

    Russ is right, the Doge was to blame, and all those involved were instantly excommunicated, only the most extreme Greeks these days would blame Catholics for 1204. Keep in mind however, that the 'better the sultan's turban than the cardinal's hat' saying is adopted by Orientalists for the wrong purposes, it is not supposed to show the great tolerance of the Ottomans, rather the hopelessness of the situation the Byzantines found themselves in, and for the record. Also Russ, the story of Mehmet granting pardon to the captives in Agia Sophia is not exactly accurate, it's kind of a legend associated with the story of the Ottoman soldier trying to steal the marble. Sphrantzes never talks about it, not does any other primary source I have read. Let us not decieve ourselves, the Ottomans were brutal and sadistic, WORSE than the crusaders in many ways, the Crusaders were drunken louts, they stripped the city of it's material glory for good, they ripped the heart out the empire. The Ottomans were actually genuinely cruel, genuinely evil people, some of the reports of the raping of nuns, impaling of little children, the rape of the Grand Duke's nephew by Mehmet and the subsequent execution of his family in front of him. Really sick stuff. It's up there with Thermopylae though for title of 'Best Last stand ever', as Runciman wrote at the end of his 'Fall of Constantinople': "They remembered that dreadful Tuesday, a day that all true Greeks still know to be of ill omen; but their spirits tingled and their courage rose as they told of the last Christian Emperor standing in the breach, abandoned by his western allies, holding the infidel at bay till their numbers overpowered him and he died, with the Empire as his winding sheet."
  6. Marines Murdered Iraqi

    Look, America is going to have orbital weapons platforms soon, and hypersonic bombers as well. Do you honestly believe you can defeat a force this strong?
  7. Orthodox Army Still There

    Antony, your name is western, may I ask why you joined Islam? Listen to yourself my friend, you are cheering the Iraqi resistance and the deaths of western troops, open your eyes, do not throw abuse at me, I am only defending my people and my brothers interests. And these people, Serbs, Russians, are my brothers not because of religion entirely, but because we fought battles together and are united. What is your rationale for supporting the Muslims? Ask yourself this question, do you honestly believe stoning someone to death is a just punishment?
  8. Orthodox Army Still There

    In practically every single battle the two sides have fought, the Russians have crushed them comfortably.
  9. Marines Murdered Iraqi

    You people are delusional, America has the power to hit anywhere at anytime, no one has the force projection power they do. I don't agree with them in Iraq, but they have a Military Machine that is unstoppable.
  10. Orthodox Army Still There

    Hopefully you'll be banned. Did you like seeing the dead kids at Beslan? Guess so. Thanks, I'll be passing this on to Russian Police and the FBI, as well as The British Police as well. It's a mopping up job for the Russian Army my friend, they don't have their hands tied like the US do in Iraq, they can do what they want, when they want. You say this, but Grozny doesn't even exist anymore. Russian HAS won, it HAS broken the will of the Chechen people, Basayev's death is irreplacable, his mangled corpse can serve as a reminder to what happens to those who dare to challenge Orthodox Christian Might. Russian blood is soaked in that soil, Russians fought and died to procure it, once Orthodox, always Orthodox, or simply temporarily not Orthodox.
  11. Veil Snatched From Muslim Women

    Is people blowing themselves up on trains a worse action?
  12. Veil Snatched From Muslim Women

    who cares?
  13. Muslim Scholar Seeks Debate With The Pope

    If you don't know anything about Naik then maybe that's for the best, he is an incredibly hateful man who challenges many people to a debate. Ali Sina (of faith freedom fame), recently challenged Naik to a debate, Naik has avoided the subject and never talks about Sina, perhaps he saw the drubbing Sina gave to Yamin Zakaria and realized just how good a debater Sina was. Either way, Naik has no right to challenge people to debates considering his own cowardice concerning Sina.
  14. Praying On Planes?

    What is the logic in that reply? A language can either have continuity or it doesn't, one cannot really actively assess or analyze the 'quality' of a language, other than in it's continuity, art is measured by other factors, quality and concept being the two main ones.
  15. Drive-by Shooting At Mosque

    1 failed drive by on a Masjid... compared to....... how many muslim attacks on churches in Arabia, Asia, North Africa?
  16. Praying On Planes?

    Greek is older :D The recent poll over here in the UK showed something like over 10% of Muslims agreeing with the London bombings, now this was a public poll, imagine what the results are REALLY like. China is not Greek Orthodox, you purposefully misunderstood me. My statement was thus, Muslims are scared of the Chinese Army, they know if they cause any trouble that a division of the PLA will arrive on their front doorstep. The Greek Army's honor guard wears the foustanella, the traditional dress of Greece, and of the Klephts, the guerilla warriors against the Ottomans during the revolutionary struggle. If you were in your beloved Ottoman Empire 200 years ago during hte Greek uprising, you would realise just how feared these people were. They rained death upon the Turks and Egyptians. And all the barbarians could do in response was to raze the ground around them because they were so frustrated with the guerilla attacks. Also, why don't you go up to one of the Evzones and tell them that? They are hand picked from the best units of the army, I'm sure they'd give you more than a run for your money :D It's funny how as a Muslim you have the audacity to mock my country, we are a developed nation, our army far outclasses anything any muslim country can field in terms of technology, and we are a developed democratic country with a strong economy that has been growing in excess of the Eurozone average for the past 16 years. All the students from across the Balkans come to our Universities. Muslims cannot claim any of the above, their dream of a Khalifah is just that, a pipe dream, and the nations that exist at the moment are nothing more than jokes. Think we Greeks shake in fear at the mention of the KSA? Oh and believe me, Muslims know they have to behave in Greece, they know this VERY well :D Get real man. The EU is the new power now, not the Muslims.
  17. 21 Us Soldiers Killed In Iraq In 5 Days..bbc

    Ifti can barely conceal his glee!
  18. Praying On Planes?

    geia sou belisarius file mou, apo pou eisai stin ellada? I too am Greek, however, I am studying in London at the moment. I agree with you, I am glad there have been many efforts to block the building of a Masjid, I have no problem with a Hindu Temple, a Buddhist Shrine, a Jewish Synagogue (read about mordecai frizis, the great Greek Jewish patriot), a Sikh temple or even pagan shrines, but Masjids have a habit of attracting extremists, wehave never had any trouble fromn the muslims in Greece, because they know that this is a GREEK ORTHODOX country, just like in China, the muslims do not cause problems because they are scared of the Army.
  19. Islamophobia

    According to Dictionary Phobia is “a persistent, abnormal, and irrational fear of a specific thing or situation that compels one to avoid it, despite the awareness and reassurance that it is not dangerous.†Therefore the neologism "Islamophobia" implies that Islam is not dangerous and the fear of it is irrational. This claim has not been established and it is not universally agreed upon. There are many who argue that Islam is indeed a dangerous ideology and they have their logical arguments to prove their claim. Irrespective of whether the critics of Islam are right or wrong about whether Islam is dangerous or not, calling them “phobic†implies that their criticism has been already refuted and the irrationality of their fear of Islamic threat has been established. Therefore their disagreement with Islam is not logical but a mental disorder. Islamophobia makes no sense at all. It is as meaningless as "Fascistophobia". Of course people have the right to disagree and criticize any ideology, whether good or bad. The goodness of an ideology is in the eyes of the beholder. Inhibiting criticism of an ideology is infringing upon the basic human rights, which is freedom of speech. The absurdity of the Muslim mind is such that they think it is okay for them to incite hate against the non-Muslims in general and the Jews in particular and yet it is not okay for others to criticize their ideology of hate.
  20. My Friend Is In Iraq Fighting For The Us.

    Couldn't have put it better myself.
  21. My Friend Is In Iraq Fighting For The Us.

    Their influence was limited though, it's just an attempt to appropriate European History as their own. I mean, look at all the intellectual and artistic disciplines, Sculpture = Phideias, Architecture = Vitruvius (Latin), History = Thucydides, Herodotus, Livy and so on, Sciences = Aristotle, Engineering = Heron and others, Medicine = Hippocrates, Galen and others, Cartography = Ptolemy, Philosophy = Countless others, Natural History = Pliny... The list is endless, all these people were either Greek or Roman.
  22. My Friend Is In Iraq Fighting For The Us.

    Erm no, the West always had access to Latin texts but the Greek texts were in the Byzantine Empire, following the defeat at Manzikert Greeks began to go West to Italy until the final exodus in 1453, they took with them Ancient, Hellenistic, Later Roman and Byzantine texts that precipitated the Renaissance. Claiming ownership over European history simply does not make sense if you are a Muslim, the Renaissance was European, not Islamic.
  23. Chavez Vows To Defend Iran Against Any Attack

    Erm, Ahamadinejad never claimed they weren't enriching Uranium. Again, I am NO FAN OF Islam, but I can kind of understand Iran's point, in having israel aiming several hundred nuclear warheads at them.
  24. My Friend Is In Iraq Fighting For The Us.

    That's a complete lie and you know it. Note my name, the Greeks of Byzantium preserved that knowledge long before and after the Arabs and expanded upon it in many ways, notably in medicine with such great physicians as Paul of Aegina. Countless commentaries were written on Aristotle in Byzantium, the flood of Greek scholars to Italy to take chairs of Professorships at Universities from the 12th to 15th centuries is what precipitated the Renaissance in Italy.
  25. Chavez Vows To Defend Iran Against Any Attack

    It's largely circumstancial but there IS evidence nonetheless. However, we are in no doubt that Washington knew of the coup against him, one CIA report read: "dissident military factions, including some disgruntled senior officers and a group of radical junior officers, are stepping up efforts to organise a coup against President Chavez, possibly as early as this month." And there is about as much evidence to implicate him as there is to implicate Ahmadinejad in building Nuclear Weapons, something which is quite humerous as South Korea have never opened up their gates to inspectors whereas Iran has continuely allowed inspect to investigate time and time and time again, finding nothing, at the behest of a US Government that releases state department reports claiming the IAEA inspector's have found 'proof' of their assertions - something that led to IAEA to send a letter to Washington a couple of months ago warning them not to 'falisfy' their investigatory reports for political ends.