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  1. Hey, Who are you referring to when you say they? At first I thought you were referring to Christians when you were asking about Christmas, but seeing as they do not celebrate halloween I can only be left to think that you are asking about 'westerners'. Some basic facts: In Christianity, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Halloween is something I don't really know the origins of, because I am not American, and they make up the majority of people who celebrate the event. - Greeneyedgirl
  2. Males Having Underage Sex

    Oooook then... I dont believe I was biased. I was asking for a specific viewpoint/opinion of the issue. I know that most of the world holds these values regarding males and females. My question was more in relation to why on this FORUM, girls having underaged/unmarried sexual relations (especially in western society), is an issue brought up more often then the issue of males doing the same? Sorry if this sounds a bit muddled. I have had a long day. I did read an 'understanding Islam' book in the library though :D - Greeneydgirl
  3. Hello, On this forum there are quite a lot of references to the supposed rampid amount of girls having underage sex in the west. My question is, does Islam condemn males having underage sex? Why are girls expected to be innocent virgins whilst there is apparently (not sure if there is) no standard set for men? Many muslim people complain about girls in the west going out and having sex with multiple partners and getting diseases/pregnant..well why are the male partners of these girls never brought up? Aren't they underage and un-married? It seems like double standards to me.. - Greeneydgirl
  4. Modesty Of Women

    Just a quick question, I was wondering why is it that I sometimes see women wearing the hijab also wearing makeup. I thought the point of wearing the hijab was for modesty (and for religious identity etc etc)? Doesn't makeup attract the eye to the face and to the 'beauty' of the woman? Help would be appreciated. No disrespect intended. - Greeneydgirl
  5. Cleric Claims Bias In Aus

    It sounds like this man is just riding the bandwagon.. - Greeneydgirl
  6. Australian Outcry Over Muslim Cleric's Comments

    I was under the impression that these forums could be used to hold discussions.. I would just like to add to this topic that after questioning some of the students at my school, many of them had no idea that muslim people still held these values in regards to women. They believed that the cleric's comments were outrageous and that they did not belong in Australia (or anywhere for that matter). I have gathered from this topic that the muslim community believe that Australians are making a big deal out of the issue, however, I am wondering, are we making enough fuss compared to other events (cartoons/pope)...? - Greeneydgirl
  7. Australian Outcry Over Muslim Cleric's Comments

    Hi, Thankyou to everyone who responded with honest opinions. Yes, some of these opinions did not agree with my own (and were sadly not surprising) but it was..interesting to gain other perspectives on the issue. So far, to my knowledge, no action has been taken against the cleric. According to Australian newspapers, he is coming to Brisbane (capital of Queensland, Australia) to attend an Islamic function. - Greeneydgirl
  8. Good afternoon/morning to all (g'day), Yesterday there was Australian public outcry over comments made by cleric Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali (sik?) in a sermon performed a month ago. In the sermon the cleric referred to uncovered women as 'pieces of meat' and then suggested that they were partly to blame for being raped (2000 sydney rapes). (www.)"http://theaustralian.news#####.au/story/0,20867,20646437-601,00.html"]theaustralian.news #####.au/story...437-601,00.html[/url] Australia is in uproar over his comments, many people at my school were discussing the issue today. People are demanding that the cleric be deported, or at least apprehended for his comments. My questions in regards to this issue include: 1) Do you agree or disagree with his comments? 2) Do you think they are out of line? 3) Should the muslim community make more of an effort to 'fit in' whilst living in Australia? 4) Are muslim women punished for being raped under Islamic law (cant remember the name for it)? (eg. are they believed to be as responsible as the male?) 5) Finally, do you believe Australia's repsonse is reasonable to the comments made? I would appreciate any feedback on this issue and I hope it has not already been discussed somewhere else (I looked through the forum to see if there was already a topic on the issue). - Greeneydgirl
  9. G'day

    Thankyou for the welcome :D
  10. G'day

    Hi there :D I joined this forum a month ago (I think) and have taken my time to read through many forums in order to obtain a better understanding of how things work. I am a Catholic 15 year old girl from Australia and I am here to gain a better understanding of Islam. I have never read the Quran (sorry if this is incorrect spelling) and I do not know much about Islamic history or teachings. I do not agree with some of Islam's ideals (mainly in regards to women), but I do not wish to be rude in expressing my own opinions and values. I am young and not very expierienced in wordly matters, but I try to keep up with things by reading newspapers and researching subjects (history, philosophy etc) in my own time. I am also an avid book reader and I enjoy going out and having fun with friends. - Greeneydgirl