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  1. New Lego Toys

    as slam 3leykum, firstly, I am very sorry to have breached a forum rule, although I could have known that this was not gonna be tolerated. But I just didnt know what to do. I just thought that this cannot be tolerated. I mean, yeah I can ignore it, but I ignored the cartoons and what did it help? What do you mean it is a fake? It is not from the lego company but someone "really" did it. I do not think it counts who did it, someone did. and spreading it, óbviously you are right about that, but what can we do.. once again, sorry. common sense could have told me that this was not the right thing. but well,... when it comes to the insult of my religion, of our prophet whom i love dearly (i know, then why spread such pictures), my common sense must have been out of order for some time.
  2. New Lego Toys

    As-Salam u Aleykum, I was rather one of the people saying that, by being furious and protesting and comitting violent acts we are giving the non-muslim world, just the picture they wanted to see, but today i recieved an e-mail containing the following picture. i could not stand looking at it, i dont know whether it should make me cry or make me wanna bomb the company, or maybe both, but what should we do with such plane provocation. i am hurt. and i am trying to figure out. what would mohammed (pbuh) do ? astaghfur Allah i am sorry i had to post this. forgive me. but this time, i want something to happen. this cant go on, this is like a slap in the face to me. i can only cry looking at this. btw, this is, i guess, not from the lego company but rather a very morbid "joke" from the belgian tv channel whose URL is quoted on the right bottom of the picture Post edited ~mehnaz~ 10/10/06
  3. Seek Help in Patience & Prayer When faced with

    salam aleykum i came to the counselling room to complain about my present misery but subhan Allah, el hamdulilah i came across this post and this was all i needed. jazakallahu khaira for this.
  4. well, homosexuality obviously does exist, how else could Allah have forbidden it, huh?! this means it is and was and probably will always be present. we know, el hamdullilah, that it is a sin and therefore (well, the most of us) abstain from it. oh and by the way, in many parts of europe (e.g. germany) homosexuals can marry. does this make it legal. not in our eyes, of course, but other people have opinions, too. they do not consider it illegal, so they do and can not understand what should be wrong with it. finally, we shall not discriminate. it is their choice to be the way they are and only Allah knows why they are this way and what will happen to them. we should thank god everyday that we are "normal" (whatever that may be)
  5. Discovering Hijab

    El-Salam Aleykum we have our freedom of choice and we choose to be veiled. and you cannot decide whether the fact about being respected more is true or not. only a woman who has not been covered and then covered up, knows this from experience, and let me tell you, as much as it shows the shallowness of the human beings around us, it is true.
  6. Question For Every Moderate Muslim

    totally agree with hashim and bluesky!
  7. Ramadhan Diet

    salam alykum thanks for the info!
  8. Using A Patch While Fasting

    smoking is a real addiction nicotine is a real drug get the book if you are a smoker (you will get the will-power part) and be happy if you are a non-smoker. smoking is caused by a brain-wash we go through from very early on.
  9. When Is Your Birthday ?

    scorpios rock!
  10. When Is Your Birthday ?

    as-Salam Aleykum mine is halloween, 31st of October... woooohooo :D
  11. Do You Agree A Woman Rules A Country?

    i do not see any problem, as long a her name is not Angela Merkel... whatever
  12. well, of ocurse it owuld be good for him, but from my personal feelings for him, i do not hope so, because that would allow him to go to heaven and i do not wish to meet him there... dont wanna be forced to commit any major crime...
  13. Country

    german, living in egypt