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  1. Assalamu Alaykum

    welcome bro i hope you'll enjoy here i want to see your post here inshaallah
  2. Federer Wins Again

    Federer is my favorite.. :D
  3. Which Football Team Is The Best

    mine is fenerbahçe... :D
  4. Salamz From Bro Kasam

    i'm new too, but welcome brother! :D
  5. Esselaamun Aleykum

    no,it s not problem for me :D thank you!
  6. Esselaamun Aleykum

    thank you "nile salafy" :D
  7. Sports!

    ya boxing! our boxers re world famuous,if you like boxing,maybe you know them:Sinan Şamil Sam, Gürkan Özkan? :D And Emy i saw cricket in "Alice's adventures in wonderland"! , but i dont know the rules of it, i just know the competition between Pakistan and India :D
  8. Islam in Turkey

    it s a big problem in turkey that was Ataturk a bad or good person?i think it s so silly to argue about him.Now hes dead.Yes he was a good commander,and he did a lot of revolition(i m not sure about they're good or bad). But if we start to discuss about him,this matter wont solve. And please dont use this site for your own profit -ulkucu genclık- (ülkücü olabilirsin kardeş ama burda kimse sana bunu sormuyo,hepimiz müslümanız we farklı ülkelerden insanlarız)
  9. Esselaamun Aleykum

    i try to understand the topics,actually i m using a dictionary :D but i will improve my english inşaallah .Thanks for this warm welcome,i feel like in my country :D i ll look sister's room,thanks blue dew
  10. Ramadan In Turkey

    thank you,i hope you will come here(especially İstanbul) i love my country! :D esselamun aleykum
  11. Esselaamun Aleykum

    "please don't hold back to share your views." i wont of course :D
  12. Esselaamun Aleykum

    thank you,its really good to see the muslims from other countries :D and thanks for the "welcome drink" :D
  13. Istanbul

    i m from turkey,inşaallah you will visit istanbul one day,i think it is the best city in the world.You can see historical buildings everwhere.i'm living in ankara but if you want to come turkey, you must visit istanbul,bursa,konya and çanakkale first :D
  14. Sports!

    i like watching BASKETBALL and tennis :D my favorite basketball players re "mehmet okur", "hidayet türkoğlu",and "ersan ilyasova".You know they're the turkish players of nba :D and in tennis roger federer
  15. Esselaamun Aleykum

    Thanks brother inşaallah,actually i visit a lot of Islamic forums.But all of them re turkish sites.If i can speak english as good as you,i want to tell you a lot of things about İslam.But you see ,i can't :D Is this an english site?