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  1. The Enemy Within Our Midst.

    Islam endorses slavery, there were Islamic slave trade routes right up until the Ottoman Empire fell.
  2. Praying On Planes?

    I was recently on a plane from London to Athens and was sitting next to a Muslim man of obvious Arabian stock, midway through the flight he got up and decided to take it upon himself to ask the attendant if he could pray in the place at the back of the plane. The Attendant asked another attendant and she said it was ok, the man himself was wearing one of those little white hats that extremists usually wear and some kind of white robe. Has anyone else had experiences of this kind? For me it was kind of unnerving having to sit next to him, it is entirely probable that he may have sympathized with terrorist attacks in Indonesia, America, Britain, Spain and elsewhere, and knowing this, it worried me a little bit. The fact there are no Masjids in Athens makes me feel a little safer when I go to sleep at night.
  3. Is There Any Difference?

    Pakistanis are Indian Muslims, there may be a few with Arab blood, but for the most part they are of Indian stock, there is no such thing as 'Pakistan'. Musharraf will eventually succeed in bringing down the religious courts. And ISI will be purged of it's Islamist element.
  4. The Iraq War

    Overthrowing Saddam was a mistake, he was an enemy of the Islamists and despite all the bad things he did, I still prefer him to a group of Mullahs. In Saddam's time women could go out and not have to wear Hijab, they could wear secular clothing for example.
  5. Shariah Law

    I think Prime Minister William Gladstone described the effects of Shariah Law quite admirably when he said: Wherever they went a broad line of blood marked the track behind them, and, as far as their dominion reached, civilization disap­peared from view. They represented everywhere government by force as opposed to government by law
  6. Is There Any Difference?

    I for one support Pres. Musharraf's aim to secularize his country, he is a good man, he has tried to get rid of the Islamic Law courts and shut down the Madrassahs. I heard from an Indian friend as well that Musharraf is good as he is against the terrorists who are in ISI.