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  1. well it would be the ideal that it is one nation, under God (Allah in Arabic), with liberty and justice for all...to be under God seems like an act of submission (Islam in Arabic)...
  2. Explain The Hypocrisy

    Hello.. Could you explain how unilateralism is the fatal flaw of religion...? Do you believe that you are answerable to anyone or any group of people...?
  3. Introduction

    Asaalam alaykum.. Hello my name is Sayyid Ibn Sina...i am new to Islam although i have been studying it off and on for about 20 years. My reason for reversion are as follows: first, it was a statement of solidarity with all the Muslims of the world who are being oppressed. Secondly, as a moral statement against the predominant loss of values in modern society and the exalting of moral relativism. Third, as a political statement against secularism that seeks to wrench God out o fthe hearts of true believers. Fourth, the pristine purity of Islamic Monotheism and lastly, because All Mighty Allah has rightly guided me here...Alhamudu lilla... I am very happy to have done shahadah after all these years and in'shalah i will continue to grow in my faith and love for my brother and sister Muslims in the world... Peace Brother Ibn Sina