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  1. Pastor Calls Of Quran Burning Gimmick?

    we belive in respect and peace and we expect people to do the same at least just like any human on earth , if he burns quran in his room at home all days , no one would care,,but outside in front of eyes all world with accurate date and time ,that means he mean to insult Islam and muslim and our god's word, christianty comes from our place ,andhe represents nothing from it , this person is really greedy and sick,,he put everyone on risk.because of attention .
  2. What Is Wrong With New Converts?

    actually i didnt understand,brother sad do you want to say anything ?
  3. As An American

    salam alikum wa peace be upon you, thanks for all people who feel this way ,that what we muslims think and expect of you all people, all people are good but always there is few bad ppl who want to spoil the rest for greed reasons ,but no matter what happen ,we would never feel any bad about christian or any relgions or ppl tolerance and peace are always the message of all relgions, and this so called pastor represent nothin from christianity,and he should learn this relgion from its resource here in midle east to learn this figure about belivers.
  4. Eid Mubarak to all people
  5. ÈÓã Çááå ÇáÑÃãä ÇáÑÃíã one church will burn the Koran, that doesn't mean all the west are responsible ,on a contrary of Rev Terry Jones' desire of spreading offensive and hate ,11/9/2010 will be a day to read and learn the Glory of Quran . a day of peace and love. ßäíÓÉ æÇÃÃÉ Óæà íÃÑÞæä ÇáÞÑÂä ÇáßÑíã ,Ã¥ÃÇ áÇ íÚäí Ãä ÌãíÚ ÇáÛÑÈííä ãÃäÈíä , æÈÚßÓ ÑÛÈÉ ÇáÞÓ ÊíÑí ÌæäÒ ÈäÔÑ ÇáßÑÇåíÉ æ ÇáÃÞÃ, ÅäÔÇà Çááå Óæà íßæä íæã 11/9/2010 íæã ÇáÊÚÑà Úáì ÇáÞÑÂä ÇáÚÙíã , íæã ÇáÓáÇã æ ÇáÃÈ my start is : (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetfacebook(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/group.php?gid=125172024200622"]11/9/2010 will be a day to learn the Glory of Quran [/url] so lets all share your reacts and make 11/9/2010 a day to learn the Glory of Quran ..inshallah.
  6. are you kidding? :sl: i and my page will be honored with your join sister . :sl: :no:
  7. jazake Allah kher sister for passing by :sl: yes i truly believe it could for good inshallah . btw i didnt put the link to let people join ,but i put it as an example and idea , so we all react in our own ways from our diffrent places , because in world there are alot poeple who have no idea about Great Quran and Islam.
  8. Just Wanted To Say... Hi!

    hello Cifrado and peace be upon you welcome to you . we are looking for more post of you. best wishes
  9. salam alikum i would like to ask question,not sure where to put it ,but i hope this is the right place. i read this sentence over net so ,is it truly that pork is forbidden in christinaity?
  10. New

    welcome to you sister, wish you have nice stay
  11. Does Obama Have The Wrong People?

    salam alikum, well, i am not in to politik or, i can say ,i left it long time because of headach politic people give.. but i can answer y this,any negotiation in this area , plaestine and israel, is very difficult , but i dunno why i feel that obama really wanna do something about it, so lets see what will happen
  12. Me

    welcome dino, wish you have nice stay. also me come from diffrents races too lol my mom syrian and my dad is palestianin.
  13. if i marrried and then i knew that we couldt have children then i would't leave him.
  14. What Should We Do?

    thank you very much for your efforts and best wishes from syria.
  15. Moderate Muslims

    actually i agree with both answers about ,the first which say that There is no such thing as a Moderate Muslim etc,but there is a muslim,and the second one. so we see that because there is a people who overdone thier thoughts in it and other who not ,so we see this classification among muslims ,but on truth there is only one name,muslim but if i have to see myself according to this classifcation ,i am moderate muslim.
  16. What Should We Do?

    mm ,actually it is difficult question, since i don't live there to give a right thoughts,but i will think and go back to you again, dear brother.
  17. What Should We Do?

    i think Islamic center near Ground Zero is a good chance to show people Islam and muslim truely,now some people disagree of this center ,i feel also we have to understand that ,becuase some people will understand that there is something else like politic and other issue which spoil the truth and honsty of all relgions and mankind.
  18. I Was Wondering.

    Welcome to you
  19. Why The Injustice? Because I'm A Muslim

    you still think that what is happening here is like that ,so you call it like suicide bombers etc and i may agree with you if palestine has normal life but that is not,,this is not terrorist nor suicide bombers ,in palestine,they have occupied land,and defending home is a last thing left and least thing they have to survive, we can talk about suicide bombers etc when we have people live lifes and have options with thier enemey, but in palestine 's life they dont have that, probably example better than explain Warning: this links contains harmful photos . (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetusnewslink(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/rachelcorrie.htm"]U.S. citizen Rachel Corrie [/url] (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetguardian.co.uk/world/2010/mar/10/rachel-corrie-civil-case-israel"]guardian.co.uk[/url]
  20. Why The Injustice? Because I'm A Muslim

    my dear brother , i am sure you do, but i hope you to not hear false thoughts spread in world , this is not relgion thought ,it is politik we see and live. the one who defence their home in your culture and every history in world ,they have one name "hero " and they proud of him , but when kid in middle east try to defence his home against solider who has occupied his home ( they call him : terrorist and suicide bombers ) and that is the wrong. .what we expect from someone has his family killed,arise with checkpoints and some foods can stop reaching him from time to time once israel like to give,, defence home is a normal right to every human . but world spread double standrads to blind eyes from truth,so my brother i hope you see this place from both sides and i am sure you do. but i explain just to make it clear.
  21. Hello

    thanks for sharing . May god swt guide you and us to his straight path. we are all here for you . keep us with ur thoughts best wishes salam alikum
  22. Why The Injustice? Because I'm A Muslim

    brother the sad have u ever heard about palestianin?
  23. Organ Donation + Your Perception

    thanks for your kindness ,brother.
  24. 100$

    is that problem? lol ok i think you can give small part from it to any charity ,or to any close masjid who care for poors family and keep the rest for ya if that is your parents will. best wishes[using large font size is not allowed]
  25. thanks brother the sad for your post my question is ,what is the meaning of democracy from your view