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  1. True, the US military is in a quagmire in Iraq at the moment, but to even insinuate that their defense if attacked would not be extraordinary is a flat out denial of the truth.


    How long were Iran and Iraq at war and how many people died?


    Now, a nation on the other side of the planet (USA) attacks Iraq (population 25,000,000+) and topples the government in a matter of days, all while occupying another nation that they defeated that kept the Soviet Union on the ropes for a decade.


    Maybe it's not impressive to some people, but I still want to see what "blood will run" if Venezuela ever had the cojones to attack the USA.


    Chavez is great on the rhetoric, but would he ever actually do anything to back it up? No way.

    Why can't USA just leave Chavez alone? As stated, I am not his biggest fan or Islam's biggest fan but let people run their own affairs, Chavez has constantly been provoked and even had CIA backed coups perpretated against him.

  2. Surprisingly enough I share some sympathy for Muslims in this regard, I won't say how, but I know just what British soldiers can be like, don't believe all the stuff about the media saying what 'nice family men' they were, a lot of them are just thugs, plain and simple - It's not their fault in a lot of cases because they had no other option, but the officers simply turn a blind eye to a lot of things.

  3. Ive posted about pallywood b4, simply dimissed because an isreali/frenchman was involved in its production.


    theres another part regarding the supposed shooting of a palestian kid.


    It can be seen here (www.)"http://seconddraft/"]seconddraft/[/url]


    Still to hear any condemnation of these staged incidents.

    Your just as bad as the Muslims if you beleieve that kid's death was staged, it's a conspiracy theory no better than the 9/11 ones.

  4. LOLZ. Man I just love you guys! Does the word Hubris mean anything to you? Or Aeschylus: "Those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad."

    Funny you would quote a pagan Greek playwrite, it's not like Islam showed any tolerance towards pagans. Islamic literature is one of the worst period's of literary development in history.

  5. What's the big deal? They were a defensive conflict, according to Muslims they somehow 'found themselves' in control of an Empire stretching from Southern Spain to India all through 'peaceful' means, right? Muslims attacked the Greek Roman Empire of the East first, then they struck back with Martel at Tours and the Byzantines at Constantinople in the 8th century and the Muslims don't like it? The crusades continued this and checked Muslim expansion.


    I don't know about you but the second arab siege of constantinople, the battle of tours, the battle of vienna and the battle of lepanto are anniversaries of great importance to me.


    You should be, know this, the NSA can pluck phone coversations, electronic transactions, pretty much anything actually... straight out of the air and leave no fingerprints behind. I'd be wary of what you say if I were you.


    We are the West, we are all powerful, we have eyes and ears everywhere and the combined strength of ours armies is unstoppable.