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  1. Finance Issues In Islam

    1. I have just read one of those articles "freedslave" posted and it's just pathetic to see commercial insurance as a sin? The sale of money for money? It's more like putting a lock onto your door, ensuring safety. The other day I got my license I was so eager to drive my parents car without getting insurance on it and as you would have guessed by now, I had an accident. Damages to be cost $700 and damages to the truck $4100. A split second error cost me $5000 while if I had insurance I would of had it much easier. Now I'm in real financial trouble having lost 90% of my savings due to the accident and had to revise all my plans due to this unfortunate event. So please, tell me was I stupid or was I smart? I'm sorry but for anyone who is driving a valuable item on the roads where you have pathetic drivers, it's a must that you get insurance and I'm sure Islam will support this despite what these fanatics might think.
  2. Help

    Hello brothers and sisters, I currently live in Australia and in a few weeks (3) i will have my university admission exams. My parents care about this more than I do and i'm very scared that I will disappoint them. During this time of Ramadhan i know it's important to fast, but is it okay for me to not fast during this period as it's a very critical stage of my life OR shall i still fast showing my loyalty to Allah through all situations? Thanks in advance.