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  1. Help Me Tell The Bbc To Cancel Gay Muslims Publicity

    Hi again, The Laws regarding homosexuality are moral laws. These were not repealed. However (in our belief and scripture) Jesus repealed the laws governing clean and unclean foods (ritual laws). This however is getting off topic and I would not like to turn this into a Christian theology discussion as on occasion this has offended some members here. If you would like to discuss this in depth please feel free to send me a private message. God bless
  2. Help Me Tell The Bbc To Cancel Gay Muslims Publicity

    Hi, (As I have got in trouble for this before I would just like to point out that I am not preaching, I am correcting something the poster above me said) Just like to point out, eating crab is not a sin in Chritianity. Yes I'm well aware of the Old Testament passage you're going to copy and paste from an online Bible site, however those are ritual laws which no longer apply. God bless.
  3. Help Me Tell The Bbc To Cancel Gay Muslims Publicity

    Saffiyah, nobody can call you a racist for that, as they are not a race :sl: I am angry at the West for this forcing of homosexuality onto us via the media. I got my reply and although I can't publish it I can say it was all feelgood nonsense about people from all backgrounds being included.
  4. Help Me Tell The Bbc To Cancel Gay Muslims Publicity

    What is the transmission date? And yes, homosexual behaviour is sinful in Christianity just as it is in Islam.
  5. Help Me Tell The Bbc To Cancel Gay Muslims Publicity

    I agree Josh that there are gay people in London of every colour and creed, however what Redeem has said is right. Constantly showing gay people on television normalises it, to the point where now even straight people are''acting gay'' etc. I am not a fan of this advertisement of homosexuality and I applaud the Muslim community for having a zero tolerance stance towards it. I hope the storyline is canned. God bless.
  6. Well, I do not feel any further apology is necessary. He apologised for the offence caused. That is all. The Pope saw something in the Qur'an that may not be there? hmm. OK that was a poor choice but certainly not offensive. I have seen far more offensive things than that from real anti Muslims. Anjem Choudary and his little band of cronies should apologise for their idiotic death threats. Even if they just apologise for the offence caused. P.S, I find the notion of those ''men'' apologising quite interesting even if you do not.
  7. With all due respect to everyone here, and not wishing to start a fight, at all. Why should the Pope apologise for what he said? The actual offensive words ''Show me what Muhammad brought that was new....'' were not his. He was quoting someone. I am glad that you can concede that, others I have spoken to cannot. He chose it (I am guessing) because it highlights the issue of forced conversion and violence in religion, which His Holiness is debating against. I do not think the speech was necessarilly anti-Islamic, I do question why he chose Islam in his speech but I do not question the fact that Islam (like ALL major religions) has seen it's share of conversions at the point of a sword. Also, if the Pope does apologise, will he recieve an apology from the idiots that were calling for his decapitation? I know that is not the purpose of an apology and that none of us can really answer that with certainty but it is an interesting question nonetheless. Please, do not mistake this for me picking a fight, as this is not what I want to do, this is the Islamic forum afterall, and I am on ''your turf''. But I have to speak up when certain people are calling me and my entire faith evil, and the human leader of my faith evil etc. Gotta be done, hasn't it? After all, thats what you guys are doing too, you percieve the Pope as having insulted your religion, so you must stand up for it.
  8. If you are not interested in the answers then do not ask the questions. Empty rhetoric serves nobody as it just makes it seem like all you want to do is hear your own opinion trumpeted. You presume correctly. I have heard your arguements against my faith before, many times, which is exactly why I can answer your questions. And any others you may have, with relative ease. Your understanding of Christianity and particularly (judging by your particular ''questions'') Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy, seems painfully limited. I agree that Islam generally is not spiteful. I also agree that you should not be either. Just as you pray that I am guided on the right path, so I pray that God will ease your hatred for your fellow man. I am perfectly clear on what an idolator is, and I am not one. Neither are you. I am perfectly clear on what a monotheist is, I am one. So are you. God bless
  9. yt01, you are entitled to your views about me being evil. Thankfully my own scripture promises that the world will hate us too. So no worries there :sl: You know that I cannot answer your questions fully here. The last time I gave the teachings of my religion on this forum I was ''punished'' for it. Rest assured that I know the answers to your questions even if you do not. I believe my email address is on my profile, you may feel free to email me with your questions. If dot allows, then I will answer your questions here, on this forum. Easter bunny, hallowe'en and the Christmas tree are all easily explained. Yes, I know the days of the week. I know that Monday is ''Moon-day'' Wednesday is ''Woden (Odin) day'' I know my saints, and my religion far better than you do. I know my past, you do not. Now I see that if you represent Islam then it is a spiteful religion. I sincerely hope that you are not a true representative of the Islamic faith, otherwise all of my good Muslim friends are in trouble. EDIT: Also, more than claiming to worship the One true God, I know it. God bless
  10. yt01 why is your religion set to ''Christianity''? And yes, it is sure it is God I am worshipping. Just as I am sure it is God you are worshipping. Is there a Quranic verse, or a hadith, or a ruling that states that we non Muslims are evil? If so it brings into doubt much of what some Muslims have said about us being brothers, etc. God bless Peter
  11. Do not worry Sampharo. I have much thicker skin than to be offended by the opinion of people who merely give opinion. However I would think were the criticisms to be returned in kind here I would get told off by dot :sl: Can you please give me the exact quote issued by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI that stated, as per your quote, that Islam was spread by the sword. An exact quote and reference if you please, without telling me to find it myself. You brought it up, so the burden of proof is upon you. I accept the historical facts that people on both sides of numerous religious conflicts were killed based on their religion. The fact is that yes, the Catholic Church was involved in most of the religious conflicts of the West because it was the majority religion of the West, just as the majority of religious conflicts in the Middle East and parts of South Asia now involve Muslims. That much is fact. What I do not accept is wildly exaggerated figures, so I am glad you have not given me the usual nonsense about ''The Church killed 50 million in the Inquisition'' etc, at least that much we can agree on :sl: You say that the fact is that Islam was righteous and Just whereas the Catholic Church was greedy and corrupt. You state this as fact no less. Can you offer me some substantial evidence for both of these claims please? Thank you in advance and apologies for my slow replies, due to some hostile members and accidentally offending one or two people, I do not visit very often. God bless.
  12. The Protestants were not wiped out en masse, otherwise they would not exist today. Certainly not in such large numbers, so please don't give me that nonsense. The First Crusade was sanctioned in response to a plea for help from the Byzantines who were under attack from the Muslim Turks, spreading westward into Anatolia. Research the Crusades a little more and I think you'll find that most of the so called Crusades were not sanctioned by the Pope. Re: The inquisition, it was not as bloody as you think and most people were found innocent. Re: Slaughter of Muslims by Catholics in Indonesia, please refer to East Timor. Please do not insult my religion, or your own intelligence by refusing to see the proof that is right in front of you. The world's history is written by the victor. That would be the U.S and U.K at present, both Protestant nations. The Catholic Church was not as bloody as you would like it to have been. God bless Peter
  13. Don't get what this is supposed to be about? Or is it just a picture you decided to put up?
  14. Indonesian Muslim Massacre

    It is regrettable that such horrible violence occurs on both sides of the arguement. May God bless us all with a love of peace.
  15. Finnish Paganism

    I didn't say you do, but THEY do, therefore i don't need to ''judge'' if it is wrong or right, it's right out in the open, plain as day for all to see.