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  1. Dream Interpretation

    Assalaam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Inshallah ta ala this reaches everyone in the best state of iman and shifa. Im quite concern for myself and Im not sure what I should do. My family back home practice sihr and Im 100% postive on this because Ive seen them doing it myself. I been having dreams which concern me and them doing something to me while I sleep, what should I do?
  2. May Allah Make It Easy For Us All

    Asalaam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Subhanallah Its been awhile since Ive come on here, I miss it. Inshallah everyone is in the best state of iman and health. Alhamdulillahi ala kuli haal. I been facing some major difficulities I ask that you remember me in your duaas as I will do my best for those who are in need. I sincerly need things to work out for the sake of my iman my akhira and this life here. May Allah SWT makes things easy for us all and grant us kheir in the hereafter and reward us for our paitence. Ameen.
  3. What Do You Wake Up To?

    :sl: I was wondering for some odd reason one day when I woke up for fajr. "How do others wake up for salaah?" I have to say during my non practicing days I use to use the ringtones to wake me up (muzik ringtones) and every other day I'd be late for salaah. Now that I can record on my fone I use Qur'an to wake up. As soon as I hear ..."Audhu billahi min ash-Shaytan ir-rajeem..." I'm wide awake Subhan'Allah & if my aunt hears that I havent woke up to make wudhu she calls my name ...so, what or who wakes you up?[using large font size is not allowed]
  4. Surah An Najm

    Salaam alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu Inshallah everyone on IF is well and al hamdulillah in good health. I came across a question that was quiet interesting and unusual. A non Muslim was having a converstaion with my fiancee and basically is studying Islam but refuting surah an Najm saying that it was forgotten from the Prophet SAW and I think while he was in salaah or was reciting the surah he made a mistake and made sujuud. Now the hadith behind this story may be unauthentic from At Tirmidhi but Im not sure on that as well as Im trying to get some more facts from a sheikh. IF anyone has more 'ilm on this issue Id like to be addressed Inshallah so I can benefit myself and also clear up this misconception Inshallah Jazakallah kheir Salaam alaykum
  5. Salaam Alaykum! Im Back

    Salaam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu my IF brothers and sisters. Al hamdulillah Im back and ready to post on. Inshallah everyone is good, whats new? Ive missed sooooo much
  6. Dunia In Disguise

    fog fills the open space memory at point blank buh still she gives thanks gratitude for lifes accomplishments mishaps and mistakes they use to gather for events now not any of them cooperate years have gone by since this conflict had took place to comprehend the meaning causes too much storms and bad brainweather to intake again-her memorys at point blank at times Id see her sit htere and jus cry tears of unxplainable feelings sobbed out fatique in her voice no feeling of choice fuel of spiritual devoution gives her heart full hope to rejoice but still-shes in smoke fogs of untold stories, lies of trusted kinfolks inhaling toxic of letters verbs and words automatic mind set of calming the soul with blurbs a story never clearly heard a broken wing'd bird wanting to fly but directions arent known lost in the wilderness distorted figure-all alone grieving at home prayers for remorse forgiveness before what creation was made from covers her corpse supplication to the King a supply of lifes support human kinds living source on her right side they file a daily report interferring her lifet side pulls her towards the smoke trying to exhale but like a rope for exile she starts to choke a gasp for air as her heart spoke -Ya albi you were dreaming, wake up you were only sleeping another chance another day to fight this beautiful world in disguise
  7. My Visit To Makkah ..

    Salaam alaykum Mashallah sis its soo beautiful. May Allah SWT give us all the effort and ability to go there. Ameen I bet you would go back anytime of the day, Subahanallah its overwhelming
  8. Everyone Will Be Happy To Have A Strawberry ^_^

    Salaam alaykum sis and welcome to Gawaher! Inshallah this site will benefit you
  9. Living Without A Heart

    Saalaam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu habibti What you're experiencing is normal, normal in the sense that our iman increases and decreases as life goes by. Its not easy for us to maintain your level of iman but what I believe we can do as indivduals is strive harder. -Your salaah, strive in learning more surahs for when you recite or learn the tafsir behind the surahs you know. -Pray your fardh prayers and sunnahs. -Try and get up for tahaajjud -Do acts of kheir in secret -Seek taubah and istighfar -Visit the sick, feed/clothe the poor (sadaqah or zakat) -Remember about death and prepare yourself These are just the few things we can do I know theres more but I cant actually think of them. Inshallah stay around your sisters in Islam who are strong, you'll get through this
  10. Ur Sister In Islam

    :sl: As some might now Ive been facing some problems. After hardship truly comes ease. Please make duaa for me that things work out for me. That the akhi I found as a prospective spouse to be able to come where I am and tie the knot Inshallah that he is able to move to my location so we can begin our new life. That Allah opens up a door for us and makes things easy. Jazakallah kheir for being there for me. Means a lot! to me :sl:
  11. A Continous Saga!

    :sl: Im facing an issue which has been occurring each time a proposal comes my way. & now that Im satisfied with my option I feel it will be hard to make final decisions especially knowing that Allah SWT is the best of planners and we are unaware of what he has in store for us. I have a slight idea, you see. Most of the brothers who ask for my hand want to make hijrah which is good. But hard for the family im living with to accept. I feel itsw something Allah wants me to do, how do I get through this proposal by just letting them know that this is what Allah wants so Im going for it, how do I show them that Im not running away from them and how do I break it down to them that this is whats going to happen without getting anybody hurt. I ask for you duaas my brothersand sisters. This is something I definitely want and need, Im so very happy at my choice and I feel satisfied. What can I do? Jazakalalh kheir :sl:
  12. Ur Sister In Islam

    Ameen Ya Rabb
  13. A Continous Saga!

    :sl: Inshallah I will try to explain it to them but I know it wont be that easy. Ive put into mind to make istikharaah regularly until I see a clear picture. But Im also going to make an effort into making things work and having tawakal in Allah SWT. Without having trust we can never move forward especailly when it comes to marriage. Im trying to keep a positive thought in mind and looking at a positive outcome. The possibility of me making hijrah is a 50 chance. Ya ikwani wa ikhawati make duaa for him that things be easy and hes given the glad tidings of moving here. It would mean a lot to me and the power of duaa is strong, I believe that. Im becoming really stressed and so is the brother. Inshallah Allah opens a door for us that will be beneficentand easy.
  14. Summers' Fitnah

    :sl: ...The title of this topic seems questioning...Its become a GREAT concern for me and I want to know how others think about this issue too. Here in Toronto summer is on its way on making things hard for the ummah for both the brothers and the sisters. Whether it be music, people, the environment, the behaviour, I feel its going to have a great effect on us. Especailly the growing up generations. Al hamdulillah we have number of ways on trying to keep ourselves in check by fasting, lowering our gaze, keeping ourselves busy with classes or activities. Subhanallah! Im not sure if anyone else feels the same way as I do but Im worried, extremely for bachelors/single Muslims and bachlorettes/single Muslimahs. What are some advice we can give to them other than the ones most of us know. How can we protect ourselves and the younger ones from this outraging fitnah?
  15. What Should She Do

    :sl: Im asking for some advice on behalf of a sister I know. May Allah guide her back to the way of Islam. Shes put herself in a bad situation. Involved herself in a relationship and obviously we all know what that leads too. Now shes pregnant, the brother whom she is with is telling her hes not ready for marriage at the moment but wants to marry her. She was asking if abortion would be ok but we all know that this is haraam too. Her parent doesnt know, What should she do
  16. Beware Of Harun Yahya ~ Is This True?

    :sl: Subhanallah, I have the same question, a lot of people are claiming that Yasir Qadhi, Muhammad al Shareef, Waleed BAsyouni, most of the instructors at an institute called Al Maghrib are innovators. how can this be proved
  17. Righteousness Towards Parents

    :sl: Subhanallah...Parents... I have a question, what if your parents/step parent died in a state that you dont know if they were happy with you or not. May Allah SWT reward you for sharing such a benefical video akhi
  18. Make Duaa That All Goes Well

    :sl: all my sisters and brothers. Inshallah all of you are in the best state of health and emaan. Ya ikhawati wa ikhwani I ask you to make duaa for me regarding my destiny and being happy May Allah make things easy for me and everyone else facing the troubles of fitnah (if you know what I mean) and are trying to get away from them in any way possible which is kheir.
  19. Make Duaa That All Goes Well

    :sl: Ameen to all your duaas.. May Allah SWT guide us and help us tighten our grips on the rope of Islam. May Allah SWT bestow you a pious and loving husband too Mina... :sl:
  20. Please Make Dua For Me.

    :sl: May Allah SWT give you subr ukht. Remember hun, Allahu alim, our affairs are written and decreed by Him. When we make duaa Allah testes us to see if we truly are sincere and constant. Dont give up, wake up during the 3rd of the night and make sincere duaa. Sometimes, our duaas are accepted and we just dont know it, only He knows when its kheir to grant what we want when we should You;re in my duaas :sl:
  21. 2yr Old Fatima-mashallah

    :sl: I was amazed Subhanallah Mashallah Allahu Akbar
  22. 2yr Old Fatima-mashallah

    :sl: Ameen
  23. Combining Intentions In Prayer

    :sl: Yea, very intresting question akhi, when you get an answer Inshallah fill us in :sl:
  24. 2yr Old Fatima-mashallah

    :sl: Yea very true
  25. 2yr Old Fatima-mashallah

    :sl: Akhi, you're concern has and will occur. When I seen the video they had already placed negative feedback. Subhanallah lol yea I love when she says the duaa...she says it with ease Mashallah !